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Fae Williams

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"There is nothing more satisfying than karma coming full circle.
I knew just waiting and watching, I'd eventually witness what they sorely deserved.
I was unable to contain my amusement at their pain, their fear. The way she cried out like a small child at the crack of a gunshot... my god.
It was like music to my ears.
How I wanted to shove my finger in that wound of hers just to hear the sound she'd make.

A very small part of me almost felt sorry for them. 
It didn't last very long, thank god.

I should probably watch my tongue, though. I'm going to get myself into more trouble than it's worth.
As curious as I am to how she would react, it's probably not a great idea to continue poking the bear once it's already riled up.
I'm standing on the blade's edge as it is. Wouldn't do to fall now."

"Sometimes I catch myself almost missing him.
And then I think... why? Why would I miss someone so cruel and heartless to abandon us?
Someone who said the worst thing imaginable right to my face at my lowest point, and meant every syllable.
Someone who lead me directly into the enemies teeth and had no regrets whatsoever about the consequences.
Someone who kept pushing on a door that was never going to open.
Someone who didn't even have the courage to help me when I needed him the most.

I found far better.
 I found someone to care about me, someone who sees my barriers and is patient enough to wait for me to lower them.
I'm still not sure I deserve it.
I probably don't, but the moment his hand touches mine, I don't give a shit.
His voice cuts through the dark, and he stands like a beacon of light, ready to walk beside me and Robbie.
I'd do anything to protect what I have here, with my two boys.

"I bumped into him.
Robbie and I were heading to Lopatino Castle and we went through where Eden used to be...
There he was. He had very little to say, very little explanation as to why he felt to do what he did.
I got a few answers at least, that he only intended to be away for a day. 
That still doesn't excuse him not bothering to mention it.
If I'd have known... maybe we could have helped him.

Then again, If I knew then what I know now... I probably wouldn't have wanted to.
He isn't Kazimir anymore. He hasn't been for a long time. 
Maybe that's my fault.
Either way, I hope he finds what he is looking for, because clearly it was not me.

I have all that I need, all that I ever want.
For once, actually, I feel happy.
I feel overjoyed to see the man I care about taking care of my son without question.
I love seeing Robbie feel comfortable enough around him.
It's like we are really a family..."

"Perhaps I'm getting soft.

I had her in my grasp, I could have just put a bullet in her.
But this wasn't what I was expecting at all.
She admitted to hurting Robbie but it wasn't what she wanted.
Digging deeper it seems she isn't actually my problem at all.
Not that she's innocent but...
She had me feeling sorry for her.

I was right in thinking that she's just some scared little girl.

Moving forwards, I'm hoping this works out in our favour.
We have a common ground now.
A common goal, a common enemy.
Robbie said we're not that different. Maybe he's kinda right.
Only I don't care about who I  hurt as long as my family is safe.

Let's see where this ends up."

"I cant tell if I'm too high or if events are really occurring as fast as they appear.
Its been a clusterfuck over the last few days.
Derek is dead, so I guess that's a good thing, though his death was anticlimactic and I'm left feeling... disappointed.
LT went missing, some asshole grabbed him whilst he went out to do some recon, I guess?
I don't know why people don't learn not to go alone...
Either way I found him. 

Watching the girl panic as she tried to fix him, the blood, the way he fell limp and lifeless...
I've seen it so many times, even before the world went to shit.
I've lost count of how many times I've performed CPR until Paramedics showed up.
I still feel that pang of panic, though it is dulled. Probably the drugs.
Reminds me I'm still human, I still care.
I have a soft spot for LT that I can't put my finger on.

I'm glad he's okay.
I'm glad I stuck around this camp for now."



Old thread was messy heres a new one ❤️


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Posted (edited)


added some more ❤️


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added more ❤️


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Nice read here & they layout is sexy.

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Updated journal 🙂


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