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CDF and group info

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*Helden would reach the radio over to his mouth, pressing it against his lips before actually talking. Took a deep breath, and held the transmission button*

"Hey gents. This is Dr. Helden Tatcher. I've heard about some CDF forces in Berezino or something; and I wanted to know if that's correct; so if any of you are hearing, give me a heads up on this frequency."

*He would let go for an instant, before pressing it again*

"Also, I'm trying to set up comms with any groups and representatives that might be interested in medical aid and care. I'm needing some information on which are the new groups for the past months, possibly some place where I can find them, and if they are willing to talk. I'm trying to, not only help those in need, but conduct a research- DON'T WORRY! It doesn't involve poking people with syringes as the old idiots and megalomaniacs did. It's all mostly verbal."

"Anyway. Thanks for you attention. I'll get myself some bacon now."

*The transmission would return to static in a second*

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*Your radio blurts to life, echoing static and buzzing noises before a young voice speaks; direct and to the point.*


Yes, the CDF are out in Bere. We met them, they're nice but don't take shit you didn't ask to take. Okay?

Also don't beat around the bush, they seem very focused on what they're doing and don't wanna waste time. 

*There is a slight pause, in which the radio continues transmitting.* 

We, the people I'm with, offer medical aid. We're with Dr. River. If you would like to meet up and talk, I'm sure we can sorta maybe sort that out.

I can ask River for you.

Let us know.

*The broadcast dies, as does the transmission ending with a pop and click*

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10 minutes ago, Brayces said:


"Yeah. I needed to have a nice little talk with the Chernarussians. A lot of info to relay from Miroslav; that is if they haven't gotten it already"

"As to Dr. River and the people you are with, I'd like some details, even if little. That name rings a bell for some reason, so I'm up for it."

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5 minutes ago, Wolffe said:

- snop -

*Once more your radio breathes to life.* 

"Mm, sure thing. I've asked Dr. River what he'd like to do, so if he doesn't reach out I'll let you know either way."

*And yet again it falls silent, popping and whirling static.*

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2 minutes ago, Brayces said:


*Helden's voice would crackle up again*

"Sure thing, kid. I'm looking forward to it. Always a pleasure."

*You could almost feel his slight smile as the radio went back into the static silence*

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