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Seth's journal

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If we had everything answer there would be no reason to ask any questions. 

Yesterday, my son Seth was arrested by the my security for being drunk in public and creating problems with some of people in town. Lucky no one was hurt. After being arrested, the officers handed me his bag for safe keeping. When I got back to the shop in Krasnostav I got behind counter the and tossed the bag out of anger. What happened next made me do what I’m doing now.

I tossed Seth’s bag down and an old journal fell out, I picked it up and I couldn’t believe my son never shown me this sooner. You see my son had this journal after I lost him in the beginning, so his journal is filled with notes on his travels, places where he had been, recently our progress on CTF and questions for me. This was amazing, after looking through this I decided to start something in the his journal until I get one of my own. I hope this old pen I found in Seth's bag still writes.

So I have really haven’t done this in a long time, My name is Chip Lonegan, I sit here on the roof of my shop in Krasnostav and write in this journal to explain alittle about myself and alittle inside of what I’m thinking. Yesterday my son was arrested and even though I was mad at him, I couldn’t help think that sometimes we have to learn from our mistakes and that’s living. These past week for me has been very hard to deal with life, my old shoulders feel every heavy with everything that’s going on. After having to burry my best friend, shooting one of my guys and I have had this sickness that I can’t shake it and for a while I almost think that might not recover from this, but my medics have been pushing me to stay strong. The days have been a blur and negative mood with this sickness almost pushed me to eat a bullet myself. Seeing my son trying to live has opened my eyes, even though I life is always to get us down now, I see my purpose once again and I get back on track and be there for those who need us. I still can’t help feeling that even losing a close friend, overcoming this sickness, losing someone that I cared for has gone missing, having my son find his way to me, creating CTF and all of this just proves we have much more to do as people instead of just becoming the undead. This just gives me more hope that I can believe that Kate Lonegan could still be out there. Today I once again look up and only see what I need to do for the people.

This is Chip Lonegan and my first words in this journal and I think I’ll keep this and continue to write something everyday. 
If we follow some else’s tracks we will never learn to create our own path in this world

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