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Dr. Helden Tatcher's Journal

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Posted (edited)

DISCLAIMER: None of the information can be taken from this post to an IG scenario without my permission, either by asking or robbing.


Entry #1 - Beginning Research - 25/06/2019 06:40

It has been a while since I went out into South Zagoria. With this entry, I hope to be able to motivate the finding of new groups, areas, and points of interest for future interactions and possible research. I'm planning on, perhaps, trying a series of questionaries on people in order to note their ways of living and even useful information for any new research that I might come up with. So far, new ideas include: continuing the radiation research that Dr. Capella started; begin an exploration of deeply infected areas; report on infection growth and effect on wildlife and especially plants; further research on neuro-activity impairments due to virus infection.

Questionary might be further developed later, however, a good sketch would be:





Biological sex:

Country of origin (optional):

Arrival description:

Infected contacts (how many? when? how?):

How did you survive until now? (perhaps scratch due to anger potential):


Must find an ideal set of questions before proceeding to try them.

I should set up a radio message in order to find proper information on new groups and points of trader so I can be more useful to people there, or perhaps, make another "hotline" for emergencies, just like back in 2017 (might want to keep a lower profile, however).

It is imperative that I should note everything I find so I can never forget anything. This will be key to further investigation on the people of Chernarus, and perhaps, useful info towards new research to send back to the people in the GCHR at Greenland. Data is always a plus, and excess/wrong info can be ruled out later by the epidemiologists since it's their job after all. God, I hate epidemiology. Anyway, I shall gather my belonging and head out for a field trip. I need more medical supplies and new contacts.

Items in need:



Antibiotics, anti-inflammatories (urgent), antihistaminics, vitamins (any type)

New breathing mask, surgical gloves and perhaps a new gown

Syringe for blood transfusion and testing (also need blood testing kits)

Saline bags (for these poor bastards that get shot), new IV Kits

New F.A pouch

Thermometer and stethoscope (just the thermometer is good enough. I can make do without the stethoscope; least for now)


Next entry I shall try to note my results with the radio message, and supply gather. Also, any new equipment should be listed for storage purposes. Can't risk an infected ripping my pill's pouch again.



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Posted (edited)

Entry #2 - First Contact - 25/06/2019 23:05

It would appear that the first contact via radio was successful. During my first hours of expedition I found a man named Happy, which apparently has some sort of compound in Novodmitrovsk, a big and large tower to defend. Sounds interesting, and I must investigate at a later date. My travel towards Myshkino was sucessful, and I managed to uncover few items and equipment alongside a companion, which went by the name of Gan, or Gue - I can't recall it correctly - but, nevertheless, was a good addiction and helped me get through a small horde that separated me from the military station.

At the Myshkino military base, I found a semi-rotten corpse of a military-like man, around 20s or 30s. Checked for pulse and found nothing. No visual, verbal or motor response. No muscle spasms, nor eyeball movement. Body was found with multiple lacerations to various parts of the body, likely due to infected and akin. My companion also suggested wolves, but I highly doubt it. Photo for reference (blurred for discretion):



After scavenging the base, we left. I found myself a new gun and plenty of ammunition and attachments for random other guns, which could later be used as trading coin.

Once we separated ways, I set up a radio message trying to contact the CDF in Berezino, the ones that Happy told me about, alongside a strategy to benefit groups with my medical experience for basically "free". A young-sounding girl answered my radio message, proposing a meeting between me and her group's leader. I was already on my way East, so why not pass around there?

I found another companion by the name of Rufus up on Stary, and we went to Gorka together, were he separated into Drubrovka, and I went straight for Berezino's hospital.

The CDF were very welcoming towards me, a stranger, and it felt good that even after our diferences in the past, now they were over a new page, being different people, and that's a good sign. The Sargeant in charge gave me instructions to deliver the documents on his hands in order to "help the world" which got me sketchy, however, he is right. They need it more than we do, and no technology in chernarus, or any country, has the power to weaponize the Chernarussian Virus.

On my way to the meeting with the girl's "boss" I find out another member of their group, and he is pretty ok. After meeting them all next to the church, they all seem pretty ok. Not many people give me the sign of hope or even trust. It's a good sign that the first contact has been a pleasure, and that I loved every moment of it.

Tomorrow I'll try to hook up with them once more, or perhaps, try another group to get information.

Next entry I will continue on the questionnaire and perhaps a new take on the possible researches.


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My "boss" Haha.


In all seriousness, it's fun to read through these! 😄 Keep it up!

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Posted (edited)

Entry #3 - Long Story - 29/06/2019 19:43

Yesterday was an eventful day. I met some people, and did some work. Decided to write it down now since I was way too tired.

Firstly, it would seem that Dr. Rivers and his friends have gotten themselves into quite a pickle. I've had no luck in contacting them, and got the information that they were dragged onto an island against their will. I did not ask for any more information, since I know that I'm impulsive, and kind of an idiot, and didn't want to show up to armed men, demanding that they allowed these people to leave. No, that won't happen again.

On a quick journey to the Raven's Nest and back I found close to nothing, and hunger almost got the best of me, but I managed to get through. Grabbed my journal's copy, and brought it back to the CDF. These men have helped the W.H.O a bunch of times, just as much as they have screwed up, but it seems like this new division knows better. The higher-ups seem to be in control, and I hope they manage to keep it that way. The research hopefully will be of some use, since, of course, I don't believe anyone else has gone as far as me and Wilson have. Still hurts me to talk about him. I'm sorry.

I decided to sit down and have some time in Berezino, talking with the locals, and discovered some new information. There are now three groups that I'm aware of that live in that town: The Wolf Pack, The Watch and The Liquidators (or whatever is their name). I met a few from the first two, and only one from the latter, which scared me a little due to his voice and gas mask, but I liked him. As for the others, The Watch have proven to be useful and somewhat fierce with their judgment. I feel like they might get in trouble for the long-run, but their equipment seem to be way too advanced for that. It looks like they know what they are doing.

Now, onto the Wolf Pack. These people got me by surprise. The first contact I had was with a man named Fletcher (its his surname, but it fits him better). Now... Fletcher is the most humane man I've met in a log while. His words on life and living got to me in a way I haven't got to feel ever since the laboratory. He is a good man, and I hope I helped him with his case of love for another woman of his group, Willow. They form a nice couple. I hope they keep it that way.


About Willow, she had an unconscious episode due to an infected wound. It seems like she has suffered enough in these past few months, and that injury was a consequence of it. Although she was responsible, since she didn't clean the cuts frequently, I couldn't ever blame her. We all have more important stuff to do these days.


She recovered thanks to a brave girl called Grace, and a nurse that went by Katie. They all seemed to be connected, but weren't part of the same group, to my knowledge. Their bond felt incredible to watch, and I hope that all of them keep on being alive. The way they treat each other might spark the next few civilizations in this country, and that's exactly what we are needing right now.


I also managed to meet an old man called Louie. He is a nice fellow, although a little bit limitless, he proved himself to be funny and extravagant, if that's even a word these days. I hope he didn't stay to piss off The Watch with that megaphone of his for too long.


And other than him, there was Kyle. A young man with a nice heart. He was playing guitar with Fletcher when I came back from trading with The Watch, and, although he didn't speak much, he was playing the instrument very well, and learning whilst doing so. They was he spoke and acted felt heart-warming, and I hope he gets to survive a lot longer than I do. Even with that spooky mask and shady attitude, he's a good guy.


Over all, it was a truly positive day, and with lots of encounters, which I will not be forgetting anytime soon.

As to the questionnaire, I believe I have found the best way to present it:



------Biological Sex: (can pronounce sexuality type if wanted)

------Country of Origin: (optional)

------Physical Contact With Infected: (how many? when? how?)

------Contact With Radiation: (when? for how long?) [explain symptoms]

------How Did You Arrive on Chernarus: (optional)

I do believe that this might be a final sketch, however, any new changes probably won't be noted here. We'll see.

This concludes Entry #3, and on the next one, I hope to get a little more insight on more groups or people, and possibly get back in touch with Dr. Rivers and his friends.


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tried fixing spoilers

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Posted (edited)

Entry #4 - The War - 30/06/2019 07:13

Today was eventful, even more than the last entry. I just arrived at my cabin and have a lot to tell. I'll try to simplify, since I don't want to waste too much ink, nor too much paper on this.

It started with a friendly day of me trying to set up a small house for me by the entrance of Berezino's westernmost part. After setting up some logs by the fireplace and organizing the place, I went for the local pub, where some people were talking around a fireplace, and I wanted in. To my surprise, I recognized one of them: Dr. Tyrus Mason, a name I don't hear for a long long time. He was deployed with me in the 1st Response Unit back in 2017. Pretty sure I met him back at the summer camp in 2018 alongside Dr. Capella and Col. Ripley. It was a pleasure to meet him again after all these years, and it seems like he has been researching the virus as well, but not as in-depth as my research went. I did have the advantage, however, so I wouldn't blame him.


Now the fun begins. A group of people invaded the town whilst the CDF were away, and took us all hostages, bringing us into the Chernarussians outpost, stripping us down, and demanding information. Me and Dr. Tyrus were taken aside, and were spoken to by a man called Adrik, or Idrik. I'm not sure. He was... Interesting. The way he spoke and acted really got me interested on who the hell were those people, and what they were doing here. They asked us about the virus, and our affiliation and contact with the outer world, to which I had to lie in order to preserve our skins.

However it wasn't that simple. There were also Muslims with them, I'm assuming due to the CDF capturing part of Takistan's territory. Anyway... Adrik said something about letting the Muslims convert us, and I've seen how that goes, so I managed to pull off one last card from up my sleeve. I gave them the research. They acted nice, and gave me back the papers once they were finished filming it. Now both factions have access to it, and although I'm not confident on the results, I do believe it won't result in any problems. It's like fighting fire with fire. Eventually the oxygen burns down, and there's nothing left to ignite. We can still save ourselves until them.


Once they left, me and Dr. Tyrus were the only ones left, so we gathered our stuff, and went out, as the CDF and the Watch came in to secure the place, a little late, but still. Tyrus slipped away whilst I was looking for my bag. That fucker's got balls of steel, I must say.

I went off to Gorka, restocking medical supplies on a stash of mine, and returning back to Berezino after the firefight stopped, and that firefight wasn't just rifles and pistols; there were jets flying overhead, shooting each other. Once one of them got taken down, the other left, but was struck by some sort of missile. Helicopters came in late to probably rescue the downed pilot. It was a big fucking mess.

Once the dust somewhat settled, I returned to the hospital outpost, offering help to anyone that needed, but they were all alright by then. Wish I was there earlier. For that I'm sorry.

On my way back, I found a dead body, unknown cause. No apparent bullet wound. No nothing. Just lying there. Probably due to sickness, or head trauma, but I couldn't stay to check for any signs. Image blurred for discretion.


Managed to meet Mr. Fletcher once again, alongside the crew of the Wolf Pack, which were aiding the CDF.

The aftermath was a mess. There were many gray-skins on the ground, whose bodies mixed in between the Muslims' ones. This will certainly not be forgotten by them. Nor will it be by the people who killed them. The events of today will go down in history.


Also, I found out about some United Nations Remnants, which is at least surprising. They seem to be holding Castle Zub back West, and I will certainly make contact with them soon enough. Even though they have no contact with the exterior world, I hope to be of any use, and I hope that they won't be the jackasses that were left.


The events that happened today will certainly echo for the next months. I'm worried on the destiny of this land, but I'll try my best to keep it's people safe. For now, however, I will lay low when it comes to these groups. Now I know there are Russians and Muslims, and that they are on a all out war against the CDF and their allies. I don't want to be caught in crossfire like before. Let's hope this works itself out.

On the next entry I will... Hell, I don't know. I'll see what I can do.



won't use spoilers again until they are fixed

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Posted (edited)

Entry #5 - Sanctuary - 02/07/2019 04:40

Apparently I run an outpost now. Yes.

After hearing a transmission on the radio made by a woman called Constance, whose past might be a little bit darker than I'd imagine, I became aware of a "settlement" that was being built To the southern part of upper Berezino. I met, accidentally, with one of the people behind it all, a man called Marcus Moreno (I like his surname), which started a conversation after learning that I was a doctor. We exchanged ideas and small stories before he offered me to manage what they call the "Sanctuary", which is the aforementioned outpost. I accepted after he explained the situation a bit more, talking about a proper CDF help, alongside the Watch and the Wolf Pack (which I will return on in a moment).

This might just work. I've worked in a situation like this before back at Gaia, and it worked, except for the militants that burned down all the shacks and the supply warehouse. Idiots. This time, I hope there won't be such a thing, and should there be, it will probably be due to Russians or Muslims, since they've proven interested over the city already. But I hope to meet them under better terms next time, if it occurs, of course.

Other than that, there were some more happenings. Tyrone, or Joel, a friend of mine that I last saw going North, came back to Berezino, mute this time. Said it had something to do with cannibals, and I wouldn't doubt him for a minute. Made a quick examination of his voice box, applying slight anesthesia to combat involuntary throat reflex, and managed to find what we were looking with a simple mirror examination, not needing the Laryngoscope, thankfully. I wouldn't like to put him asleep for such a minor check-up. He had some swollen tissue, scarred tissue, and some minor damage to the vocal cords. Also found a small lump under his neck, which I concluded to be a swollen lymph-node, but might be a cyst, although not probable. Treatment was prescribed as being antibiotics every day on the same hour, anti-histaminic and anti-inflammatory (just to be certain) alternating, every seven hours. Also prescribed simple therapy with voice exercises and resting his voice, stopping with the use of alcohol, coffee and smoking. If nothing gets better, we can try a surgery, but I hope we don't have to.


Other than that, we had the worse, and most confusing part. The Wolf Pack. There was a fuzz happening around town center before the medical procedure. I met with Fletcher, and he said something about "being the last time I see him". I didn't get it at first, but after a few seconds I realized that he might get himself into trouble. Few minutes later, he puts me aside to talk to me, but doesn't say anything, staring blankly at the horizon, and then bursts off. I can't run like him, so I just let him go. I don't know what's going on to this date.


One thing is certain: he left someone who liked him a lot. Someone called CJ, which I'm not certain of age, was attached to Fletcher, and once he left, the boy became desolate, sad, and cried a lot. Through the hour, he became better, trying to play fetch with the CDF, and hitting one of Joel's friends in the face for calling Michael a "jackass", but we managed to defuse the situation. When I last saw CJ, he was going to the university and back. I gave him my frequency, so I hope he calls me if something goes wrong. I'm sure everything will be fine. I hope so.


Next entry I'll try to get some more pictures of the Sanctuary, and perhaps start using the questionnaire, depending on the situation of Berezino after the Wolf Pack departed. I hope to use the questions on them first, since they are who I know better. Specially that kid Grace. Something in her reminds me of Ella, perhaps the playfulness? The smile? Whatever. I'm going places I shouldn't. May she rest in peace.


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Posted (edited)

Entry #6 - Backpedaling - 04/07/2019 04:00

Didn't go as planned. The entire story unfolded really different than I thought it would. The day after last entry, I decided to stick around with the people of Berezino before heading out to the Sanctuary. I was mainly with Callum and Leigh, two which seemed to know each other and were very playful. I like their relationship. As expected, Callum was drunk and all over the place, running over walls and saying idiotic things, nothing more than usual for him. We were all having a nice night, playing around, talking about the city, which was awfully quiet.


There were no CDF, not a single soldier. I've seen that before. Whilst I was walking around, I found a Quran inside a building, the religious book that the Muslims use. That wasn't there before. So I picked it up, went back to the campfire we had set up next to the market (which was now being used as a CTF trading post), I found out that they had found another Quran, and were burning it. No... That wasn't good, not at all.

As the sun went high up in the sky, many of the people left, including the CTF member that was watching the shop, who apparently had forgotten something in his stash. The only ones left were me, Callum, Leigh and two Russians that I thought were bodyguards for the post. Callum continued being an idiot around us, throwing stuff around, when suddenly, the Russians put their weapons up, yelling in their tongue for us to get down and put our hands up, and so we did. I had no clue of where the hell they were planning on going, and just as I was going to ask, Callum does the stupidest shit I've ever seen, turning around, grabbing him gun from the ground, and shooting one of the Russians, killing him.


The other Russian managed to shoot him into unconsciousness, and then darted off saying that "It had nothing to do with us", directing himself to me and Leigh. I stood up as fast as I could, dragging Callum to my cabin where I had more bandages, and checked his body. No exit wounds, but the shots that hit him weren't in vital areas. I managed to pull them out with a forceps and stitch the wounds, rolling over a few bandages after, and just to make sure, poured a literal two liters of alcohol on his wounds, avoiding bacteria for the most part.

The CTF guy came back and escorted me and Leigh to the university, where we held for a long while. There were Russians all over the town, but I left Callum stable and hidden, also leaving some pills over the counter so he could take them once he woke up, alongside a few items of food and water so the poor guy wouldn't come bickering on how I saved his life but not his guts.


Later I learned that the CTF guy was called "Shadow", yeah, cool name, but weird. Once his friends came up, those being: Chip, Andy and Vlad, we moved West, into the woods and trough a small trench, hopefully hiding from whoever was out there.


After that, me and Leigh made our way to Dubrovka alone, getting ourselves a nice rest for the next day, which is today. I didn't see her, but Shadow told me over the radio that she is fine, and also that he met Callum and that he was fine. Relief.

I tried making my way to Berezino once again, but the shots just wouldn't stop, and I could see through the binoculars that there were people running around like crazy with weapons up. No. I was done. On that moment I decided I wouldn't return to that city without a good enough reason. No more shooting, hostaging or killing. The Russians and Muslims wanted the town for themselves? Fine. Have it. I won't even try. Have Sanctuary also. Apparently that Costance woman was up to no good in the end. She's no different than every murderer in this country, actually, might be worse, by the things I've heard on the radio.

Made my way Northwest. Changed shirts and pants, cleaned my vest and scarf in a river the day before so no worries on that, also getting some new shoes. It was a long... Long trip, but a good one. I wasn't annoyed by anyone on my way, and even went through Kabanino without a scratch. I hate that place, but when there's no UN screaming around with the CDF, it's way better. Also managed to get into the airfield, scavenging a whole lot of ammunition and some more NBC Gear, also finding the last battery I needed for the devices. On my way back South for the city, I found a pile of grayskins and humans, all dead. I could feel the smell of death touching my soul through the nose, so much that I put on my mask to take this photo. I'm too tired to blur this, so I'm sorry for the lack of discretion.


On regards to the research, I'm almost ready now. All I need is a NBC pants, and perhaps, some more ammunition, but other than that, I'm almost done.  Also, I'm going to sleep in Vybor next to the CTF trading post (yes, they have another one here). I hope it's safer. I also hope they can help me with this. Let's see what we can get out of this situation.

On the next entry I'll try reporting my findings within the airport, and perhaps some questionnaire, finally.


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Posted (edited)

Entry #7 - Preparations - 05/07/2019 5:22

I have somewhat finished my research on the CBRN and Radiation topics, and wrote a simplified conclusion for checking during field activity:



Bananas have a natural and reoccurring chance of displaying a radioactive Potassium-40 isotope. This measurement is called Banana Equivalent Dose (BED), and a single banana displays about 0.1 µSv (10^e-7), not being cumulative, since the body naturally gets rid of it during excretion, as part of the homeostasis process. Used as an example for demonstrating radiation effect on daily routine.

Radiation exposure from eating a banana is about 1% of the daily average (which is 100 BED, or 1 µSv). A chest CT Scan delivers 70.000 BED (7 mSv), whilst a lethal dose would be 35.000.000 BED (3500 mSv).

The incidence of cancer induced by low level ionizing radiation (stochastic effects) grows linearly with the radiation dose, at a rate of 5.5% per Sievert.

Consequences influenced directly by ionizing radiation include: Cancer, mutations (including heritable ones), chronic myelogenous leukemia, teratogenesis, cognitive decline and heart disease.

Equivalent Dose: Used in Sv (Sievert) to measure probability of cancer induction and genetic effects on tissues of the human body. As an example, 1 rem = 0.010 Sv.

Effective Dose: Sum of equivalent doses in all tissues and organs of the human body, also in Sv (Sievert), to measure probability, once again.

Absorbed Dose: Used in Gy (Gray) to measure severity of damage caused by radiation. As an example, 1 rad = 0.010 Gy.

Radiation might induce hyperthyroidism (high chance), which can be treated by the ingestion of iodine tablets (iodine-131; 123 is used for diagnosis), followed by 3 days of beta-blockers (propranolol) to reduce risk of hormone aggravation, and prednisone (limit chance of grave’s disease). If hypothyroidism is diagnosed through coarse skin, cool extremities, hair loss, slow pulse rate, swelling, delayed relaxation of tendons and poor hearing, begin treatment with levothyroxine or liothyronine (if found, but not recommended).

Protective gear is needed, mainly the NBC suit (which should be called CBRN suit by now. The Cold War is already over) and the proper gas mask with the proper filter. Ideal body suit would be a Level A Totally Encapsulated Protective Suit, however, a Level B Encapsulating Suit (two-piece hood, chemical-resistant boots and steel toes and shanks, chemical-resistant gloves) should do the trick for lower times of exposure. Film badge dosimeters are also recommended just in case the EPD (Electronic Personal Dosimeter) fails. The Geiger Counter is the most important device, of which should be windowless for detection of Gamma radiation. If able to bring a pancake-end type, it should aid in detecting Alpha and Beta radiation.

Exposure in normal occupational situations should be of 50 mSv per year, that being the limit, since the recommended 20 mSv per year. Public exposure should be of 1 mSv per year.



Once I finished these notes, I decided to make my way North, even more so than last time. This time I was deep into the airfield for the first time in my stay. That place was enormous, with huge complexes for industrial, medical, military and even civilian purposes; all abandoned though, broken, being infiltrated by nature already. There were tons and tons of gray-skins, although not as many as I thought there would be. The big broken radio antennas and haunting warehouses that kept making a metallic howl as I passed near them were what startled me the most. This place looks like something straight out of a horror movie, even more so than the infected surrounding it.


Didn't get myself into any type of interaction. Kept hearing shots coming from the Eastern side, so I stuck with the Western side. The airfield is known for having it's... different type of people, and I certainly didn't want to meet them. Got myself plenty of ammunition for the trek, and some more equipment to make the journey and the research easier. Found an extra paddle for my geiger counters, and some extra batteries that will certainly be of use. This mission of mine has a 50% risk of being a one-way trip, so I must make it work with no extra tries.

By the end of the runway lied a downed C-130J, a transport plane mainly used by the U.S and allies, having a NATO logo on the sides of it, easy to miss, but it's there. That thing was huge, and back when we were transported in one I didn't realize this. It was empty, however. No supplies, no people, hell, not even gray-skins. Once again, haunting.


Eventually I reached the countryside located after the airfield, which was a delight to finally get to know. No, I have never been there before. What an amazing place! Even though the fog was making it hard to see, the fields were beautiful, as if this disaster didn't even happen. Nature doesn't care.


On my next entry, I'll see if I can finally finish this journey, and get into Kamensk, closely followed by Tisy. I'm hoping for at maximum a four hour trek. More than enough for me to absorb a moderate amount of ambient radiation, even with the CBRN suit. I hope it all comes to the best. If there are no more entries in this journal from this page on, you know what happened.


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