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FireDude Ban Appeal - Word Vs Word

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post): 

Why the verdict is not fair: I believe the Verdict of Combat Logging is fair, due to me logging out before the timer went up. However I believe the Verdict for Attempted Invalid Kill was unfair due to me being unable to provide video evidence for the case resulting the report being word vs word. This is entirely unfair due to the man who posted the reports words being taken as truth over mine being taken as incorrect. It is unfair to accept one persons word over the other. If people were required to record every encounter just incase it turned hostile to prove my rights than a lot of people would have a hard time recording with proper frames and enjoying the encounters. 

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: The Evidence brought up by the accuser only show me attacking the man. I completely admitted to attacking him due to myself being initiated on and using my defender rights in an IC way. The attempt to shoot the attacker was in form of protest and in use of my 2 hour Defense Rights. I have a Diagram showing my path and times in the original report. 


What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I have Practically served the ban time with the report so that is whatever. However I would like to remove the points I received for the Verdict of attempted Invalid Kill, Not Combat logging as I understand I did combat log in this situation. Like I said taking one persons word over another is completely unfair to me and wouldn't result in a ban rather a Inconclusive Verdict due to Word vs Word. 

So leave the Combat Logging points and Remove the Attempted Invalid Kill. 


What could you have done better?: I should have 100% set a timer as soon as I shot the man in order to avoid logging out with 4 mins left in my cool down timer. I also should have tried to get the attackers name to at least attempt to use it in a possible report. 

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Another Team of Staff Members have looked over this appeal.

We have looked over the report and have come to the conclusion to accept your appeal and remove the Attempted Invalid Kill. The Combat Log will still stand. After reviewing the evidence that was provided and the POVs. We don't have enough evidence to make a conclusion on who had rights and who initiated on who. Therefore the Attempted Invalid Kill will be found Inconclusive.

Appeal Accepted:

Attempted Invalid Kill - Inconclusive
Combat Log - Guilty | 3 Day Ban & 10 Warning Points

Signed by: @Kieran & @Randy

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