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S1, NWAF, No Time To comply, RDM, Trolling, BadRP, Griefing, Metagaming// 6/25/19, 01:02

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Server and location: S1, NWAF

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 6/25/19, marked with //timestamp

Your in game name: Tony Rivers

Names of allies involved: Around the same time I marked //timestamp, some guy ductaped his own hands together. Maybe use that?

Name of suspect/s: Gustavo maybe?

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): 5252723e22348984fbba38da29630cb4.jpg.15d4327aa5524adcbd8d9e9fdc58f009.jpg

(Starts around 48:00)


Detailed description of the events: I arrive at the NWAF. I'm looting around, when I see a man atop a roof shooting the infected. He shoots in my direction so I get down behind a car to take cover, while pulling out my gun. I approach him to talk to him, and I am held up by four people, one of whom is trolling me nonstop. They tell me the whole situation and we come to an understanding, so they let me put my hands down. I ask if I can reload a mag, and the man says yes. I'd like to add, the man in the screenshot kept his gun pointed at my head the ENTIRE time we were talking. I ask if I can reload my gun and they say yes. As soon as I start reloading mags (a animation which cannot be stopped) the man pointing his gun at me says "put your gun away." I said "okok hold on." Within two seconds he shoots me in the back of my head. He was also walking around saying he was an autist, while his friend was handcuffing himself in the process. 

When the man told me to put my gun away I was in the middle of switching mags and there was literally no way I could have put my hands up, or put my gun away. He waited for that EXACT moment to "initiate." He didn't even initiate to be honest, he just kept his gun pointed at me. The three others can probably explain it better than I can.

I can say this indefinitely, this was the worst fuckin' RP experience I've had on the server to date.


I had not even noticed this, but someone pointed out to me over discord, they were metagaming a decent amount during the whole situation. Examples:

When I was behind the car he was calling out where I was, and telling his friends I was a hostility, without double micing it.
When he was on top of the building, saying I had a gun pointed at him, he told that to all of his friends but did not double mic it.
The man that killed me, was asking where all of his friends were, and even made calls to some of them.

On top of all that, I don't know if it's considering "combat logging" if a persons game crashes and they don't try to get back on, but if so, you can see at the end of the video his game crashes and he just ends his stream/video there, leading me to believe he didn't even try to get back on. I'd like to state he did not contact me that his game crashed, and I don't think he asked staff for help either.

Edited by StewieRP

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**I AM NOT THE STREAMER BUT THE ONE POINTING IN THE IMAGE**** The whole situation starts from 47:30 simple misunderstanding the guy decided top load ak mags while he was being held up by gustavo.. i believe gustavo asked him twice to put his gun away and he did not so in the end he shot him as he says he felt he was going to try and retaliate... I am the one pointing the finger around and trying to diffuse the situation and began fight Jeff banks for insulting me.

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I'd like to add, things like "It's alright you can put your hands down." and, "It's alright you were free to go on your way." Things like that were said, and I was given NO WARNING as to what would happen if I even pulled my gun out. As that guy was literally following me around and I was "Free to go" I should be able to pull my gun out right? But no. I was killed in under 3 seconds, during an animation, which I could not even stop.

Around 53:00 the dude is trying to duct tape my hands for apparently NO REASON and just out of NOWHERE. That's fail RP in itself... Then he make some screeching noise when he accidentally duct tapes his own hands? That's just kinda toxic.

Simply telling someone to "Put their gun away" is not a very good initiation nor one at all... ESPECIALLY when the dude is FOLLOWING me with his gun pointed at me after he's told me he can go? What am I supposed to do? Follow every order or die? I'd like to point out the first time he said "Put your gun away" that wasn't in game, that was just through discord.. When he told me to put it away in game chat, I was already reloading my gun.. I even said "OKOK HOLD ON" and he just ignored that apparently.

To add on to all of that, in the very beginning of the encounter they weren't double micing and translating radio chat through in-game chat.

@BisheyI was trying to put my gun away, I had already started the animation bud, and he had given NO WARNING as to what would happen if I didn't put my gun away to add on to that, and you personally even said I was free to go after the initiation, and told me I could put my hands down.

I would appreciate if you edited your POV, and added your entire perspective? Not just where your trying to defend your friend? It'd be a big help.

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@StewieRPHey pal its Jeff Banks here, the guy in the stream. Yeah i tried duck taping your hands because i wanted to have a proper hostage situation on the go, but as id forgot about you needing to have your hands in the air yeah a sellotaped myself *SMH* but the only thing i want to clear up is.... " Then he make some screeching noise when he accidentally duct tapes his own hands? That's just kinda toxic" it was a pig squeal, you get it as in i was hog tied. hope this now makes sense. Anyways I was no part of the killing, im not actually into the whole killing thing as you can see from my vlogs and logs 

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Guest Xehara

Kill Logs:

01:01:42 | Player "Tony Rivers" (DEAD) killed by Player "Gustavo Greenbankson" with USG-45 from 1.61371 meters 

Hit logs:

01:01:42 | Player "Tony Rivers" hit by Player "Gustavo Greenbankson" with USG-45 from 1.61371 meters 
01:01:42 | Player "Tony Rivers" hit by Player "Gustavo Greenbankson" with USG-45 from 1.61371 meters 
01:01:42 | Player "Tony Rivers" hit by Player "Gustavo Greenbankson" with USG-45 from 1.61371 meters 
01:01:42 | Player "Tony Rivers" hit by Player "Gustavo Greenbankson" with USG-45 from 1.61371 meters 
01:01:42 | Player "Tony Rivers" hit by Player "Gustavo Greenbankson" with USG-45 from 1.61371 meters 
01:01:42 | Player "Tony Rivers" hit by Player "Gustavo Greenbankson" with USG-45 from 1.6823 meters 
01:01:42 | Player "Tony Rivers" hit by Player "Gustavo Greenbankson" with USG-45 from 1.6823 meters 
01:01:43 | Player "Tony Rivers" hit by Player "Gustavo Greenbankson" with USG-45 from 3.28781 meters 
01:01:43 | Player "Tony Rivers" hit by Player "Gustavo Greenbankson" with USG-45 from 3.28781 meters 
01:01:43 | Player "Tony Rivers" hit by Player "Gustavo Greenbankson" with USG-45 from 3.28781 meters 
01:01:43 | Player "Tony Rivers" hit by Player "Gustavo Greenbankson" with USG-45 from 3.28781 meters 

Chat Logs:

00:56:55 | Chat("Tony Rivers"): //timestamp
00:57:40 | Chat("Tony Rivers"): //were you really tryna duct tape my hands m8 xD

Connection Logs:

00:14:10 | Player "Tony Rivers" is connected
01:03:01 | Player "Tony Rivers" (DEAD) died.

23:48:13 | Player "Gustavo Greenbankson" is connected
01:47:51 | Player "Gustavo Greenbankson" has been disconnected 

23:47:49 | Player "Jeff Banks" is connected
01:02:33 | Player "Jeff Banks" has been disconnected

00:27:00 | Player "Jack Brement" is connected
01:17:29 | Player "Jack Brement" is connected
01:54:00 | Player "Jack Brement" has been disconnected

Calling in:

@StewieRP - Tony Rivers | POSTED
@Bowen378 - Gustavo Greenbankson | POSTED
@Bishey - Bishley Adams | POSTED
@GizmoShizmo - Jeff Banks | POSTED

For your full and detailed PoV. Please also provide any video evidence and lists of allies involved.

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i can cover myself @Bowen378 and @Bishey pretty well on this one. 

please see attached 30 second clip where you can clearly hear @Bowen378ask @StewieRPtwice to lower his weapon. 

@bowen378 didnt let the first shot off until @StewieRP tried reloading his weapon. The whole situation was justified as an act of self defence but more importantly the entire situation was role played.


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Like gizmo said in the comment above i asked multiple times for him to drop his weapon first he was loading his mag and i said stop and then it was loading his magazine into the gun now for me thats two completely different animations that he "couldn't stop"clearly could of and i didn't fire my weapon until he loaded the mag into his gun which i said not to do i cant be expected notnto shoot until he turns around and points the gun at me? It was role play 100% and self defence.

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My opinion on the situation is that Stewie is trying to bend the truth in his favour there is clear video evidence that after they cleared the air about the original situation Stewie then goes to lead us into a in depth story about his base and allies location etc, we all take an interest to the point he's was asked multiple times and refuses to answer.

Gustavo being the sort of character that he is holds the guy up a second time as he wants to know this valuable information.

After a few words spoken by Stewie such as "don't point a fucking gun at me, a slip of his finger could blow my head off" he was then told he wouldn't get shot if he answered the questions (role playing a interrogation).

At this point Stewie decides to load a magazine and Gustavo tells him to stop (as this is not something you would do as a gun is held to your head), he then continues and loads the full magazine Gustavo warns him again "put your gun away" at this point Stewie decides to load the magazine into the weapon taking advantage while Jeff and Bishley are distracted arguin over the insult made between themselves. 


I believe Stewie's intentions was to shoot the two closest jack and Gustavo while we were distracted and in all honesty Gustavo did ask multiple times not to load the weapon and fired to prevent retaliation. (Nobody would load a magazine and reload the weapon in this situation, while a gun is held to your head during interrogation) 


**Furthermore there is 3 animations by stewieRP:

1. Begins loading mag

2. Pulls gun out of bag

3. Begins loading said gun with said magazine that was just reloaded.


***The problem what you are not understanding, Stewie is that Gustavo decided to hold you up again regarding the location you were withhelding from us,  I am not accountable for his actions nor was I the one in charge of the situation however, meanwhile Gustavo did point the gun at you and initiate again you decided to reload a magazine and then attempt to reload your gun.

Open and shut case in my eyes.

Yes I was trying to be friendly as that is the nature of Bishley Adams however, I cannot answer for the others and my PoV is that while Bishley and Jeff had a disagreement you took advantage of the distraction to load your weapon and Gustavo took this as a threat.

Edited by Bishey
Added extra info.... Stewie asked me to add input regarding being told free to go

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There was no initiation whatsoever regarding any information I was withholding, NONE. You must make you intentions clear, none of which were. 

I’d like to add again, the first time the guy told me to put my gun away it wasn’t in game chat, just in discord. When he told me to put it away and I actually heard it i was already in the process of reloading the mag and I couldn’t do shit about it. 

There was no “second initiation” nor really a first initiation whatsoever. I was not told what would happen if I pulled my gun out, and was given less than 3 seconds to respond. Simply saying “put your gun away” is no initiation nor a valid reason to kill someone... 

Something like “Put your gun away or your dead” is much more clear and easier to understand if I didn’t follow the orders. He was literally following me around pointing his gun at me the entire time not saying a damn word as what my boundaries were or what i could/ could not do.


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Calling in @Jack Kerouac for his full and detailed POV as well as any video evidence he may have.

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Since @Jack Kerouac has been online since being called in, he will be banned until he responds to this report.

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Hey everybody sorry, i'm online but i didn't see this thread since my ban of the server to explain all of this. So i was with Gustavo and @StewieRP in the middle of the situation. Streaming is clearly an evidence our intentions was not to kill him and @StewieRP tries to take an advantage about this situation. We want just asking some questions about his lore, allies etc ... That's strange because when he saw Jeff and Bishey boxing in the middle of the street and be a little far, he takes an AK so Gustavo tells him put your gun away twice. Second we are not on discord (I don't like that, since when you RP alone, you don't need discord) i met all this good RP players maybe 3hours ago, for some they hold up me but clearly everything was okay because i follow their instructions. I'm sorry for you Stewie really but there is no metagaming or intentions to be agressive with your character if you didn't take your Ak

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That's not metagaming? The one dude pointing his gun at me asked his friend if I pulled a gun out on him, the man on the roof responded with "yeah."

I'm pretty sure two of them just got banned for similar situations?


The only reason I pulled my gun out, was to reload it because I was fighting the infected before I met them folks. I only tried to reload a magazine into my gun. As soon as I go in the animation, THATS when the man told me to put my gun away. I don't know if he did that on purpose, but I definitely had no time to comply either way.

From this point on I will just let staff handle it unless I'm called upon, it's getting frustrating going around in a circle over and over trying to explain this to you guys.

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@StewieRP gets held up by @GizmoShizmo@Bowen378@Bishey@Jack Kerouac, and they proceed to act hostile towards him and question him, before the situation begins to deescalate. @Bowen378 then threatens him for information, before the situation yet again starts to settle. @Bishey & @GizmoShizmo then get into a fistfight, and @Bowen378 raises his gun at @StewieRP and asks him to put his weapon away. @StewieRP then reloads, and is shot.

First off, there has been metagaming from @GizmoShizmo@Bowen378@Bishey in this report. @GizmoShizmo You gave away IC information which should be double mic'd, like when @Bishey asked you if @StewieRP has a gun, and you told him he did, without double micing. Furthermore, later in your video, you and @Bowen378 have an argument over whether or not you should hold @StewieRP up again, another conversation which should be double micc'd and RP'd out. @Bishey Your metagaming was not as severe, and we cannot determine whether you double micc'd your question to @GizmoShizmo, and you only said "Don't" to @Bowen378 when he proposed holding @StewieRP up again, so we will not be punishing you for this, however please keep rule 3.6 in mind for future reference.

@GizmoShizmo Furthermore, your RP in this situation has been pretty poor in areas, as you tie yourself up in an attempt to tie up @StewieRP, and then decide to squeal like a pig, before trying to tie him up again once you are cut free. You then start a fight with @Bishey after insulting him, while @Bowen378 is pointing a gun at @StewieRP as well. Furthermore, you never made an attempt to log back in once you crashed, so you will be found guilty of combat logging as well, due to you not sitting out your 30 minute combat timer.

As for the kill on @StewieRP we have deemed it to be valid. A second or so before @StewieRP reloads his gun, @Bowen378 tells him to put his gun away, making the kill valid. This is in direct violation of the demand given to @StewieRP, therefore we do not deem it worthy of punishment, however we would like to note that in future you should consider giving people some leeway, as people may at times press the wrong button when they did not mean to.

The rules that support this verdict can be found below:


3.2 Your character must behave realistically and appropriately to the different situations you participate in, keeping the current world situation and context of post-apocalyptic world in mind. Do not act in a way that indicates no value for your characters life and survival. For example, attempting to kill people when heavily outnumbered, excessively talking back or insulting someone when taken hostage, or knowingly running into an area of active hostile engagement when not involved in the fight. Characters found guilty of breaking this rule will be permanently marked as dead.

3.6 Using OOC communications like Discord, TeamSpeak or others to transmit or receive information related to in game situations is only allowed when you have a personal radio item in your inventory. As soon as your character loses the ability to speak or use the radio - for example has died, is unconscious, has been gagged, is surrendering (F1 or F2 animation), is handcuffed or had your radio item or clothing containing it removed from your inventory - you may not receive or transmit any in game information through OOC communications. While in presence of other players all such communication should also be transmitted in game using "double mic" mechanic. This means transmitting both through in game VOIP and external software simultaneously.

In future @Bishey @Bowen378 @GizmoShizmo keep rule 3.6 in mind when you are discussing IC situations OOCly, especially if there are other people present, and it concerns them, as it is odd for you to plan a robbery OOC whereas to @StewieRP's perspective, you were all silent.

@Bowen378 As previously mentioned, consider being a bit more forgiving in these situations, as while your kill on @StewieRP was indeed valid, we feel it was rushed. 

@GizmoShizmo You should act more appropriately given the context and situation your character is in. @Bowen378 was actively threatening @StewieRP's life and you squealed like a pig, insulted @Bishey in a manner which was not fitting for the RP and then incurred a fist fight between you and @Bishey

With that, the following now applies:



@Bowen378 - Metagaming - GUILTY | 3 DAY BAN AND 10 WARNING POINTS
                        - Invalid Kill (Roleplayed) - NOT GUILTY

Signed by: @Kieran, @Kase, @Mademoiselle & @Randy


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