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Looking for tank girl ( open frequency )

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*kevin with a panic presses the PTT*

” This is doctor Kevin Shock. Has anyone seen a woman named panza also named Tank anywhere? Iv just got a distressed radio call from her. I think she has gone and started swimming in the ocean in a panic. If anyone has seen her please radio me on this frequency. She is a good friend and I’m worried “ 

* Kevin jumps back in the car * 

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"Last I's heard she was looking for you in your camp. I sent her that ways bout.. Three days ago. I'll let my people know and we'll keep a look out for her... Do you know where she was last seen? Otherwise I got a good hunch..."

*he'd pause for a moment filling the frequency with dead air for a moment.*

"I'll send my people to the southern coast. Murdoch or Lemons. If you're listening to this. You're going to want to hand her over willingly if she's in your 'custody'.

*sarcasm and contempt would coat his last word.*

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Posted (edited)

*Alexei frowns at the mention of having to do work and presses the PTT*

B-but I don't want to go to the southern coast!

*The radio falls silent*

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*Dr Flynn would press the PTT on the radio on his vest, after beginning his run back south.*

"Dr Shock this is Dr Flynn, Not sure if you remember me, it seems we are looking for the same person. if anyone knows her whereabouts, that would be of much use. Last I heard from her was that she needed some medical attention. Ive got my men on it too, however last time she disappeared like this.. Never mind"

*He would sound frustrated*

"Antol, we need to get looking" *He would shout*

"and to the man that might have a good idea where she is, If you know if anyone is holding her or something, I can get man power so there isnt any worries there, just let me know."

*he would release the PTT after a moment of slience*

"I almost forgot if you find anything else out, contact me on my frequency its 92.7hz, Its my spare radio its always on"

*he would once again release the PTT, stopping to take a breather*


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