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That's it...DayZRP, you got me stumped...

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Each section requires at least 1000 characters in order for us to fully gauge your grasp of the lore.

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We want to see a well written novel.

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You wrote 3 lines for the section about your character and are already stumped?


Here are a few questions to probe your character into being more detailed and ultimately reaching the counter.

Where did your character grow up?

How was their childhood?

How was their parents?

Did your character have any siblings? What are some memorable experiences with them?

How did you meet your wife?

Did you have any kids?

How did the divorce go down?

Why Chernarus of all places to start a-new?

How did a foreigner manage to join the Chernarussian Police Force?

How long did you live in Chernarus before the outbreak happened?

What actually happened to your character when the infection began?

What has your character been doing for the two years the infection has been in Chernarus?

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How about just write a little more and think about some more stuff to add, instead of "giving up" after spending like 5 minutes on the server ?

Everyone that is whitelisted had to go through the exact same thing you are.. Everyone that is whitelisted had to write just as much as you had to and more. Use Ducky's guide or just be more creative dude I don't see what complaining will do for you..  Other than that, good luck with your whitelisting process 😄 Hope to see you get accepted

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While we're talking about a background already:


Was your char law enforcement before or after arriving in Chernarus?

If you're foreigner that's unlikely / impossible depending on the time-span you spend there. Due to the dev roots and Chernarus being inspired of the Czech Republic with other elements, I looked at real life citizenship requirements (Czech Republic and Ukraine as other maybe roughly comparable country) as you usually have to be a citizen to join a respective nation's police force, in addition to knowing a few things and the language.


It's usually five years of residence before you can apply for citizenship and if I remember or saw it right in the case of Ukraine, you have to forgo other citizenships. So all players with character backgrounds where they came to Chernarus as foreigners to become a cop should keep this in mind. There it would be logical to add enough time of residence there or just play a Chernarussian altogether.


But apart from that it's usually "easy" (if you ask me) to cover the required character amounts: simply elaborate more, ask questions, flesh out a character (or your own bio), etc.


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