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A lost soldiers message (CDF Frequencies)

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*Vasia enters a old run down cabin in the middle of the wood somewhere in eastern parts of South Zagoria, sits down on the chair that is barely holding together and pulls out a bottle of samagon (Moonshine), takes a sip and proceeds to take out his radio and press down the "PTT" button.*

*The man on the radio has a heavy chernarussian accent*

"This is Corporal Vasia Antonovich, 34th “Rýč” Engineer Company reporting in: Is there any other CDF remnants left around South Zagoria region? Or it is just me one idiot walking around with CDF attire? Heard some rumors about CDF personal patrolling around eastern parts of South Zagoria, but it could just be some stupid idiots wearing CDF uniform without actually being CDF. Currently I am roaming around without any orders from superiors, it would be great to know if there is any other CDF personal left around South Zagoria that I could rally up with." 

"Corporal Vasia Antanovich over and out."

*Vasia releases "PTT" button and takes another sip of samagon(Moonshine) while unexpectedly the chair breaks and Vasia accidentally again presses the "PTT" button while falling down the chair.*

*A loud bang is heard accompanied with Vasia yelling* : "O JOBYT TVAI MAT! (OH FUCK)"

*Vasia gets up and says to himself*: "Eh, Vasia had enough of samagon for today."

*Vasia packs up and continues on his journey.*


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Jakub is currently leaning back on his chair in the 93rd Brigade PB just west of South Zagoria along with elements of the 313th and 66th as he waits for further instructions. He speaks into the radio in Chernarussian.

"Ahoy Desátník Antonovich, curious to why you're not with the rest of the 34th in Miroslavl or up here setting up defences at the PB but none the less the 93rd need men.

I've received word from an encrypted radio frequency that you may find what you're looking for in someone in the region of the south zagorian oblast. Cant say too much on the radio. Its take that information  or take a trek to the PB here. Out."

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"My name is Brandon Terrano. You won't find much of a CDF presense here anymore.. However, if you wish to stay and are still looking to do some good for your country find me... There is much to be done."


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