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Chernarussian Defence Force Tales from the West

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Hi all this will be a collection of short writings, pictures, videos and audio recordings I'm planning to create to give the CDF some life in the Western regions of Chernarus. It will be grasping on some crucial lore events that have happened in the past and generally trying to expand the lore of the CDF through another means. I'm not a LM but I'm just trying to create more interesting experiences regarding the CDF. If you have any suggestions or want to add anything feel free to comment. 


13th June 2019, Chernarusk Zborjovka Weapons Factory, Kirovograd -

"Private Andrej Kadlec, 97th "Kovadlina" Artillery Battalion. Been here for almost 2 years now. Sometimes we get rotated to Novigrad but that's about it. Occasionally when a group of the infected are spotted within the ruined city we shell it to fucking oblivion. Waste of ammo but keeps us training I guess. The location of the factory on the mountain helps us actually. When the guns fire the sound bounces off the nearby mountains and hills that confuse the infected. Rarely few are attracted up here but there's some infantry to take care of that.



Image of the 97th "Kavodlina" Artillery Battalion near Kirovograd, North Trikani Oblast ~ 2019

Close call the other week though, some Takistani insurgents came over the border probably months ago heading down the Svetlaya river tried to raid the factory last night. The gun fired scared the shit out of me. It was the middle of the night and by the time I put my equipment on and grabbed my rifle the insurgents were dead. Four young lads by the looks of it. I get the world is coming to an end but why do people have to resort to this. Shit like this happens every so enough. Used to be a lot when the BPR were breathing down our necks.

A lot of the lads been talking about Kozlov recently. They're getting fed up with him. Since the initial outbreak he hasn't done much. The war with the BPR was arguably going wrong and we heard of the troubles our brothers had whilst trying to secure South Zagoria. His lack of success is seriously pissing people off. Shame he used to be such a revered and loved man but now it's like a sour taste in your mouth. Hopefully the country's state can improve but I'm not hopeful at all. Anyway this is the last recording I will be doing for a while, seems our officers are giving us less and less off time these days."

21st June 2019, CAF Air Base, Miroslavl, - 

Poruchik Luděk Rušil flying report 20th June 2019. Two Mig-23MLs from the 54th "Vzkrizini" Fighter Squadron took off southward of Miroslavl at 5:00 AM. After exiting Miroslavl fly zone both pilots proceed to bank their aircraft westward towards Primorsk. At 10km altitude the fighter group proceeded to perform combat attack patterns simulating an actual intercepting course on an enemy aircraft. The fighter pair performed well but improvements can be made. After the pair continued on their path towards Primorsk.

Upon reaching the boundaries of the Primorsk fly zone the pair conducted a quick turn to head back towards Miroslavl simulating an immediate response to a radio call. The pair maintained max speed for approximately 15 minutes before pilot 2 reported engine difficulties and a lost of power.  Both aircraft slowed down and notified control at Miroslavl. The pair shortly after entered Miroslavl airspace and landed without any problems. Aircraft 2 will be out of commission for one week as it under goes repairs.

Poruchik Luděk Rušil.


Pair of Mig-23MLs from 54th "Vzkrizini" Fighter Squadron taking off from Miroslavl airbase ~ 2019




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CDF doesnt have SU-27s... whoops. Daddy major told me off

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