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I hear people are looking for a shock ( Open Frequency )

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* Kevins eyes slowly open and the first thing he hears is the sound of the infected outside, maybe next time he will choose the meeting place for the next appointment he has. It was a long but good discussion and feels good to feel that he has helped. something came up tho, people are looking for him but they don't know how to reach him. He has been told that doing this will be dangers but doing good out ways the bad in his mind. His hands are shaking, nerves about what to say as he slowly presses the PTT *

" Hello all out there. This is Doctor Kevin Shock, psychiatrist "

* you hear him let out a little laugh *

" I'm sure many of you are sick of hearing it by now. I have had the pleasure of meeting many of you as a friend and in a work sense, I do hope all who know me out there are doing well and are ok. I'm sending this message out in open frequency as it has come to my attention that people are looking for me but don't know how to reach me. I have been told by many by doing it this way is a bad idea but I'm willing to take the risk, as I cant let people who maybe suffering from mental health issues feel alone or left with out any help. Physical injury's are easy to see and fix but psychological injury's you cant see and can be just as serious and most of these people suffer in silence.

* Pauses to take a breath *

" If you feel like you maybe suffering or have mental health issues or know of someone who has. Then please contact me on my private frequency which is 77.1 ( Imation11) All meetings are of strict confidence between doctor and client and anything said to me will be kept with the up most confidentiality. I'm also looking forward to hearing from friends I might not have spoken to in a while, Always a pleasure to run into a town and bumping into people who I have met before. Just be warned that I do suffer from bad memory and always dealing with so much each day and it makes my mid age brain extremely tired so forgive me if I do not remember at first "

" I look forward to hearing from all of you "

* He realises the PTT and the radio dropped to the ground. His heart is racing, his mind racing. He cracks a smile and hopes some good will come of this. He picks up the radio and starts to walk towards the door. he hears the infected outside, He grabs his rifle * 




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-Red walking through Kabanino stops dead in his tracks grab his radio and pushes the PTT button, his voice slightly agitated-

Doc, Listen, I commend you so much for this, but you have literally made yourself a target just now.

-A deep depressed sigh can be hard-

Where do you wanna meet?

-He releases the PTT and immediately after sighs again, while shaking his head, he quickly checks his surroundings and then starts walking again. he ushers something under his breath "I thought we established working yourself to death is a bad business practice"-

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Peter smiles when he hears the doctor. He slowly puts his finger on the PTT and pushes it. Peter's shaky voice could be heard

"Doctor Shock! We should continue our talk now.."

He grins while he looks at the cut up body on the floor

"Now that im back.."

He releases the PTT

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*Presses PTT*

"Doctor I need your help can we meet in private?"

*Releases the PTT*

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*Panzer smiles slightly hearing Shock on the radio, but also is aware of the danger he put himself into, she would speak in a deeper voice than normal*

''Hey this is Panzer, i don´t know if you remember me.. "

*She coughes, clears her throat and continues*

''If you do, would be nice to meet you again. However as the others already mentioned, it´s a bit STUPID to just hop on an open frequency and tell everyone your private one!''

*Takes a deep breath, continues in a serious and almost threatening tone*

''Watch yourself, Shock, stay safe out there and if you need a second rifle, in whatrever situation you are in or if someone tries to mess with you,
you´ll tell me ok!''

*Clears her throat again and shakes her head*


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