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In Need of a Doctor (99.7 Hz)

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*Jacob looks over Vanessa as she lays beside him, trying her best to stay awake. He takes a deep breath before pressing the PTT*

"Well.. Some of you may recognise my voice.. And this is going to sound rich coming from me, but I was tricked by a few doctors.. And get this.. They were cannibals!"

*He laughs before continuing*

"Anyway, they offered me a high price, to bring someone to them.. Vanessa.. They took me away and left me tied up while they took her kidney and ate it in front of her.."

*He takes another brief pause while glancing over her again*

"They stitched her up, but she has lost a lot of blood.. I have no idea what to do.. We are at a summer camp where other doctors live, but no ones around.. Someone just come and help us, please.."

*He releases the PTT and drops the radio, leaving it by his side*

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*Asher presses down the PTT to clarify.*

"Hey Chernarus, this is Asher.

For once, this wasn't me!"

*Asher chuckles, delighted in the fact that people like him were out there tormenting others.*

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*Denis is laying in the house, staring the ceiling. The pain in his arm so bad that he can't sleep. He hears the radio broadcast, and a wolfish grin appears onto his face. He takes out his radio and presses the ptt.*

"Oh... I do r-recognize your voice, you scottish fuck. For s-some reason I am not bound to b-believe this small story of cannibal doctors, eh? Wouldn't spend precious t-time to stitch her up. If they would d-do it poorly. See youu sooon."

*He pushes himself up from the bed, grapping the pistol and wobbling out of the door.*

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Posted (edited)

*Presses PTT*
This is a trick on behalf of Jacob.
These people are cannibals and wish to lure people in with the girl.

*releases the PTT*

Edited by Eagle

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*Presses the PTT*

Dear people of Chernarus, do not believe what has been said. Jacob does not spend his time with cannibals and he does not lure victims with the woman called Vanessa.
The true cannibals are running as a pack, they had a leader called Luka who is known to enjoy human flesh and they use the old man called Denis to torture and beat a human to make them tender for slicing. They were going to do this to Vanessa before I shot Denis in order for her to run away from the town.

I know this as it has happened to me, I bare the scars of their torture and managed to escape with my life. The doctors in Mogilevka can back my story they worked with the pack and left them once they learned the truth about Luka. Stay away from Cernaya Polana good people otherwise the pack will send out their butcher.

Jacob ill be on my way to help you

*Releases the PTT*

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*Aghast at what she has just heard, Rose picks up her radio and says*

”This man speaks utter nonsense.  Don’t believe a word he said.  The pack are not cannibals, they are survivors just like the rest of us.  I’ve known Denis for a long time now, and I know without a doubt he is not a cannibal.  He may be a crusty old man at times, okay, most times, but, that doesn’t make him a cannibal.”

”Which leads me to believe the people telling blatant lies about the pack must be the real cannibals.  Regardless, everyone trust no one.  Too many false rumors are being bandied about these days.”

*Rose releases the PTT, turns and starts walking towards Cernaya Polana*


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*Pushes the PTT button with a concerning voice*

"Don't believe this guy. He was with other cannibals who have been executed. He goes around calling other people cannibals, when in fact his people are cannibals"

*Takes a moment to compose his thoughts*

"These sick fucks strong armed Vanessa and took her away out of Krasnostav. They know there are genuine people trying to help Vanessa. This is clearly a trap to lure people in. They don't care about anyone but themselves and their disgusting habits. Luca had her kidney taken from the same sick fucks so this dumbass is suggesting she would do that to herself?"


"I don't think so. Stay away from these people and be wary of your surroundings. They like to go after people who are alone." 

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57 minutes ago, cjackson821 said:


*He forces a smile as best he can before pressing the PTT*

"Look at that.. Another one of the puppies ball size doubled in size.. Isn't surprising at all.. Wasn't that when you had your tail between your legs you filthy fucking dog.."

*He laughs a little and then coughs before continuing to speak*

"Ask the old man.. This wasn't bull shit.. This wasn't a trap.. This WAS genuine.."

*He shakes his head then looks over at his rifle against the wall* 

"Maybe the bullet to the old man should have been you. Anyway, Vanessa has a choice, if she comes back, don't make some more shit up saying I forced her, when quite clearly, I was the one who saved her in the first place.."

*He releases the PTT and picks up with his rifle*

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*Denis looks at the radio with neutral look on his face. He shakes his head and presses his ptt.*

"Truth is usually most simple answer to e-everything. Lies sound most believable. T-truth is discarded in the moment of haste."

*He stifles out a small laugh that escapes his lips.*

"So you still managed to crawl far enough to get away, and not into j-just into some ditch to bleed out, Jacob? I commend you."

*He stands up and walks out the door, into a hallway. Looking at the end of it.*

"If she comes back, I know I have failed. But... Such is l-life. At least I heard her laugh last night. And smile at the thought that she would be safe from you."

*He sighs as he looks at his fucked up arm*

"Yelenas words... F-find out the truth. Because you all need to know. I have no r-reason to lie."

*He clips the radio back onto his vest. Taking few steps towards the door.*

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*He presses the PTT*

"You never took the bullet proof vest I had on.. That's why I'm alive.."

*He pauses*

"Vanessa has had chances to leave, and she has came back before.. Don't think if you act all nice to her, you will get your dick wet.. She laughed and smiled because what else could she do? The amount of drugs she was on, you'd be lucky if she could even move.."

*He laughs*

"I saw you two carry her into the camp.. Did you even asked her what she wanted..? Oh well, if she stays, you have your fun old man, but you have no idea who she is, you don't know anything about her.."

*He releases the PTT*

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*Denis smirks as he presses the ptt.*

"True. But, usually 4.6 punches nice and cleanly t-through them. And last night... s-she didn't come back did she? She came on gunpoint, and n-next thing we know, her kidney has gone missing? B-by Jacob the butcher? Coincidence? I think not."

*He glances at the floor.*

"Yeah, I guess you are right. She was quite full of morphine. I wonder how s-she is alive. And get my dick wet? Nah... Not m-my thing."

*He looks at the door*

"I did. She wanted to not be scared of you. To be safe. And I do know enough of her. But you... you don't really know anything about me, do you?"

*Grachi sets the radio down next to him*

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*Jacob shakes his head after hearing the old mans pathetic, stuttering voice again and then presses the PTT* 

"Again, I am not this fucking butcher.. Vanessa was safe with me, but you guys never seemed to accept that for some weird reason.."

*He takes a brief pause*

"I know enough about you.. I know that your balls seem to expand when on the radio or when you have people around you.. That already shows me what kind of man you are.."

*He takes a sip of water before continuing*

"You don't know Vanessa the way I do. Wait and see the real person behind those sweet, innocent eyes.. Then will you realise why she comes back.. And why she will come back.. But anyway, I tried leaving the wolfs alone after Jessica, and the rest of them seemed to leave me.. But you.. You keep coming back and doing the same shit over and over again.. Just be careful who you trust.. You never know which one will stab you in the back you pathetic, wrinkly, bastard.."

*He releases the PTT*

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The female would be quietly listening to the conversation, a smirk would cross her face and she'd press down the ptt and she'd chuckle lightly 

tsk, tsk... still up to your old ways? Ive given you time and time again to prove to me you arent this cannibal everyone claims you to be or clean up your act. Now you threaten my wolves once more and attempt to spread rumour once again. You abused and used this girl for your own games and while we are at it.. ill be taking Mary back as well. 

You keep poking the wolf, and sooner or later its fangs will rip out your throat. 

Im more than capable of killing you and i intend to the next time I see you. I cant wait to watch you burn. 

She'd chuckle and release the PTT. She'd return to watching the scenery from the hills, sketching in her journal.


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