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groovy nate

Nathan's (Final Warning) Appeal

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post): No link, unfortunately, so instead I will supply you with the Gyazo you'll need to determine the source of the punishment. (If you need the FULL image stating the reason for why I was placed on this final warning, I will be glad to provide that information as well if you just ask!)


Here is the original "final warning" given to me on June 2, 2018. If we go off this, that will have made my "final warning" well over a year old to date. However, I was banned on October 2, 2018 which resulted in my permanent ban shown here (The screenshot is really big so I placed into a spoiler as to not clutter the thread for you!):



Following this, I returned on February 18, 2019 from my permanent ban and was placed on my amnesty final (If you count from this point that the final has genuinely existed for, I will have only been on final warning for 4 months now!) for the duration of the time being until I was able to pick up my activity, get in-game, and become active on the forums to change that. Here is that final warning given to me on February 18 of this year. (If you need the full statement for this one as well, be sure to ask so I can provide it to you! Thanks!)


Why the verdict is not fair: The verdict is undoubtedly fair, the decision I made to disobey them and get myself removed from the community, might I add, was a reckless, quickly-made, and irresponsible decision to make. With that being said, my answer still stands as firm as I started this with, the verdict was totally justified in it's entirety.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: During this patch of 2018, I was undergoing some heavy stress on my life from social situations, community college, and amongst other things, the community. (Although no excuse, I'm just explaining what led me to the hastily-made decision and will eventually lead into what I've done to fix this so that it won't happen again.) With that being said, I decided to step away from the keyboard, and while not the best way to go about it by any means, I decided to permanently remove myself from the community rather than just take a step away from the computer and continue to focus on what I was doing to solve my actual problems, rather than seek a scapegoat for it, I did this.

During my time away, I learned a lot, some of which being how to handle toxic social situations much better than how I was treating them, managing my stress from school better, and learning how to remove myself from situations in a healthy way, instead of going down a route that could lead me to doing things that I could have only seen myself doing at the time this final warning was given to me. I think this aided a lot in how my attitude and general behavior has been as of lately. (lately as in from the time I've come back, until now.)

As for the general behavior change, I've found myself getting more involved in the community now, than I have ever been previously in the time I've been here, things such as getting involved in community events, being active on the forums, and getting involved more and more in-game. I do genuinely believe that my time, attitude, and better behavior has made a change on myself, considering now I'm involved in things I wasn't before. In fact, I've learned that I genuinely like being this way compared to where I was, and that I'm continue to be involved in them as I am now. (Really, anyone should after being where I was to now.) I'm hoping that now I can actually contribute to furthering change in DayZRP for the better, rather than contribute to the negativity I was at the time.

With all that being said, I'm hoping that not only do I see a change in my general attitude and behavior, but so do you.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: The final warning to be removed, so that I can continue to play here.

What could you have done better?: Not made such a hasty and genuinely bad decision without sitting down and dealing with things in a way that made sense. Thinking about my decisions would have been a lot better and for someone who, at the time, wasn't good about thinking about things before he did them, (mind you, this is what landed me on final warning in the first place) I can tell you that not thinking about decisions before you make them will, in-turn, make things a lot worse for the individual doing-so at the end. Every action has a consequence, and for this, I've learned and paid the price for it.

Thanks for reading and hearing me out!

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After reviewing your appeal we have come to the conclusion to accept it. Since being back in our community you have shown your attitude has improved. You have been very active in game and also very active on the forums. This is great to see. You also have not used your caution or shown any bad behaviour since being back, which again is very good to see. We see no reason to keep you on final anymore. Please keep this positive attitude and overall activity time up!

With that said, appeal accepted.

Signed by myself with notes

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