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I am alive. Corporal Vasiliev sounding off. [Open Frequency]

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*Alek kneels over the infected body of a CDF corpsman, his own radio in his left hand. The old device has been tested over the past six months and has a terrible build-up of leaked lithium from the well expired battery that has been housed in it for the last two years. He quicky scans the woodland around him, the rush of wind aggitates the nearby tents that crash and flap in response. Alek continues to scrub with an old toothbrush at the exposed pins and contacts to try clear the soiled battery housing. Spitting upon it once satisfied and scrubbing it as dry as he can make it. He rests the device upon his thigh and retrieves the radio from the belt of the corpse below him. He pulls the battery and prays this works. He pushes it into his own device and presses and holds the on button. A moment passes before the screen briefly lights up. The radio is on. He spends time cycling through the encrypted CDF channels and hears nought but silence to his call-outs. With a frown he begins to cycle unsecure frequencies and proceeds to broadcast. He now speaks English on the open frequencies but with a clear Chernarussian accent.*

"This is Corporal Vasiliev, 7th Miroslavl Rifles - reporting heavy losses to the west and have failed to establish substantial contact with elements from Kirovograd... Uhhh... I have tried all known C.D.F channels and have recieved no reply. Resorting to unencrypted channels to establish contact with C.D.F commanding elements for recon debrief and intelligence update.  Break."

 "Repeating last - reporting heavy losses to section, we have scattered upon returning into South Zagoria-.... uhhh... last eight months have been damage and infrastructure assessments to the West. No substantial contact made, I am alone. Reporting in to local C.D.F Command for debrief and update. If you can hear me I will remain on.... ehhh... eight-nine-point-five. I am secure for now and will attempt to link-in with what remains of my section if possible. Break."

"I stumbled across a detail of Yankies near one of the major roads out West but they appear to have gone and left what remains of their fortifications, I head North until advised otherwise. Over."

"Corporal Vasiliev out."


*Alek releases his push-to-talk for the last time and checks his rig, sliding the rearward clip into one of the MOLLE loops, it remains silent as he double checks the surrounding tents and debris. He pushes himself up to his feet, rolling his shoulders and begins to hike his way slowly back up the hill toward the ridge-line above to a position of elevation for better reception.*



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Posted (edited)

Pavel speaks up. On the frequency, a muffled voice pops up shortly after the corporal on that frequency. While it is muffled, you could likely tell that there is a "local accent". The language will give it away, surely. He speaks in Chernarussian.


<:: "Desatnik, are you still in uniform? Avoid contact with populace or switch attire, move East, find a safe spot to hunker down. Update follows soon. Reference callsign is Hlidka-1, over."



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Desatnik Malik wanders around in the small 93rd Brigade PB specifically manned by elements of the 313th and 66th on the outskirts of western border of the South Zagorian oblast. He hears the radio system cackle to life. He throws his cigarette to the ground stamping on it and proceeds to speak in Chernarussian over the radio.

"Ahoy Vasillev, this is Vicktor Charlie 3. I'm receiving your transmission. It's strange you have not been contacted by anyone from Miroslavl. As advised find a safe spot and lay low, a patrol can be sent to pick you up soon. Vicktor Charlie 3 out."

Petr scratches his head and begins writing the report before radioing back to Miroslavl to relay possible information of CDF loses to the far west. 

(On phone so not fancy)

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*Alek pauses for a moment to catch his breath, he looks up the hill to the ridge-line he is yet to reach and wipes his forehead upon his sleeve. His left hand reaches up to the radio hooked to his vest and prepares to transmit.*

"Hlidka-one, Vicktor Charlie-three, recieved and understood your last. I shall remain in the area until sent specific instructions. I will remain here for a few days at most before moving East if nothing further is heard, I will continue to try find my scattered comrades. Vasiliev out."

*Alek lowers his left arm and returns it the his rifle sling, leaning forward he continues to yomp his way up this steep incline and toward what appears to be a vast forest before him.*

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