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The Wounding of Poor Bonifacio

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Posted (edited)

So I found this footage somewhere on my harddrive and I decided to share it. I myself enjoyed watching it again and maybe others would too?
It's one of my favourite RP sessions as a hotage ever.

This footage is about my Mexican Character, Bonifacio (Boni) being taken hostage. He's  a sweet, uneducated but innocent guy that just always gets in touch with the wrong type of people.
He is easily manipulated and pushed around. But he is also capable of robbing your heart with his innocence and his sweet personality.

A man such as Bonifacio is too honest and friendly for the harsh apocalypse and it was a matter of time before he finally met the people that are immune to his friendly, uneducated but caring personality.

After having just joined a cult, Bonifacio immediately gets into trouble with enemies of the said cult. Bonifacio thaught that the cult were just some friendly guys wanting a better world. But in reality they had just tortured a member of the racist Svoboda Movement. But Boni did not know this. Boni woke up at the place where he had the initiation and immediately got to meet the Svoboda in person. Boni being the friendly guy that he is started a conversation with some of the men of this group but things soon got out of hand.

I'm not sure anymore who all the soldiers were but I'll tag the ones I think were there (banned people included). If i'm wrong then I'll edit it 😉
@Sylva @Spanners @Wyoming @groovy stannis @Jack Rees-Mountbatten
Some of you had already seen the video. This is just a reupload with a few edits to clean it up but maybe you'll guys also get some enjoyment out of it.

Here's the video:
At some point I accidently stopped recording but nothing Important was lost, luckily.



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Posted (edited)

I think i'm gonna cry from this nostalgia 😭 The ending is peak though lmao 

Nah i wasn't there for the situation bro @barto300 but i was in the group at the time, that's why i said nostalgia hahah

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good old svoboda days ❤️

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a trip down memory lane 

god bless

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