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Work at a Radioshow [Open frequency]

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*Jan climbs up the tower and starts a broadcast up there*

''Depressed cowboy here. We eehh... ran into some problems down at our station. To be fair, there is not much left. We managed to get all our important equipement out before things went bad.
We now moved to a different location and are trying to set things up again. A shit ton of work needs te be done though.''

*Silent for a couple of seconds*

''We are looking for people that are willing to help us out. We can offer shelter, music and food. If you are a lone survivor out their and want to help us get the radioshow running again,
please reach out to us on this frequency.''

*Jan stops the broadcast console and turns his handheld radio on*


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* Father david hears the call over the radio, looks over the top of his glasses and puts his bible down for a second*

"hello there stranger. Im no radio expert but myself and a colleague are always here to help those in need. Whether its a word of calm or rolling up our sleeves, its all gods work to us"

*he puts the radio back down and picks up his can of pipsi before relaxing back and putting his feet up on the fence admiring the view outside the church, wondering where these strangers in need may be and if they'll get in contact*

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*Jan hears a voice on his handheld and listents carefully. The man sounded trustable and he decides to boot up the broadcast console*

''Hello! We have our own radio tec around. so don't worry about that. All hands and words are welcome at the moment. 
You can reach out to us on our safe frequency.... so we can arrange something!'' 


''It's 102.2 Mhz.''

*Speaks up again*

''Alright if more people are listening in.... We still could use more help. Reach out to us on this open frequency first...''

*Sounds of a generator can be heard fading away to static while Jan shuts down the console again*

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*The chatter on Dr Pappas' radio scared the deer away*

"Hello. Are you still in need of hands. I know little about setting up radio stations but an extra pair of hands never hurt"

*Lets go of the PTT radio and continues his search for deer*

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**Lincoln stops his hike for a moment to sit on a rock, getting some recent reception, he listens to the radio.**

"I'm an engineer. I can help you out if you want. Dunno what you still need done, though. Gimme a shout if you need anything, I'll be listening in for a while"

**He releases the push-to-talk, fishing an apple out of his bag to enjoy as he looks at the view.**

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*Jan hears to people talking shortly after each other. He climbs back up the tower and turns the broadcast module on*

Hello both of you! Lets start with the first.... first. 
We can indeed use an extra pair of hands! Hang in there for a second.

*Jan can be heard shouting some dutch words to someone down the tower*

Alright secondly. An engineer right? That is exactly what we need! At the moment we have one engineer around fixing.... most things, but sometimes there is just too much to do for only one person. 

Alright now both of you listen carefully....

*Starts whispering again*

Tune into our safe freq on 102.2 Mhz.

*Speaks up again*

Alright results of this broadcast seem to be good so far, but if you are still out there hearing this conversation and willing to help out. Please let me know on this frequency. I will keep listening for a while.

*Jan stops the broadcast console and boots up his personal handheld radio*

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