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S1: BadRP/Trolling - 2019-06-20 to 2019-06-21

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Posted (edited)

Server and location: S1, Cernaya Polana

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-06-20 to 2019-06-21

Your in game name: Clyde Matthews

Names of allies involved: N/A

Name of suspect/s: HaroldGains

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): My red hatch

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): 

Full Streams:



Detailed description of the events: 

So we've had this guy come into town today and yesterday causing shit and really baiting reactions for no reason. 

Yesterday's events:

I find a car in Novodmitrovsk and bring it up to Cernaya Polana to park at my "shop" this guy comes over and offers to park it and I deny him permissions to use my car. He gets in anyways and continues trying to drive it towards me as I block his exit. I allow him to pass and he drives off. Things get steamy, I let out my rage on a random infected and he eventually brings the car back. He runs starts interacting with the rest of the townspeople and begins being a general nuisance and is being an obvious troll to the people around town.

The wolf pack got the brunt of the trolling that day.

I kind of shook this all off... but only changed my mind today about reporting.

Today events:

This guy comes into town being even more trolly than yesterday. 

First off, he tries to buy a gun from someone... no problem. But since the deal he offered was so ridiculous the seller told him (jokingly) to shove that gun up his ass. I can't really explain this properly but you can see for yourselves at 00:01:50 (Today's report video) as Harold pretends to shove a MP5k up his ass.

Nothing really happens until 00:52:00(today's report video) when all hell breaks loose with the peeps in town.

This guy's behavior gets worse, and I even try to use // to tell him to chill out but he continues the same behavior as before.

I kind of forgot everything that happened but if you look in the video I'm sure you'll get a better understanding of what happened.

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Posted (edited)

First of all, I live in that town and just built a base there yesterday. On the first day of your report, I stole your car, but when I heard a shot I thought it was at me and I decided to bring your car back. 

Yesterday I may have been annoying to the wolfpack as they along with the russians were being disrespectful to everyone who wasnt either in the wolf pack or with the russians. Today in town I was trying to get the wolfpack to lynch shroud in town as they mistook him for me and I wanted to get the heat off my back. I dont really see how any of this effects you, other than the time I told you to stop blasting music throughout the town for no reason (which was warranted.) I also was acting as a distraction today for my friend to rob materials from their base to help us build ours. I did not break RP, had reasons for all of my actions, and valued my life when necessary. I do not think this report is valid at all.

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Posted (edited)

My POV: On day 1 I started in sevorgograd and met 3 green men in ghillie suits, I asked them about the mechanics and they said they would travel with me to novo to see their base, when we got to novo, there was no base left so we traveled up to polana as we heard shots and saw people up there. When I got there I saw a guy I knew named zach and we were going to travel back to novo to make a base hidden in a building somehwere. I then asked zach if I should steal a car for us and he thought that was a brilliant idea. I then got in a car and drove it down the road until I heard gunshots and I thought they were at me so I brought the car back as not to be killed. After I brought it back the wolf pack was very rude to me and tried to ask me to leave town, I would have been happy to head to novo but I did not like being disrespected so I stayed there. In the end they ended up handcuffing me, taking my guns and walking me out of town.

On day 2: I was building my base when I saw people in a group looking at this guy so I went over to check it out. When I got there it turns out it was shroud and the wolfpack thought that he was me from yesterday and were calling him a crackhead. To try to make sure that they would never suspect it of being me (as I had moved in to the trading post down the block from them) I tried to get them to lynch shroud. This did not end well for me as shroud killed me in the end, but was gunned down by the wolfpack (who were now my allies because we are good neighbors). I was also distracting the wolfpack while my partner was stealing planks out of their base so I could build ours up bigger. (it worked)


I can see how Finn may have been confused as he didn't know my motives, but I can assure you that I had no intentions to troll anyone or do bad rp.

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On the second day you'll notice in chat I type 

"//Dude can you please settle down with that behaviour" it's probably all I typed that day. 

That should be near the end of my timeframe.

The first day I'm not sure the timeframe, it's been a few days.

But Chris Walker says "*Has a depressed look on his face*" during the timeframe.

Possibly you can use this to check the logs and times.


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Connection Logs: 6/20/2019 - 6/21/2019

19:11:39 | Player "Harry Abrams" is connected
21:50:19 | Player "Harry Abrams" is connected
21:54:12 | Player "Harry Abrams" is connected
22:11:47 | Player "Harry Abrams" has been disconnected
22:37:58 | Player "Harry Abrams" is connected

17:46:56 | Player "Clyde Matthews" is connected
18:09:53 | Player "Clyde Matthews" has been disconnected
19:35:41 | Player "Clyde Matthews" is connected
20:09:33 | Player "Clyde Matthews" has been disconnected
21:50:19 | Player "Clyde Matthews" is connected
21:51:13 | Player "Clyde Matthews" is connected


00:07:41 | Player "Harry Abrams" is connected
02:32:52 | Player "Harry Abrams" has been disconnected
02:33:07 | Player "Harry Abrams" is connected
03:45:56 | Player "Harry Abrams" is connected
05:11:23 | Player "Harry Abrams" is connected
08:21:50 | Player "Harry Abrams" has been disconnected
08:26:21 | Player "Harry Abrams" is connected
08:37:46 | Player "Harry Abrams" has been disconnected
20:59:16 | Player "Harry Abrams" is connected
21:17:55 | Player "Harry Abrams" has been disconnected
00:27:37 | Player "Harry Abrams" is connected

00:05:21 | Player "Clyde Matthews" is connected
01:44:13 | Player "Clyde Matthews" has been disconnected
01:51:44 | Player "Clyde Matthews" is connected
02:19:02 | Player "Clyde Matthews" has been disconnected
03:20:41 | Player "Clyde Matthews" is connected
03:43:25 | Player "Clyde Matthews" is connected
04:50:02 | Player "Clyde Matthews" has been disconnected
23:58:08 | Player "Clyde Matthews" is connected


Position Logs:

01:35:38 | Player "Harry Abrams" (pos=<12199.7, 13834.1, 93.0>)
01:35:38 | Player "Phoenyxx Caine" (pos=<12197.6, 13833.3, 93.0>) 
01:35:38 | Player "Eleni Hammerlock" (pos=<12197.6, 13837.4, 93.0>) 
01:40:39 | Player "Clyde Matthews" (pos=<12173.3, 13854.3, 93.1>) 
01:40:39 | Player "Vasili Belinksy" (pos=<12069.3, 13861, 93.0>) 
01:45:39 | Player "Patrick Doubek" (pos=<12070.9, 13857.5, 93.1>) 
01:45:39 | Player "chris walker" (pos=<12176, 13865.4, 93.1>)


Chat Logs:

01:48:44 | Chat("Clyde Matthews"): *Clyde will remember that*
01:41:52 | Chat("chris walker"): *has a depressed look on his face*


Calling in to post POVs:

@HaroldGains | Harry Abrams | POSTED
@Phoenyxx | Phoenyxx Caine | POSTED
@EleniV | Eleni Hammerlock | POSTED
@Finn | Clyde Matthews | POSTED
@Groovy Grimm | Vasili Belinsky | POSTED
@Mexi | Patrick Doubek | POSTED
@liljaylo | chris walker | POSTED
@groovy cali | Vojtech Kral | POSTED
@Ducky | Radovan Janousek | POSTED
@RavenousRP | Zac Biggem | POSTED

Please post a FULL and DETAILED POV.
Any VIDEO EVIDENCE you have please add too.
No back and forth banter, this will be the only warning.
Thank you.

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Posted (edited)

First day:

Wolfpack had just settled into Cernaya Polana. @haroldgains immediately came up to the came, walking around our cars, our tents, travelling throughout our camp. It was obvious to our members that he was going through our stuff, even when we asked him to stop. We asked him to stop several times but then he would just leave and come back, essentially attempting to bait us into doing something about him just walking right past us all to get to our tents. We had given about 6-7 warnings, but he continued to leave and come back or continue to make comments towards us. After getting fed up, I stopped him on the street near the front of our gate and gave the final warning. “Should you go back into the camp, there will be consequences”.  He responds with “okay” and proceeded to go back to the camp and walk inside, looking back at us. Then I initiated because obviously politely asking was only met with him continuing to do what was asked of him not to do and continue to mouth off at us.


We held him up and removed all his weapons and walked him down the street out of the town, explaining that we didn’t want to kill him and hopefully he learned. He complied with walking down and walking away but then ended up returning and firing upon almost 5+ wolf pack members. This was when he was killed by us for shooting two of our members.


Not once were we rude until he began to disrespect us and begin to invade our area, with clear intentions to only get us riled up.


During this time, it was clear that there was no intent to roleplay, nvfl and bad roleplay.


Day 2:

@Haroldgains returned a day after the incident above and began to do the same stuff, however he became silent when we falsely identified someone else as him. He watched and then eventually began to get involved with this guy, both going back and forth. This proceeded in a standoff, which then resulted in the death of @haroldgains, where his attacker sprayed and hit one of my members in which we retaliated as he believed this was intentional because of the roleplay prior (this was a misunderstanding and was cleared up).

Edited by Phoenyxx

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Posted (edited)

Not much to say about the situation as I mostly ignored this dude due to having other conversations and him butting in.. We rolled into town for the first time to meet with some of the other people in which we'd been told about. While trying to talk to them, someone in a half ghillie seemed very insistent to inturupt as and when he could and be a general nuisance. He left, talked with some others and continued to return now and then. Not much else to say as that's all that happened as far as that situation goes.

However, I looked back over a few streams of people that were involved after I got out of game to further understand what the lad was actually up to and found this -

Should be timestamped, if however the timestamp doesn't work it's 1h37m onwards. - Link is broken, click here.

Seems to me the lad ICly admitted to trying to bait a hostile situation, how the GM's/ Mods want to take that is up to them.

Edited by Mexi

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I can post a bit since I was there from the part where we were greeted by the accused.


Me and a couple of my CDF broskie's roll into town, we are greeted by a party of 10 or so people, and the accused runs up past the crowd going 'cyka cyka cyka' over and over until @Ducky tells him to 'excuse yourself' and that 'we're not russian'.


The accused looks about before dropping some gear and going 'i pledge my allegiance to your russian clan' and just overall be a nuisance.


My first and only encounter was from @Finn's VOD posted here. Time stamp not working, go to 3:19:00 for us entering the town. I am the one in the patrol cap(camo baseball cap) and shemagh with the CDF group.


The fella in the ghillie suit was the one causing trouble, and after watching a bit of Finn's VOD from before us coming in, he continuesly was harassing and trolling about in the WolfePack's camp. Stealing cars and yoinking gear after being told to piss off.


I mostly just ignored him, assuming it was just a group trying to have us bait and initiate, I being a sucker for falling into that and decided it'd be best to walk away.


I came back after the accused walked off with his friend Ravinous, and continued to RP with the groups involved. Speaking to and gathering information from both one of the Watchers, and from @Phoenyxx before we left town.


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35 minutes ago, Kase said:

@Phoenyxx - Please edit your post to be in a your own POV format.

Editted. Sorry.

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My POV : I was chilling in stary when my favourite character owl or Harry comes into town and starts to interact with me, due to an incident that occurred the day before I told Harry to keep on the low down and stay out of trouble. This is when a man walks in that everyone else starts to call a crackhead thinking it was owl as they have a similar voice so i jumped on the train to help owl out of the situation and to make them believe this guy was owl. A few bickering and arguments later a man guns down owl and then proceeds to shoot at me i run away as i was streaming and just wanted to chill and play. I then stand in the middle of the road talking to the stream about 5 minutes after and am randomly shot in the head no warning no nothing "RDM"

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Posted (edited)

POV: Went into town with the CDF squad, I didnt hear much from the man other than he was constantly running away after being asked to leave so a private conversation could be had, then running back a minute or two later, just generally being a nuisance. The man was then initiated on by wolfpack and we left shortly after.

Edited by Groovy Grimm
Added POV

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Walked into town, was approached by the man in the Ghillie who immediately started snickering and talking about pledging allegiance to my Russian clan. 

His general tone of voice coupled with what he said gave me Arma 3 Life vibes, and it overall seemed like he was taking a piss OOC rather than actually role-playing. 


Told him to excuse himself and leave after which he proceeded to fuck around and be a nuisance up until the wolf pack initiated on him. 


We then left shortly after. 

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Since they have been on the forums after I've called them in for their POV, @EleniV is being temp-banned until they provide one.

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a ghille man was going through peoples houses and they kept warning him not to do it and phoenyxx was so nice he knew his not going to get in trouble so he kept going thru everyone bases intel that had enough so they pointed guns at him then told him to fuck off then they walked him off the town after i don't know what happened


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@EleniV, your temp banned has been removed please keep an eye on the forums to avoid this from happening again.

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Since they have been on the forums after I've called them in for their POV, @liljaylo is being temp-banned until they provide one.

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Posted (edited)

MY POV: when this happened (gilly man takes car) i was outside or on the roof of the fire station helping out the watch. i witnessed the man take the car without permission and heard the wolf pack say some stuff i cant remember fully. this gilly man was trying to get into the watches base too. asking if we "needed help" i knew from the start he wasn't right. but i tired to stay away in case of any shooting that could have broke lose. my in game name is chris walker.

Edited by liljaylo

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@liljaylo your temp ban has been removed. Please be more aware of the forums in case you are called into a report again to avoid this issue.

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Greetings, the staff team have reviewed this report and come to a conclusion. In this report, over a period of a couple days, @HaroldGainshas been seen around the area of Cernaya Polana generally acting in a trollish manner, stealing a car, bringing it back, harassing people in the town, attempting to insert a weapon barrel into his rectum, and other generally trollish items. While it is true you may have been acting as a distraction for your friend, the RP here is no tolerable on our servers, and we expect a much higher regard. Furthermore you blatantly acting in a baiting manner, having been warned that returning back to the camp would result in negative consequences, after which you immediately did just that resulting in the Wolf Pack initiating on you. Due to these myriad rulebreaks, and the severity of which they have been done, the staff team have elected to put you on final warning.


@HaroldGains BadRP/Trolling/Baiting | Guilty - Final Warning, 10 day ban


Signed by @Zanaan with notes

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