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S1 - West of Chernogorsk - Avoiding RP

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Server and location: S1, West of Chernogorsk

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Time stamped in chat with //stamp, June 21th, probably around 00:30-01:00

Your in game name: Elliott Arsenault

Names of allies involved: The enigmatic 'Mr. M' ((EDIT.: Probably @Hellios Stalieno))

Name of suspect/s: No idea!

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot):  Video to be uploaded

Detailed description of the events: 




This one is short and simple. I met 'Mr. M' (probably not his real name) at Moglievka summer camp. We decided to explore through Chernogorsk looking for settlements and people based on some rumors I had learned IC. We found no one and looped back to the summer camp. On the way through we encountered a man standing silent in a building. We said hello and bantered a bit when we realized he was AFK about maybe him being an infected? Asking if he was okay in voice, and trying not to break immersion.


On returning to the keyboard, said individual immediately bolted and ran out the building, then to cover. He hid behind some sandbags for a minute, while both Mr. M and myself tried to reassure him, and then he just... ran down the road towards Balota, with nary a word. I rarely report these things, but this case was particularly blatant. I typed //stamp while watching him slowly fade into the distance down the road.



This is a picture of the building he was AFK in just west of Cherno. He ran out behind those bunkers, then he dipped down the road.



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Edit: Found my ally! Added video

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Hello, I was indeed involved in this situation, calling myself Mr M.

POV: I and Elliott had gone to Cherno to see if anyone was still there as we had heard that there were settlements there. After checking the apartments for said settlements we stumbled across a quiet man in the shed down the hill. At first, we both thought he was in deep thought. This theory was soon shattered as the quiet man, who is the suspect in this report, pushed open the door to the shed and broke out in a sprint behind some sandbags and later down the road west. Throughout the encounter, we did not act hostile, we had weapons out but never pointed it at the suspect, nor did we give chase.

It was kind of disappointing that the suspect didn't want to RP and choose to run, I wish that he learns from this. It is up to @Rover and the staff team how this report proceeds, but I wish this lesson could be learnt without a punishment.


Edit: I'd also like to point out that the suspect had not talked at all thought out the encounter, not voip nor text.

Edited by Hellios Stalieno

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Position Logs

00:43:00 | Player "Otis Maddison" (pos=5611.2, 2099.8, 7.3)
00:43:00 | Player "George Harvey" (pos=5826.2, 2184.8, 8.9)
00:43:00 | Player "Elliott Aresenault" (pos=5825.5, 2181.6, 8.p)


Calling In

@jbransc1994 - Otis Maddison


For his full and detailed PoV and any evidence he has. Also due to not being on the forums in a couple days @jbransc1994will be temp banned until he responds.

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Unfortunately due to the accused ( @jbransc1994 ) has not responded to the report he will remain temp banned and have to create a ban appeal. 

We're sorry for any inconvenience @Rover. Until he makes a ban appeal stating his POV we cannot continue the report.

With that said,


Closed by @Mademoiselle and @Samti

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