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Jason Rider

Jason Rider - A Broken Man

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Jason pulls up his pen, hands shaking and covered in blood. He accidentally smears blood all over one of the pages, not caring for the amount of pain he is in. His thoughts are filled with nothing but anger and betrayal for those he thought were closest to him. He begins to write:

"Cannibals, I thought they weren't real... God I was so so wrong. I was too trusting and its cost me a finger, my blood and someones life. The cannibals took me, abducted me and used me as their private play thing."

He looks at his left hand, now missing his entire ring finger and the hand still covered in blood.

"They made me kill someone with my bare hands, it was me or him. I had no hesitation in doing it and i'm not sorry at all, survival of the fittest. 

I don't intend on dying anytime soon, but I do plan to go visit my 'friends' who left me in the dust, helping some random other than one of their own. This is partially their fault... I told them I was in trouble and they refused because they had 'someone more important to pick up'. F**k off, look what it's cost me now! Its cost me my f**king humanity! I had to kill an innocent person just to save my own f**king life! All because you refused to come pick up a friend that needed help... A FRIEND WHO NOW IS BROKEN... ALL BECAUSE OF YOU!

Hunter, I hope you never find this my friend. I don't want you to see the dark place that I am in. But Bodey... oh Bodey... you wont know whats coming. You're going to know how much this cost me..."

~ Jason Rider... A broken man


Jason closes the book and looks outside of his broken down car, rain pouring down. He steps outside, not caring for the rain or how it seeped through his ruined clothes. All Jason knew is that in the next few days, there could be many possible outcomes. But one thing was guaranteed to happen, Bodey was going to know the pain Jason had been through... 

"All because of you... All because of you..."


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