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Denouncing the Rumours [Open Freq.]

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Posted (edited)

Phoenyxx would be sitting on an industrial roof, staring out at the treelines. She would grip her radio before pressing down on the PTT. Her voice would be stern, angered and frustrated.

" Jeez, you all are so quick to get involved in the highschool gossip and rumor train boys and girls.

Its Phoenyxx, leader of The Wolf Pack. Here to formerly address the concerns of our friends, allies, enemies, whatever you call yourselves.

There has been quite the talk that apparently us wolves are working with 'The Time'. And all I can say to that is you are all a bunch of idiots.

Why would we work with them? After the shit that most of you know they put us through? 

Why would I even dare to have an alliance with them.

I can't stop ex-time members from wandering around towns and just trying to make amends.

I can't stop them from wandering around and preventing them travelling through places, that would be getting on their low level.

So if by me not kicking them out of town and demanding that they don't speak to their friends or they don't interact with anyone is not good enough for you lot, then you are asking me to do the same thing they have done to countless of others. 

I do not have an alliance with them and I never will.

I hold my personal grudges against some of their members and will act on those accordingly. 

So instead of pretending we are in highschool, lets get back to reality and remember all of us are just trying to survive.

Over and Out. "



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*A convincing southern accent would come over the radio.*

"Well that's all well and good, but when I see's your lil Puppy Pack as some put, Potius Cras, and Time working together in Severo, weeks ago minds you, when I am just tryin to make mah simple tradin rounds. It's just a lil concerning hearing this now. I'm a man for the peoples see, not trying to butt in much. But if you's wantin to be good fellars then just atone. Don't dig yerself a deeper grave telling half truths."

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Posted (edited)

*Miller Thompson presses the PTT*

Yea I’d rather deal with the Time, at least they don’t hide their terrible actions and sit on a 20ft tall horse. I hope your hive mind of subservient, “betas” as your archaic ass would say, can protect you from all the mean words being thrown your way.

*Releases the PTT*

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