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S1: Bad rp, unnecessary kill - 20/06/2019 07:15 pm

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Server and location: S1 next to Veresnik Military Base

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME):  07:15 pm

Your in game name: Ella Silverstein

Names of allies involved: Callum Skies, Ludvik Belinsky

Name of suspect/s: Unknown

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Our car can be seen in the video

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): 

(Video was recorded by Ludvik, I can upload my own if necessary)


Detailed description of the events:

@Bsigo (Callum Skies), @Mikey (Ludvik Belinsky) and I were on a supply run, we had just looted the Military base, and were basically waiting for the server restart before moving on because we didn't want to crash our car. I had been afk for a while and Callum had had to relog, so we were just getting back into rp when this group of four people showed up and initiated on us. We complied and they handcuffed us, althought it was shortly before the server restart. My friends both told them ooc'ly to uncuff us, but they ignored that request. We died due to the restart.

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typo in title

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Hello @Daisy Please upload your video evidence as well and post it here, thanks.

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My POV: We were doing a supply run, me and Ludvik were trying to fix a bug while relogging when those guys came by pointing weapons without initiating, they initiated after a while and cuffed us yelling the OOC comments we were making because the server was gonna restart and they handcuffed us anyways and did not think of us dying during it.

noting the unnecessary burlap sack on @Daisyand force feeding too.

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It takes ages to upload the video, sorry for that. I will post it as soon as I can.

Video from Ella's pov:



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45 minutes ago, Kieran said:

Hello @Daisy Please upload your video evidence as well and post it here, thanks.

@Daisyhad a burlap sack on her head, I figure @Mikey's POV is much more clearer than Daisy's.

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My POV:I was waiting  at the car with @Daisy for @Bsigo to relog as he had some problems with in game sound.

When he was back in game these Guys showed up pointing their guns at us without an initiation,after some time they did initiate and we put our hands up.

After they started handcuffing us @Bsigo started typing in OOC chat that we would die in the upcoming restart if restrained.

When they ignored that,i started typing in OOC chat too,which they reacted to ICly for whatever reason.

Then the restart came and of course we died.

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Connection Logs:

11:31:00 | Player "Jack Jokes" is connected
17:11:28 | Player "Jack Jokes" has been disconnected
17:14:14 | Player "Jack Jokes" is connected
18:24:55 | Player "Jack Jokes" has been disconnected

12:23:20 | Player "Andrey Orlov" is connected
17:11:28 | Player "Andrey Orlov" has been disconnected
17:12:24 | Player "Andrey Orlov" is connected
18:12:51 | Player "Andrey Orlov" has been disconnected

14:09:19 | Player "Bobby Lee" is connected
17:11:28 | Player "Bobby Lee" has been disconnected
17:12:56 | Player "Bobby Lee" is connected
18:11:06 | Player "Bobby Lee" has been disconnected

14:10:20 | Player "Simon DaoDao" is connected
17:11:28 | Player "Simon DaoDao" has been disconnected
17:12:24 | Player "Simon DaoDao" is connected
17:22:42 | Player "Simon DaoDao" has been disconnected

14:25:49 | Player "Ella Silverstein" is connected
17:11:28 | Player "Ella Silverstein" has been disconnected

16:57:08 | Player "Callum Skies" is connected
17:11:28 | Player "Callum Skies" has been disconnected

16:59:01 | Player "Ludvik Belinsky" is connected
17:11:28 | Player "Ludvik Belinsky" has been disconnected


Position Logs:

17:11:20 | Player "Jack Jokes" (pos=<4557.6, 8596.9, 316.7>) 
17:11:20 | Player "Andrey Orlov" (pos=<4563.2, 8604.0, 317.0>) 
17:11:20 | Player "Bobby Lee" (pos=<4555.3, 8598.8, 316.7>) 
17:11:20 | Player "Simon DaoDao" (pos=<4558.9, 8597.9, 316.7>) 
17:11:20 | Player "Ella Silverstein" (pos=<4554.0, 8605.5, 316.9>) 
17:11:20 | Player "Ludvik Belinsky" (pos=<4558.4, 8598.3, 316.7>) 
17:11:20 | Player "Callum Skies" (pos=<4557.3, 8597.6, 316.8>) 


Chat logs:

17:11:01 | Chat("Ludvik Belinsky"): //were dead if the server restarts
17:11:12 | Chat("Ludvik Belinsky"): //cause we restrained

17:08:07 | Chat("Callum Skies"): //server restart
17:09:02 | Chat("Callum Skies"): //don't fucking handcuff
17:09:06 | Chat("Callum Skies"): //server restart
17:09:08 | Chat("Callum Skies"): //bois
17:10:34 | Chat("Callum Skies"): //i'm struggling

17:09:17 | Chat("Ella Silverstein"): *looks angry*
17:09:46 | Chat("Ella Silverstein"): //there is the word Callum carved in the buttstock of my M16


Calling in:

@PonyShadow - Jack Jokes -
@Bobby Lee - Bobby Lee -
@czar - Andrey Orlov -
@DaoDao - Simon DaoDao -

For your full detailed POV's as well as any video evidence you may have. Furthermore, @DaoDao why did you log out before your 30 minute timer expired?


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Myself, Bobby, Jack and Simon had been scavenging between Tisy, North West Airfield and VMC. On the route we held up 3 separate people, all were questioned, relieved of some ammo and then let go without further incident. Upon moving to VMC, we stumble across the trio above and a hold up ensues, I will agree it was a mess. Bobby handcuffed all three individuals, I search the car and remove mags from the rifles in the car but I do not take them, this is just so when they are released they do not have loaded weapons to hand. I speak to some of those detained. I notice the OOC chat, because I see the server message saying one minute to server restart I break character as I believe this will be quicker to warn bobby than if I typed, I did not want these three to die because of a mistake one of us made, Bobby assured me that It would be fine as he had done it before and I took him at his word. This was all said in game as we had all met up IC and are not in a discord together. I was not aware that restraining someone would kill them upon restart and I feel terrible that this is what happened. 

We had no intention of killing them or taking their gear, if the sever hadn't of restarted we would have just questioned them and released them as with the previous 3 people, we had also been checking backpacks for green armbands as our group has had runs in that area with the Islamist group. 

I have only roleplayed as a civillian/survivor, never as a bandit, today was my ride along essentially and I can only apologize for how terribly it went and I understand why the victims would be upset and frustrated by what had happened. 

@Daisy @Bsigo @Mikey, I am sorry for what happened to you. 

We also all hung around waiting for them to spawn back in, this is how unaware we were. 


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Hello everyone! 

Before i get started i'd like to apologies to the party involved who died an unnecessary death. Czar's already given a detailed description of what happened prior to this incident so i'll just talk about the specifics, Heading towards VMC on the river after a quick run through of NWAF we came across a group of 3 with a car and decided to initiate, i was well aware of the restart but i thought we'd be able to RP through it, I've had a similar incident but i think the game just crashed and we all came back okay including those cuffed so i strongly believed they would just return cuffed and we would be able to continue. After restart we waited around for a good 5 or so minutes but they didn't return. I was mistaken from a previous experience and i'm extremely sorry for the unnecessary deaths, it was never our intentions. 

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We talked to @czar and @Bobby Lee. They apologised and Bobby, who handcuffed us, ensured that he thought we would survive. I can understand that, since the day prior to this incident two of my friends got handcuffed and also survived a server crash, which lead myself to the assumption that we might actually survive.

Anyways, I and @Mikey want to drop the report if @Bsigo agrees.

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Glad to see you guys talk it out

We do want to note on the other hand that som things could have been handled beater for example reacting in voice to things that are being typed in OOC chat with read this and things like that is not ok try to refrain from reaction to // in chat with OOC in voice and on another note the glitch for dying on a server restart if restrained has been known for som time now I em not gone say you guys a 100 percent it but didn't the should have it might a and something to worry on that note the that happened her to and from them in the future.

Report Closed

Signed by @Derek Steel @Mademoiselle

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