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Flaming Appeal

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post):  


Why the verdict is not fair: Good afternoon DayZRP staff team. Today I feel I have been unfairly awarded 5 warning points for flaming when all I did was share a joke with a very dear friend of mine @Ryan Shepherd. A lil bit of background first. Ryan went a bit wild the other day with some indoor farming and caused a bit of a stir. The situation has been a topic of discussion lately and people have been memeing about it in the official DayZRP.com discord. It's all been in good fun, no one has taken any offence to it and Mr Shepherd is often seen joking about it himself on the discord.

Now on to the post I received these points for. A fellow community member while discussing the topic of whether or not to bring back to ability to build anywhere on the server mentioned that people who abused game mechanics should be "taken care" of. This member also commented "but when you can chuck a bunch of farm plots" when taking about these abusers. This made me think of my good friend Ryan who just days before had taken it upon himself to "chuck a bunch of farm plots" inside of a residential building. So I comment "I agree, @Ryan Shepherd needs to be taken care of. 🔫" A harmless joke. Me and Ryan have a laugh about it on discord together and move on with our day. I feel like flaming is a bit of a reach in these circumstances, this topic has been memed about numerous times over the past few days even Rolle mentioning it in a joking manner on the discord.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I made a joke with a friend and I feel a warning for flaming is a bit harsh.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like the points removed and my sparkly clean point record be reinstated.

What could you have done better?: Perhaps I could have made this joke in our discord instead of on the forums but I quite like interacting with fellow community members on the official forums pages.

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After reviewing your appeal we have come to the conclusion to accept it. We have reviewed your post on the thread again and do not see that as flaming. You made a joke and did not flame anyone. There was no hostile message or ill intent coming through from your message at all. Because of that, we will accept it. 

With that said, appeal accepted.

Signed by myself with notes

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