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William from Constance

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The sound of chopping wood and hammering of nails is heard in the distance as she pushes the button down, speaking into her radio.

"William, this is Constance. I'm not sure who you are but I was told to contact you. Would help if I knew how to contact you."

She released the button and leaned back against the tree, waiting.

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Hello there Constance, how are you doing sweetheart?

Yes, I told the nice woman to hand you that little paper. I got my reasons for it.. As you know you killed my best friend.. Gabriel, may he rest in peace. Yes.

For that you gotta pay, so I am going to give you a chance.

You either come to me yourself alone and I will punish you, and give you what you deserver or..

I will get rid of your little toys, then the toymakers and after that I will get rid of everyone you love untill you hand yourself over because you need to get punished.

You understand right? I hope you wont get to upset with this because well .. you know.. you deserve this.

I got some buisness outside of the country so you have some weeks or months to gather your army and fight me because you are probably not gonna hand yourself over because

You are stupid and inpulsive but.. well, I am out of the country right now but if I come back then we will have a nice talk because I cant wait to talk to you!



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*Robbie's face contorts into that of anger as he tears the radio off the clip on the strap of his backpack, mashing down the button on the side of the radio and speaking into it, teeth gritted slightly, the sound of a young American teen heard through the static*

"Leave Constance alone...you're right she'll have an army waiting for you when you return, but she won't have to gather it herself. I'll call in old favors...I'll call in new ones..you won't be able to step toe out of a house without looking over your shoulder wondering if someone is going to take a shot at you. Rethink your actions Mr. Gold...whatever your last name is...because we wouldn't want those nice white suits you wear stained with anyone's blood, would we?"

*Releasing the button on his radio, and closing his eyes to take a couple deep breaths, hand slightly shaking as he placed the radio down on the nightstand beside the bed, waiting...waiting for a response*


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