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Gareth Jones Journal

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Gareth Jones Journal



So G_Date's name is Gareth and he was a streamer on twitch before things hit the fan and his twitch was G_Date. So he is 29 years old and is from the UK. He came from the UK to Chernaus yo visit family who was in the military but a week after arriving things seem a little off. When the infected starting rising and become a lot more of them I fled to cherno with my family but sadly on the way they got picked off by bandits and my mother got taken by another bandit aswell as my daughter. Now I am here to team of skilled people and bring my mother and daughter back to me and bring them bandits to justice. My mother suffers with anxiety and my daughter is my one and only and I will ask many people and hold who ever hostage until I get answers but that will only happen if violence is needed. My daughter is called Gracie-Mai and my mother is called ruth. My back story. I was in the military for a long time and toured the globe I was trained to kill. When I left the army I was bouncing around from family to family member until I could find a job and somewhere to live. Going on a year I met someone who was my world and we became best friends and more we had a child called Gracie-Mai but when my little girl was born I lost my partner at birth. I had my family supporting me and keeping me going with my little girl now im a stay at home dad that streams full time and it works perfect. I was a sergeant in the forces and led a lot of a decent men though we lost many to. Now He will have to take up arms and once again SGT Gareth Jones will be looking for his family as well as helping others on the way. 


On my adventure to find my daughter and mother I came across some survivors in cherno and they took me in to the trading compound as I was really badly hurt and needed medical attention. I then spoke to the leader of the mafia and they took me in as I was getting medical help by a doctor I then had somewhere to call home and people to call as family. Gareth then had a incident and it was a blur he then woke up else where and took off to loot up and gather medical supplies and go back home to what he thought was still standing cherno trading compound. As He arrived many hours later it was empty and no one to be seen just dust waling in the wind and gates left open and ladders at the wall. At this point Gareth had to reach out to his radio and call for any survivors of what he once new as home was no more. He managed to get hold of the mafia and went back home with them now Gareth has now became some one who he never wanted to be he will now use his army tactics to his best and find if his daughter Gracie is still alive or dead as well as his mother. So he headed back north and took off to zelenogorsk  to gather supplies at the army base there as he was gathering a few survivors turned up and we talked about the past how the world was and how my daughter must be alive as she is the only one thing I have left. 


After two long months searching far and wide he struggled to cope and had no luck finding his daughter in other countries so he took him self back to Chernaus in hope to go back to the mafia and continue to search for his daughter and mother there. He arrives back in the northern part of Chernaus and hears that the mafia was no more by a friend Gareth gets slightly angry and asks why then to find out Dean left and Uncle Ronnie who took over left to Russia. So until now Gareth just lost his uncle and is still searching for his family. At this time he starts to see no hope and makes his way to Polana to see if anyone knows anything else about it all.


He makes it to Polana and see's a lot of people who was inviting and he got reunited with some people from the wolfpack and explained his journey and asked to stay around and help and asked for help back to find his daughter and mother. Gareth kept going on runs for the wolfpack and enjoyed helping good people but at the same time is worried as they don't know what lays beneath and he doesn't want to let that part out yet unless he has to in order to protect them or dies trying. About a say after he met someone called Sergai nice Russian chap served in the Russian army and we ended up telling each other our stories. So we took off to the NWAF to get supplies for the wolfpack and met a few people om the way. We ended up going towards green mountain with Doctor Shaw and his companion and had a laugh on the way. Gareth started feeling alright again and then parted ways with the good doctor and waited with Sergai at green mountain for a friend only to get approached by a two shady people and resulted into getting robbed. Now Gareth wants blood so after they held us up we tried tracking them but couldn't find them anywhere so after a hour of looking we decided to leave and head to Polana and help the wolfpack move so we did. We ended up listening to Gareth's MP3 player on the way back and had a great laugh and dance then we done the same to cherno and from there we helped with security on watches and helped build the walls. A hour or two later Gareth went out with Boss lady and Hutch to look for Luka and that's when Gareth became one of the wolfpack. Now he will die for these people and protect them at all costs and will slowly show them that somethings within no matter how dark and brutal they will come to understand that he would go so far to protect these people who are now family that he loves and classes them as blood as he looks for his daughter and mother.  


Gareth has been with the wolfpack for along while now and learned to care for them and love them as his own blood. In the time he was there he gained to like a individual someone who boosted he morale and made him feel again but things didn't seem to last. The time Gareth was with the wolfpack he seen so many attacks on them and got himself held up many times when he was out alone or with one other. Sometimes he thought to himself that people there didn't see his opinions and thought different but what ever Gareth done he always had some negative feedback for some of the solutions as he didn't want to stay behind the walls and wanted to go out and do something about the threats but in the end it became so much that himself and Leigh and Sunny ended up getting smuggled out by a good friend and met some people at the destination and Gareth took to them he met James Mayson and some of his people and they took care of us and took us under there wing for the day and night until me and Leigh took off back to cherno the next day. A few weeks later after being in contact with James for a long while and things falling apart with the wolfpack and then disbanding Gareth took off to go and see James and begin the next step on his journey.


The 1st week with the messengers was great I gained to meet people and take part in journeys that has fitted me perfectly and taking part of some issues with some cannibals and attempting to deal with them accordingly. James has shown Gareth a lot of trust and words and Gareth seems to be indebted to James for taking him in and showing him the path on becoming the person that he will need to become in order to take down his enemies that have now arise. The passion and that we all have for each other and love for bringing people together is one of a kind. We have travelled far and wide over the lands to keep spreading the word of his Divine Grace and keep on bringing people together to become more. 

Gareth has became close to so many people now in other groups also like the runners who he see's as family and also some others that was in wolfpack but are no longer following Hutch. I will keep looking for my daughter and with the runners as ell as James and the others I will be able to find her and continue to be a father. So much has happened to Gareth now he is changing and becoming something more scary to people and more willing to capture certain people that have wronged him.


It has been a while now and the search is growing more concerning as Gareth has yet to find his daughter. He grows impatient and has started lashing out and robbing people for sport. All this has started kicking off over the past few weeks as James went missing and the messengers just vanished of the face of the earth. Gareth turned to his radio and calls out Daryl ex member of the messengers and calls for a meeting. This is when the Commission is born they stuck there heads together and started coming up with Ideas about how they will make a difference in Chernarus one side being good the other bad. Gareth wants to go all in on Anarchy as now he part of a council with other group leaders that he will fight  along side to defeat the scum. The leaders of the coalition met in prison island and had a meeting to discuss what will happen from here on out. The meeting lasted half a hour or more with 5 or more leaders there and there trusted council we agreed on terms and swept our beef from the past under the rug and took to the ongoing threat that grows larger everyday. Later on that day we had some people go to shore to check the cars but as they got to shore they was surrounded by anarchy. After a short while they came to the boat that sunk many years ago to discuss a surrender option its either we give up are guns or we die. When all that was going down Gareth took to the hostage we currently had in the prison come china man saying he was a spy and had to gather intel on the country to take back to china but I knew he was lying. Gareth beat him a few times but the man wouldn't talk so Michael Duquesne comes up asks what's going on so I tell him. He then turns to Gareth with the look in his eye and asks for his pistol so I give it to him. He pulls up the pistol and loads it then shoots the spy in the leg to try and get him to talk. When the shot was fired that's when things was going south outside as we heard that the guys that went to shore are no longer alive so we all took to our battle stations and held the prison. 

The battle at the prison will forever be remembered as a great victory but the war is not over. I'm not going to talk about the battle itself as it was a dark moment where we lost a lot of friends. Gareth after the battle took to a cell and rested for the night only to be woken the next morning getting shouted out to get out. He took to a barrack outside and rested in there to make sure he was fully rested and could continue being a leader that the people need in the coalition and in the Commission.  

more coming soon🙂 

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