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Gareth Jones Journal

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So G_Date's name is Gareth and he was a streamer on twitch before things hit the fan and his twitch was G_Date. So he is 23 years old and is from the UK. He came from the UK to Chernaus yo visit family who was in the military but a week after arriving things seem a little off. When the infected starting rising and become a lot more of them I fled to cherno with my family but sadly on the way they got picked off by bandits and my mother got taken by another bandit aswell as my daughter. Now I am here to team of skilled people and bring my mother and daughter back to me and bring them bandits to justice. My mother suffers with anxiety and my daughter is my one and only and I will ask many people and hold who ever hostage until I get answers but that will only happen if violence is needed. My daughter is called Gracie-Mai and my mother is called ruth. My back story. I was in the military for a long time and toured the globe I was trained to kill. When I left the army I was bouncing around from family to family member until I could find a job and somewhere to live. Going on a year I met someone who was my world and we became best friends and more we had a child called Gracie-Mai but when my little girl was born I lost my partner at birth. I had my family supporting me and keeping me going with my little girl now im a stay at home dad that streams full time and it works perfect. I was a sergeant in the forces and led a lot of a decent men though we lost many to. Now He will have to take up arms and once again SGT Gareth Jones will be looking for his family as well as helping others on the way. 


On my adventure to find my daughter and mother I came across some survivors in cherno and they took me in to the trading compound as I was really badly hurt and needed medical attention. I then spoke to the leader of the mafia and they took me in as I was getting medical help by a doctor I then had somewhere to call home and people to call as family. Gareth then had a incident and it was a blur he then woke up else where and took off to loot up and gather medical supplies and go back home to what he thought was still standing cherno trading compound. As He arrived many hours later it was empty and no one to be seen just dust waling in the wind and gates left open and ladders at the wall. At this point Gareth had to reach out to his radio and call for any survivors of what he once new as home was no more. He managed to get hold of the mafia and went back home with them now Gareth has now became some one who he never wanted to be he will now use his army tactics to his best and find if hid daughter Gracie is still alive or dead as well as his mother. So he headed back north and took off to zelenogorsk  to gather supplies at the army base there as he was gathering a few survivors turned up and we talked about the past how the world was and how my daughter must be alive as she is the only one thing I have left.

more coming soon 🙂 

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