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Liquidators Operation Log AA-001 (LICH)

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Summary of AA-001 Liquidators in Chernarus (LICH)


2017 - Present


Files contain correspondence, memos, cables and reports that concern The Liquidators mission and commissions in Russia and Chernarus

C-0001 Liquidators in Chernarus (LICH) Headquarters, Chernarus, Operation Report Summary - 18/06/19

17:00 - Six Liquidators convene at REDACTED and spent approximately 30 minutes drawing up operation plans for the evening.


Initial aggression from unknown assailant took place on the 17th day of the 6th month of 2019. A small arms fight broke out on the sight of the now abandoned Headquarters at REDACTED . It was following this exchange of gunfire that, Liquidator REDACTED REDACTED managed to follow the assailants through the forest located at coordinates; 11768, 6976 . It was during this mission that Liquidator  REDACTED REDACTED identified a blue 4x4 used to transport the assailants to a fortified position the assailants were using located at coordinates; 12851, 4447. Liquidators Bekker & Mackenna constructed a number of simple questions to be posed to the assailants, these being as follows;

  • Who are you?
  • What were your motives for targeting the Liquidators?
  • Who is your de facto leader?

17:45 - Six Liquidators depart REDACTED for the assailants last known location, located at coordinates; 12851, 4447.

18:30 - Six Liquidators arrive at the location and identify a position upon the peak of a nearby hill located at coordinates; 12324, 4563. Upon arrival to the overlook position Liquidator Bennet identified a Blue 4x4 as described by Liquidator REDACTED REDACTED the day prior. It was with the good information that the remaining five Liquidators moved to surround the compound.

18:35 - During movements through the surrounding forest Liquidator Bekker, who at this point had taken over, overlook from Liquidator Bennet, contacted the remaining five and informed them that two assailants had shown themselves inside the compound and were due to depart in the coming minutes via the use of, as yet identified secondary vehicle.

18:36 - Liquidator Bekker confirms the departure of two contacts from the fortified location via the lone road in and out of the compound.

18:37 - Liquidators Mackenna, Bennet, “Walshy”, Steele and Alexander intercept the vehicle and two contacts. Debrief questioning shows that Liquidator Mackenna and Bennet demanded that the car be brought to a halt and that the occupants were to remain seated inside the vehicle. It was at this time that Liquidators Mackenna and Bennet each fired several rounds, wounding and killing the driver of the vehicle after he made an attempt to exit.

18:40 - The remaining occupant, now identified hereafter as “George Banks”, disclosed to both Liquidator Bekker & Mackenna that the group who operate the fortified location, and are presumed assailants from the day prior, are known as the “52”, he dismissed accusations of theft posed upon him but did go on to disclose that the de facto leader of the “52” goes by the alias “Clancy Roads”. Furthermore he informed Mackenna that they had been working along a one “Dean Lockwood” of the “Mafia” the day prior.

18:42 - Six Liquidators release “George Banks” and bury the body of the driver before departing the local area, making their individual way back to  REDACTED.

19:10 - All men who commenced the operation reconvene at REDACTED and are accounted for.


At current it is not known to the Liquidators the number of men affiliated with the “52”, and / or the “52” have any military affiliation, as the name could suggest. As such;

I, Jackson Mackenna solemnly believe that the men now known to the Liquidators as the “52” are the prior days assailants. Further actions against The Liquidators, known to be 4 prior thefts from the now abandoned Headquarters, will also be attributed to these men as we have no further leads on these actions. With this in mind I, Jackson Mackenna, on behalf of the men and women of the Liquidators declare that our best course of action is to place a bounty on the head of “Clancy Roads”, this information will be passed to the public in the coming days. Finally our deliberation landed upon the allegations posed against “Dean Lockwood” and the “Mafia” by “George Banks”. We wish to fully explore this avenue and will make an attempt to contact “Dean Lockwood” in order to confirm or debunk these allegations, however we dont believe they are to be held responsible for the robberies.




Alternative way to read - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jFM6Jj2jy9_API22UUEErw6v6oIFlSrgFDQd-A63Mpo/edit?usp=sharing

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I don't know what it is about this document, but it's really [REDACTED].

Keep up the [REDACTED] you guys.

- Love, [REDACTED]

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