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Ideas for a priest outfit

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Im looking to create a Christian priest and wondering what the best outfit would be. Frustratingly there is zombie priests in the game which would be perfect.

Bear in mind that he will be traveling so not full preaching robes. 

Closest I can get is a black suit or raincoat with an armband (with gold cross)

Any suggestions?

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Black or brown leather shoes, black suit pants, either a black button up shirt or a black pea coat. 

Honestly that would probably work for a traveling priest. Stick away from vests but a belt with a holster could be good looking.

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Good luck bro ☪️ Just kidding probably something in all white

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9 minutes ago, Diamond said:

Good luck bro ☪️ Just kidding probably something in all white

haha, yes I realise theres a challenge ahead with a cross purpose with a faction in particular but that's all part of the fun.

I wont be wearing white - you'll see me a mile off haha

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I think the following items would give the best priest impression (the one the priests wear in DayZ are Russian Orthodoxy. Reading from your character, that's not what you intend to play);

- No head piece (honestly, I feel this would be the best option, since proper clerical headwear isn't quite in the game).
- Black flat cap (If you feel like you need to wear something on your head, this would be one of the better options).
- Black fedora hat (If you still feel like you need to wear something on your head, this would be one of the less-good-but-acceptable options).
- Great Helm (If you want to restart the crusades while you're cleansing the lands of infidel scum).

- Black button-up shirt (While it's a shame it's not tucked in, considering that it's the apocalypse, you might find that a priest doesn't always have the time to keep tidy. It'd be great for people that play religious types to have this black shirt variant with the clerical collar modded in).
- Black men's suit jacket (It's formal, but doesn't exactly fit the view of a priest. It does provide a little bit more space to play around with and does offer better protection against damage).
- Black wool coat (Would fit better than the men's suit jacket. Not perfect, but it offers more space than the black shirt, has better protection against the elements etc. However, since we're currently playing in Summer, I feel it'd be a little overkill to wear a wool coat in the heat).

- Black suit pants
- Black jeans (if you want to be a little more rough and tough about it).

- Black dress shoes (the only option, I've yet to see any priest wear brown ones).

BACKPACK (Optional if you wish to carry one)
- Burlap courier bag
- Messenger bag

- Civilian belt with tan pistol holster (while I'm not in favor of it, it's probably useful to take away some of the burden on having very little space available and you still want to carry a form of weapon. If you don't intend to wear any weaponry, disregard both the holster and the belt entirely).
- Glasses (Makes you look 99% more clerical, but optional depending on the character you're playing).
- Shemagh (Only if it's black, very optional, wouldn't be a fan of it myself).


Hope that gives you a bit of mix and match to play with.


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Thanks, great full answer!


I had my first go with him last night, met a few people and considering I have zero religious experience (aside from weddings and funerals) I think it went ok. Lots of work to do on perfecting how he talks, what he says etc. Hes a bit of a wet fish at the minute which considering he was an army chaplin im not really happy with. Im trying to be careful not to turn him into an extremist but rather just be there as a beacon of peace etc. The people in a nearby town seemed excited by the idea of myself and another traveling priest and they had asked if we would do sermons etc and move into their local church!! no pressure there then! I may actually go to church this Sunday IRL and see what the crack is….I better not say im researching for rp’ing in a zombie apocalypse though 😊

Ive currently got him wearing


  • Black Wool/pea coat
  • Plain White scarf
  • Black suit pants
  • Black boots
  • Black gloves
  • Thin rimmed glasses.


Hes got a belt and holster/canteen/knife but ive got that hidden in my bag as it looks a bit odd. Shame I cant find back versions.

Hes currently got a huge mountain backpack (which matches the traveling priest I had based him on). Weve got a courier bag to swap  to once I get rid of all the stuff I have.

Thanks for all the replies so far. Really helpful.

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