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Shemagh that covers face

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Howdy folks, i'm just wondering if a turban/shemagh that covers the face could be potentially added in ? I'm talking like the ones you would see in Arma 2 DayZ, The good ol' bandit turban that can be in multiple colors perhaps. I think it would be a very cool addition for us Mujahideen gamers. I would also love to see a Kufi if possible. What do you think?

Examples are below 🙂


kufiforpost2.png.cb6d28fb1d4a89712a630358e38b9d15.png shemagh face cover


kufiforpost.png.0d589addf2c4b20061ca077c2be8bbe3.png kufi



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I like the idea, but the first image can already be replicated pretty well with a surgical mask and beanie for example, but a good idea non the less. Especially for characters/groups of a Middle Eastern ethnicity. 

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I’d love this. It’d look pretty dope.

Or have the shemagh over the nose ninja style.

Or to use a bandana or surgical mask as well as the shemagh would be neat too.

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