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Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME):

- Date: 17.06.2019
- Time: 22:30 ish

Your in game name:

- Billy Bob Divz

Names of allies involved:

- Frank Loke
- Dr Tom Dandy
- Marius Lovgren

Name of suspect/s:

- Marvin Winslow (GunRunnee02)

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot):

Video showing Marvin saying "Im Marvin you dipshits" and proceeding to punching us.

Detailed description of the events:

Earlier this day we captured Marvin and tried to get him to show us other peoples bases. We were 4 people holding him at gunpoint. When night hits he decides to run for his life into to forest, at this point my friend shoots him in the leg several times and he keeps running. About 30 minutes later we bump into another guy wearing the exact same equipment as Marvin had. He claims he found the equipment on a body a bit up a hill, and he was about to show us, this is where the recording starts. We see someone else, and decide to walk back and talk to him instead. At some point during this convo Marvin decides to say "Its me Marvin Dipshits" and starts punching us. So we kill him.


video can be found at this link:    


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Calling in @GunRunnee02 to post his full and detailed PoV. From what I see in the video what you did was pretty blatant NVFL, would you care to explain as per to why you punched the man with 4-5 of his friends next to him?

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Posted (edited)

Hello, I'm going to give my POV. I'm going to start with what before. @JimRP

I'm on my way back to the school dropping off a jerrycan of Gasoline when I notice the Side base door was open. I walk in and say "Hello". Immediately after 4 individuals pop out and one of them tells me to Put my hands up, To which I did. 5 minutes later they move me into the classrooms and ask me if I knew anyone named Vanessa. I did not know who she was or where she was but I had given them an honest answer. Later on, they tell me to strip myself of my clothing and some of my items. While on our way up there they told me they were not going to kill me but instead take me to the Cannibals, which OOC are The Tainted. After that, they wanted me to take them to the Muslim Brotherhood (Known as the Jaysh Allah) which I didn't know in character and told them. I only had hunches to where they were based but they nothing to back me up on. Later on, We came across Vanessa and they took her hostage as well. Then proceeded to take us to the Cannibals, and as we arrived no one was there. As we walk back down the path, I escape successfully. After that, I hide for 1-2 in-game days which was probably an hour later, After hiding I started to get thirsty and I ran down next to the school to refill my water bottles. Once I walk down, I see people on the road and as I get closer I see the same individuals from before. When I met up with them they asked for my name and I gave them a fake name and story about where I got my "outfit". I told them  I needed to fill my water bottles up and one or two of them proceeded to get hostile with me for doing that. Which later on there friends had told them to let me get my water. For over 4 minutes they were pestering me to show the body of which I got these items from. Later on, 2-3 individuals showed up. The people who had captured started to tell them that I killed and robbed their "Dear friend" Marvin, too which the 2-3 people backed up and stood facing me and said, "This doesn't look good for you pal". As soon as they said that I was kinda pissed and bitter. I then tell them "I'm Marvin you dipshits" which could be a reasonable response Had I not try to punch one of them (also seemed like they were trying to bait me out by saying my real name or bait the people who were with them). But after said that (this was before or after the punching) I had told the people that we're talking with them that they were Cannibals. After punching one of the men they started pointing their guns at me and I stopped. One of the men said "Do you value your life" and I had said to them "Yes I do", To which I get a bullet into my head 15 seconds later or a minute later. I know its a report on me but One thing they didn't show was them feeding me Human Meat without my permission to see if it was okay if they can do it.

This is what happened in its entirety. After all this, I Immediately regretted it knowing that I might have broken the rules. I'm terribly sorry about providing BadRP to this scenario as this was my first ever situation of this nature. To tell you the truth, I can't remember why I punched him but I did feel like I could have done something better on my part, Which I'm truly sorry. 

One thing I forgot to mention was During time I was kidnapped they had said If you need food, we will feed you meat (basically saying we will feed you human meat too which they had shown) and had not asked me ooc if it was okay for my character to be given Human meat. They also used ooc to use an action which was "//Holds Ramon still" 

Edited by GunRunnee02
Added more to my POV

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Connection Logs

21:16:19 | Player "Marvin Winslow" is connected
21:33:21 | Player "Marvin Winslow" has been disconnected

15:42:00 | Player "Billy Bob Divz" is connected
21:39:33 | Player "Billy Bob Divz" has been disconnected

21:44:11 | Player "Marius Lovgren" is connected
23:32:36 | Player "Marius Lovgren" has been disconnected
23:36:42 | Player "Marius Lovgren" is connected
23:37:15 | Player "Marius Lovgren" has been disconnected
23:39:10 | Player "Marius Lovgren" is connected
23:50:12 | Player "Marius Lovgren" has been disconnected


Hit Logs

20:32:34 | Player "Billy Bob Divz" hit by Player "Marvin Winslow"  into Torso(16) for 9 damage (MeleeFist)
20:32:35 | Player "Billy Bob Divz" hit by Player "Marvin Winslow"  into RightArm(31) for 10 damage (MeleeFist)
20:32:35 | Player "Billy Bob Divz" hit by Player "Marvin Winslow"  into Head(0) for 5 damage (MeleeFist)

20:32:53 | Player "Marvin Winslow" hit by Player "Marius Lovgren" with FX-45 from 0.869448 meters 
20:32:53 | Player "Marvin Winslow" hit by Player "Marius Lovgren" with FX-45 from 0.869448 meters 


Kill Logs

20:32:53 | Player "Marvin Winslow" (DEAD) killed by Player "Marius Lovgren" with FX-45 from 0.869448 meters 


Calling in to post POVS:

@Bavusj | Marius Lovgren | POSTED

@Divz | Billy Bob Divz | POSTED

@GunRunnee02 | Marvin Winslow | POSTED

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Me and my firends took a guy called marivn a hostage along with a girl called Vanessa. When it became dark we told booth of our hostages that if they tried to escape, they would die. Marvin tried to run away, and my friend shot him twice in his legs, but he kept running away, so we lost him. 

We decided to go back to the base where we found Marvin and see if he returned ther. After a while we decided to walk further up the road thowards the policestation in Severograd. We met 3 more people who was a bit hostile. Talked with them, when suddenly a guy who looked exactly like Marivn came running thowards us.At first he said he wasent the guy we talked about. But suddenlt he started punching my friend in the face, saying "Haha im Marvin". Since we already tried to kill him earlier because he ran away, ande he punched my friend, i decided to kill him.

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Ruleplay - GUILTY


To explain shortly, @GunRunnee02 accuses @Divz of being a cannibal and running around him before punching him. He is warned by his friends to stop. However after ten seconds of being told to stop @Bavusj points a gun to his head, takes his time and finally shoots @GunRunnee02 in the head. 

Our rules state:

3.2 Your character must behave realistically and appropriately to the different situations you participate in, keeping the current world situation and context of post-apocalyptic world in mind. Do not act in a way that indicates no value for your characters life and survival. For example, attempting to kill people when heavily outnumbered, excessively talking back or insulting someone when taken hostage, or knowingly running into an area of active hostile engagement when not involved in the fight. Characters found guilty of breaking this rule will be permanently marked as dead.

3.3 You may not focus on out of character gains to the detriment of RP. For example, "rule play" is prioritising things like kill rights or OOC information above more appropriate IC actions or behavior. Always prioritize role play over rule play.

@GunRunnee02, in future maintain you perceive a more realistic attitude of your life than randomly running around armed people trying to know them out.


@GunRunnee02 - NVFL - GUILTY - 3 day ban, 10 warning points and character PK'd

@Bavusj - Ruleplay - GUILTY - 5 day ban, 10 warning points HOWEVER since you are on final warning this makes it - PERMANENT REMOVAL From the community

Signed by @Mademoiselle and @Xehara

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