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Any finance/management people out there?

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So I actually have a completely unrelated question to DayZRP, more aimed at finance/accounting professionals or university students focused towards financial careers..

Have you ever considered/done an MBA? Do you think it was/will be worth it? 

do you think the financial return against the costs would be worth it to you and why? Or (regarding professionals with an MBA) has it been worth it for you? How did it impact your career?


And I admit this question is better fit on a sub-reddit or a finance forum, but I thought I would post here instead because a lot of the time, people in this community are a lot better at conversing opinions and communicating in general which I appreciate 🙂

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Can only speak to the one accounting person I know at my company. (Large industrial valve dealer, north america).


Also Canadian, so not sure what that boils down to in your terms/country?


She took four years of school (Bachelors) and could go back to get another degree at either +2 or +4 years. But it would give her literally zero benefit in the position she is in. The only way her career would move up is if she left our office and moved halfway across Canada to the head office, so having a higher education wouldn't account to much for her.


We were talking about that just the other day, so it was funny to see this question pop up!



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Posted (edited)

I'm currently doing my Bachelor's in economics and corporate management, so I can't really speak from my own experience, but my brother is just finishing up his master's in finance (can't recall what his course is exactly about, I just know it's mainly finance and data analysis), and he's already receiving a good deal of offers from companies who want to hire him as soon as he finishes up (good paying jobs too).

Now, in my opinion if you're looking to actually work in that field and have a successful career, you NEED an MBA without a doubt. A bachelor's is the "flour coating" like one of my professors would put it, the MBA is the actual "breading. I'm not sure what the costs are in your country, what kind of financial availability you have nor exactly where you envision yourself working in in a few years, but generally speaking it's very much worth it. No serious company will ever hire you, with the prospect of keeping you for a long time, without one of those.

For instance, my father's got a master's in the informatics field (it's not business but it's still an example of what a master's does for you) summa cum laude, and was instantly offered jobs at Microsoft and IBM, with a ridiculously high salary and very good benefits and formation opportunities (take into accounts that it was 1990, and while it's true that the industry was having a boom back then, the same concept is still applicable now), something that would have never happened if he'd only done his bachelor's.

Long story short: if you can afford it without economically crippling yourself, are committed to working in that field and are planning to get high marks (important af if you want to start earning well straight out of uni) then do it; if you're unsure, don't. I personally probably won't continue after my bachelor's because I want to do something quite different with my life.

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Give me your dough to look after, swear down I won't finesse you. 

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