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A message to my tree hat friends.

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*Chris catches his breath after running for a while and looks over at Jack. He then grabs his radio and presses down on the PTT*

"To my dear tree hat friends who grabbed me at the Vybor Military Base, you guys definitely messed up. I'm surprised you managed to let me get away but I'm not doing this message about that. I'm not sure how long you boys been running around the countryside but because of your actions, you really Tainted the reputation of me and my friends here. You told me in that clinic that if your friends didn't arrive soon from Novy, you would quarter me like I was some chicken and then walked out to go make yourself a fire. Putting those two things together I can safely determine that the real cannibal threat the people of this land blame us for is actually you and your two friends. I'd be careful if I were you, these lands are a dangerous one."

*He lets go of the PTT and accepts some food from his friend as they continue making their way*

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Posted (edited)

The Chef presses his PTT. One would hear nothing but humming for a few seconds - one repetitive tune that would be on loop in his head and you would hear it over the radio.

Chuckles and a semi-creepy laugh would be heard - before Nathan stands up and looks at the Town Hall of the city of Chernogorsk.

Fess up. Can't have people destroy our name.

He would rubber band his PTT and hum his tune. Again, and again, and again.

After one last time of his song, he chuckles.




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