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Father Tiger

S2: Ghosting & Griefing: 6/16-6/17/2019: 1600-13:31

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Server and location: Server 2, in a barn northwest of Stary Yar near the edge of the map

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 6/16 thru 6/17. (1600-13:31) 

Your in game name: Richard Tiger

Names of allies involved:  Daniel Graves

Name of suspect/s: Unknown

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Possibly

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): 

Detailed description of the events: Daniel Graves (friend/ally) was online around noon Eastern Standard Time (USA) or 1600 server time on 6/16 checking the base we had built in to make add extra features to our property. He was online for an hour and then logged off for the day. He saw that all our gear and equipment were in their proper place. We still had food and equipment in our crates and tents and gun racks. Today, when I got online at 0831 Central Standard Time (USA) or 1331 server time, I discovered that the majority of our weapons and gears and food are missing. There is no entry into our barn. We sealed everything off. We also discovered that our wall was turned into a fence. We checked server 1 to see if someone else was building in the same location as us and there is no one. We believe we were ghosted. We did discover a gap in the wall that had to have been torn down but we attempted to recreate the ability to crawl under it but we couldn't. 







UPDATE: Returned and found our base scrapped and more stuff missing. Our base is mostly gone. 

Edited by Crimson_Tiger

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position logs


13:21:43 | Player "Richard Blake Tiger" (pos=<4856.1, 15226.6, 474.4>) 

13:26:42 | Player "Richard Blake Tiger" (pos=<4855.0, 15224.9, 474.4>) 

13:46:39 | Player "Richard Blake Tiger" (pos=<4854.4, 15223.3, 474.4>) 

02:56:40 | Player "Frank Moses" (pos=<4855.2, 15224.1, 474.4>)  

03:01:40 | Player "Max Caldwell" (pos=<4851.6, 15219.2, 474.4>) 

connection logs



13:18:23 | Player "Richard Blake Tiger" is connected

13:27:35 | Player "Richard Blake Tiger" has been disconnected

13:43:39 | Player "Richard Blake Tiger" is connected

13:48:51 | Player "Richard Blake Tiger" has been disconnected


01:31:46 | Player "Frank Moses" is connected

04:15:13 | Player "Frank Moses" has been disconnected

01:28:25 | Player "Max Caldwell" is connected

02:56:16 | Player "Max Caldwell" has been disconnected

02:56:22 | Player "Max Caldwell" is connected

04:19:05 | Player "Max Caldwell" has been disconnected


16:01:57 | Player "Max Caldwell" is connected

16:40:11 | Player "Max Caldwell" has been disconnected


Frank Moses no logs for conaction to s1

Build logs


02:54:51 | Player "Frank Moses" (pos=<4857.0, 15215.5, 474.0>) placed Wooden Ladder
02:57:54 | Player "Frank Moses" (pos=<4850.8, 15214.4, 474.4>) built Fence with Pliers

Max Caldwell no logs for the area

calling in @Polo_Man and @JavaPython for ther full POV

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Since @Polo_Man and @JavaPythonhave not provided their POVs they will be temp banned until they create an appeal detailing their full POV of this situation, at which point the report will continue through their appeal..


Signed by @Zanaan  @Randy @Xehara and @Derek Steel

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