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Dear Devs: How did you get your position? + General Questions

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@Aeryes @Ducky @Gremlinco @Kerkkoh @Misho @Watchman @wirpy

I'm curious as to how you guys found yourself on the team developing DayZRP and was wondering if you could answer a few questions?

  • Was there a formal application process?
  • What sort of a programming / modding background do you have?
  • What were the scopes of previous projects you've developed that you think helped you get the position?
  • What IDE do you use for DayZ scripting?

If you don't want to answer any of those obviously its fine.

Cheers. 🙂 


P.S. If any admins / game masters also help(ed) develop the mod, feel free to reply as well. 🙂

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1. Staff Application

2. Self Taught, mostly Minecraft, GMOD and Arma 3

3. Used to be a the developer for another DayZRP Community in 2016 and i showed some examples of my work

4. I don't really do scripts tbh

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1. Spoke with some of the Devs and eventually Rolle himself.

2. I am studying an AP-Graduate in IT Technology and Computer Science. (Python, #C, #C++)

3. I just talked with @Gremlinco about development work and he sent me some references, and I just started making textures and showing them to Rolle and the community.

4. I have yet to delve into scripting for DayZ, only re-textures and editing configs / xml files.

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1. I did send in a staff application and got accepted to do development for the Arma 3 server we had back in autumn last year.

2. Arma 3 SQF scripting & terrain creation in terms of the Arma series. Some other irrelevant programming experience also.

3. I've made this project earlier, but I don't know if that really helped. I couldn't have done any DayZ projects because back in 2018 when I joined,  DayZ modding/scripting wasn't really a thing and I started doing it for DayZRP right away when the server files came out 🤷‍♀️.

4. Visual Studio Code & Notepad++

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1. I spoke with Misho and showed my portfolio which he then showed Rolle and others and then I was in. 

2. None. I've been studying Game Art for 3 years and just graduated and I have experience from making 3 games in small groups.

3. I made a Panther Tank that i'm very proud of (On my artstation if you are interested just click my signature) and I think that helped me. 

4.  I don't do scripting, I'm mainly a Artist and therefore I only do models and texturing. I will though learn how to do configs for re-textures. 

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