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Kazimir Yazov.

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Sitting cross-legged on the bed, Fae took a bite of her pear, grabbing her radio and flicking it on. She leaned back against the bedpost, pushing the PTT button and speaking with a very obvious venom to her voice.

"Kazimir Yazov.

You were given 24 hours to contact me. 
You failed to do that, despite knowing I am in the area.

Meet me in Zelenogorsk.
We have a lot to talk about"

Tossing the radio aside, she took another bite from her pear, eyeing the device with an icy stare.

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*Kazimir would flip a coin in one hand and holding a bottle of vodka in the other. He would be lying on his sleeping bag, trying to relax. He would place his coin to his side and take out his radio and speak clearly in his Russian accent.*

"I have only few things to talk about. I don't have the time for this and to be threatened to speak to you. If you wanted to speak so badly, could have just spoke instead of sending a 15 year old to sucker punch me and threaten me. Pretty childish if you ask me. I've more important things to deal with right now. We're done here. Enjoy Jet."

*He would place the radio to his side and take a swig.*

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Fae let out a laugh, pushing the PTT early so it broadcast her amusement.

"I didn't send Robbie, Robbie told me after he'd punched you that you weren't dead. 
Imagine my surprise, my supposed 'boyfriend' is fine and hasn't even bothered trying to contact me at all.
He fucks off and leaves us alone to do god only knows what, despite promising he'd never leave and that we meant everything to him.

Now you're just admitting I'm not important to you at all. I've sat here for over a month, worrying if you're even alive and I get this bullshit back?

Yes. We are done.
Guess we have nothing to talk about after all. 
You've made it perfectly clear you don't give a shit about me at all, and probably never did.

Watch your back, Kazimir."

There comes a pause, she takes a swig from her canteen, before she broadcasts an additional message.

If you were half the man Jet was, we wouldn't be having this issue, would we?"


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*Pressing the button down on the side of his radio, the sound of a young American teen's voice breaks through the static of the radio waves, obvious irritation heard in his voice*

"The fact you assume that she sent me tells how little you actually even know about me Kazimir. The moment I heard your voice and that you were laughing...I lost control. Noone knew where you were..you cared so little about us you couldn't even leave a note before you decided to run off and drink yourself stupid in another province. The fact you even trust Fae so little that you asked people if she was cheating on you showed you didn't care enough to even talk to her about things. You did this to yourself...you lost two people who cared about you because you couldn't even take ten seconds to tell someone where you were going. That's why a fifteen year old could hit you so hard to make you double over on the ground...because you're weak Kazimir....you're so weak that you have to run off and hide behind a bottle in another province when people who care about you are being hurt. "I'm" the one who hit you! "I'm" the one who gave you twenty four hours, because I wanted you to have a chance to explain things...and four days later you still didn't man up and contact the woman you supposedly love. Four days later and you didn't even contact the kid who you supposedly care about. So yes..we're done."

*The sound of glass shattering loudly can be heard over the radio before it goes silent*

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"A lot of assumptions and a lot of hate. I've no reason to go after either of you, but I'm not sure Fae stands in the same manner from what she's claimed. Even if I did talk to her, I would still have broken it off for reasons that I won't divulge over the radio. Things are far more complicated, Robbie. Assumptions just end up making an ass out of you. I wish you both the best of luck."

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Again, Fae chuckles, shaking her head.

Nothing is complicated, you're a self-centred asshole.

You, break it off with me? 
I tried to walk away from you and you got on your knees and sobbed, begged me. You were SCREAMING at me to stay. 
I regret not walking away when I had the chance.
I hear you've messaged Bobby in absolute floods of tears asking if I cheated on you.
For the record, I didn't.

I've been sitting here, waiting to find out if my boyfriend is actually alive or not.
I also think it's ironic you're upset at me 'moving on' when I hear you did exactly the same thing when I went missing.

Enjoy your lonliness, Kazimir."

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*The radio comes to life. A Chernarussian voice is heard over the waves as Pavel speaks*

"It is good to hear all is well in paradise. Seems like I'm missing out on everything."

"Robbie, this is Pavel. I'm immensely impressed with you punching Kazamir, that is something I would have loved to have been there for. As for you Kaz, it sounds as if you haven't been treating people I used to call family right. If I have to come back to South Zagoria with new friends, we both won't enjoy it."

"Man up, and talk to the woman you were with. Assuming it is not already too late for that."

*The radio falls silent*


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"Not sure why this was made public. Like Grachi, are attempting a lynch mob here? What do you wish me to do? Stay in a relationship which I've honestly had issues with much earlier than before, just to appease the rest of you. Or, perhaps you would have like the alternative where I just say goodbye and we go our separate ways. It's what I wish to do. Just accept my wishes. If you want to talk me, you can do it privately."

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"You are the one airing things, I simply asked to talk. That perhaps we can smooth things over, maybe it was a misunderstanding on both our parts.
 You decided to throw shit and accuse me of sending Robbie after you.

It's funny you've 'had issues' with our relationship, yet have been sobbing like a child to Bobby on the radio about me.

Man up or shut up, Kazimir"

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Posted (edited)

*Imrich would simply sigh at the sounds of the two arguing. He smiles as if he predicted this very thing* 


"You both have sticks up yours asses. Use a private frequency unless you want more Hollywood drama.

Just be real with each other, youre both illtempered asshole, like me. Accept it and keep walking!"


*He lets go of the PTT and wonders about his placement in things* 

Edited by FireDude

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"For once, I agree with you Imrich."

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:: Dom's voice would come over the frequency ::

"For some reason I swear it's almost if I've heard this song and dance before. Oh wait that's right."

"Sounds like you two need some neutral ground or a mediator because it sounds like one of you is gonna do something stupid unless you calm the fuck down."

"But yea Kaz when you're done with your couples counseling we still need to talk."

:: The transmission ends ::


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*Kazimir would speak calmly.*

"Gladly, Dom. I'll contact you soon to have a discussion."

*The transmission ends.*

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*Grabbing the radio up once again and pressing the button on the side down firmly, a deep sigh could be heard before his voice again*

"It's good to hear your voice Pavel, I miss you and everyone dearly...as for everyone else listening in on this, yes it's a public frequency, but that's because it was the only way to get Kazamir to respond since he can't take the time to contact the people he supposedly cares about otherwise. It's been multiple days since I ran into him and we found out he was still alive, and he's yet to make any attempt to explain things. He clearly doesn't care...and I don't think I do anymore either. It's sad that it came to this...sad that you cared so little about us Kazamir to make us worry in the way we did...nothing further needs to happen. Go about your life without us Kazamir, as far as I'm concerned you drunk yourself to death in that other province and never came back."

*Letting go of the button on the side and shaking his head in disbelief, he placed the radio back onto the clip on his bag and left the small house he'd been sitting in*

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