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Number Two: Journal of Alexei Petrov

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Number Two: The Journal of Alexei Petrov
This is an item stored on Alexei's person and can be read ICly during a search of his backpack. The journal is in Chernarussian -- English translations are provided for OOC reading.

Chapter Zero: Cover Page


Alexejův Deník


Pokud se vám to podaří, vraťte to prosím zpět Alexeji, děkujeme!!!!!! 🙂


Alexei Number Two's Journal


If found please return to Alexei Number Two thank you!!!!! 🙂


Chapter One: Introduction


Sunday 17 June 2019    

    I've never written a journal before. I don't think I've ever had the need to. Ever since the outbreak occurred, I've been more than comfortable in my own thoughts. But, maybe that's because I never really talked to anybody else for these past couple of years. But now, I have friends! I met them about a month ago. It started with somebody named George. Or, I think they called him Francis once. I don't know but I didn't ask. I met George in the beginning of May in Kabanino when I went to go get supplies. He was really friendly! We met again the first time I went to the military airport and he was with more people. We met somebody else with my name, so now they call me Alexei Number Two, because he is Alexei Number One. But, anyways they are really fun to be with and they help me be happy! They call me names sometimes but that's okay because it is just all fun.

    I guess I should have started with who I am. I am Alexei Petrov, I am 23 years old and I played the piano a lot. My father didn't want me to play for a career but that's okay. My mother helped me play all the time and got me to be really good! I really liked playing it and doing shows for people even though they made me really nervous.

    But I guess that is all in the past now.

    Now I am just a man. Whatever people did before all these things isn't really relevant any more. I am running out of room on this page so I will summarise!

    I am friends with George, Alexei Number One, Jack, Ali, Khandra, Harper, and so many people now! I guess I will start writing about what is actually going on with my current life soon. 

    But, for now that is me! I am Alexei Number Two.


Chapter Two: A Convoluted Offer


Tuesday 18 June 2019    

    I didn't think I would have much to write about but this was the second time somebody has pointed guns at me. I was meeting Harper near where that Eden camp was and two strange men in armoured masks told us to surrender. Then they question us, find out we give fake names, and have the audacity to ask for us to help them fight the Black Roses and Toy Collectors! Neither of these peoples are hurting us so why would we! But we had to say we would think about it in order for them to let us go. They want us to trust them but point guns in our face the first time we saw them? Needless to say we are not going to be meeting with them. They wanted to meet us tomorrow in Myshkino, but it's not happening. They're in for a treat though! They really thought we were going to help them. I kind of feel bad but they should have been friendlier.

    Oh. I grow weed now. I never grew weed before, it's not the best quality because I can't give it proper humidity and temperature, but it's fine as weed goes when nobody can control all that. Some man named Declan wanted me to put their mafia's name on it and sell it, but then he stopped replying to me on radio. Oh well! I still want to sell to people. They pay very good for drugs, and if George can do it so can I! 

    Anyways, there isn't much more to say. We are probably going to move our camp again because it keeps getting robbed. I will let you know how that goes!


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Can't wait to read more about Alexei 😄❤️


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I love Alexei #2
I cannot wait to read more man! You get his personality on "paper" really well lol

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Posted (edited)

Added Chapter Two: A Convoluted Offer

Chapters will likely be short but sweet, who knows

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