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Killing a hostage that Complied with demands

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Server and location: US1 Start Sobor

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Little before Sunset, about 5:40pm CST

Your in game name: Tolbert Sade

Names of allies involved: N/A

Name of suspect/s: Unknown 2 of them

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A

Detailed description of the events: So I heard shots in Stary so I headed there to see if they needed help and I helped I asked for food etc. and they took me into a Church and tied me up I complied with all of their demands and 1 of the men decided to stab me in the stomach and then the other guy said he will bandage me and he didn't but what he did was take a bat and whack me 3 times until I was full dead.

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Connection Logs

21:39:45 | Player "Tolbert Sade" is connected
22:57:44 | Player "Tolbert Sade" has been disconnected

22:01:50 | Player "Harry Dahli" is connected
22:59:43 | Player "Harry Dahli" has been disconnected
- DIED -

22:01:08 | Player "Curtis Vaughn" is connected
23:01:32 | Player "Curtis Vaughn" has been disconnected
- DIED -


Hit Logs

22:45:08 | Player "Tolbert Sade" hit by Player "Curtis Vaughn" with Machete of Death
22:45:35 | Player "Tolbert Sade" hit by Player "Harry Dahli" with Barbed Baseball Bat
22:45:37 | Player "Tolbert Sade" hit by Player "Harry Dahli" with Barbed Baseball Bat
22:45:39 | Player "Tolbert Sade" hit by Player "Harry Dahli" with Barbed Baseball Bat


Kill Logs

22:45:39 | Player "Tolbert Sade" (DEAD) killed by Player "Harry Dahli" with Barbed Baseball Bat


Chat Logs

22:43:18 | Chat("Harry Dahli"): *checks his radio, what is the frequency*

22:43:25 | Chat("Tolbert Sade"): *87.5*
22:45:34 | Chat("Tolbert Sade"): *starts to cough up blood*

22:44:49 | Chat("Curtis Vaughn"): *punctures the man in his lower torso with a long machete.


Calling in to post POVS:

@centryof1 | Tolbert Sade | POSTED

@HarryGrimes | Harry Dahli | POSTED

@curtisA | Curtis Vaughn | POSTED

Please post a FULL and DETAILED POV.
If you have any VIDEO EVIDENCE, post in this report.
Thank you.

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Posted (edited)

Harry Dahli POV: Me and my friend were scouting around Stary, when we got attacked by walkers. We went into the church when this man appeared. We exchanged a small conversation, then me and my friend decided to hold him up to try steal his AKM that we saw him holding. When we told him to get on the ground he did, and then I proceeded to tie him up, however he continued to resist by trying to get out of the handcuffs. Curtis demanded he stopped and cut him in his gut. A few minutes after he continued to struggle again, calling us "Idiots".  Not wanting him to escape I gave him the final warning to stop or he would die, yet he continued to struggle, so me and Curtis decided to beat his head in with a barbed baseball bat to which his eye popped out, and he muttered his last words "I...I, i'll report you.." And well, here we are.

Edited by HarryGrimes

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Curtis Vaughn POV: Me and Harry Dalhi was killing zombies. "Tolbert" appeared out of nowhere and assisted us. We lured him into the Church where our temporary hideout is and proceeded to rob him. After Harry tied him up I stabbed him with a machete to ensure his compliance as he was struggling, he then began to and groan audibly and got aggressive so Harry killed him with his bat.

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@curtisA - @HarryGrimes - @centryof1

Do any of you have video evidence at all?

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@centryof1 Did you attempt to struggle out or back talk them in any way?

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and i didnt say i would report them because thats going OOC and thats against the rules

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Invalid kill (role-played) - Word vs. Word


To explain shortly, @centryof1 is taken hostage by @HarryGrimes and @curtisA. Now because of the lack of video evidence we cannot tell if what @centryof1 is true or @HarryGrimes and @curtisA. We cannot say if @centryof1 was resisting or if @HarryGrimes and @curtisA straight out killed him for no reason.

Which makes this whole report a, 'he said she said' scenario.


@HarryGrimes - Invalid kill (role-played) - Word vs. Word - INCONCLUSIVE-  No punishment given

@curtisA - Invalid kill (role-played) - Word vs. Word - INCONCLUSIVE - No punishment given

Signed by @Mademoiselle and @Xehara

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