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The Journal of Yury Volkov

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1st. Entry

It has become so hard to count the days. I guess that’s what traveling alone without a destination and purpose does to a man. 

I am a simple man. I live simple life. I’m a hunter and scavenger. I travel through the land, hunting and looking for things of use.


Some time ago, not long after I ended up wandering into this land where I set up camp, on my travels I ran into a woman. Now I had not seen many people as I travel through the valleys and forests, and she told me about a busy settlement far west. To my surprise she led me there, as I would have never found it on my own. 

During that day i learnt about a hroup of people she usually travels with. It has always been in my nature to help people where I can, and felt that I would owe her a favor for leading me there. There we parted ways and I left shortly, as the tension seemed to grow in that settlement. 

Upon leaving, I met a man who gave me a piece of advice, which did not make so much sense to me, but it was a advice I kept in mind. 


I can’t remeber how many days it had been, but I had lost everything. My camp and all of my humble possessions gone. No matter. I kept traveling. Found things I needed and set up a new camp at the coast. While walking through a town, I came across a good russian car. It was in decent shape. The parts that were missing i found in the town. Even a canister of gasoline. Then I remembered a debt I owed. I tried for a while, and eventually managed to reach this woman on radio. I figured she or her friends could use a car on their travels. I told her about the car, and soon after met with her. She took me to Chernogorsk. A big city on the coast. Lot of people going about their business. Almost like back in old days... 

I talked with a man from their group. He told me about the troubles they had met in the past days, and were just moving into town. I thought I’d offer my help to them. Help them build and resupply. I suppose people don’t want help. With any offer of helping, I was met with suspicions and questions, even with outright rude behaviour. 

I thought it would be best for me to leave them be. I left some things to a member of their group. Some food, ammunition and other supplies I did not need. Better to give things away rather than throw to waste. 

I decided to leave the city, and I will be leaving this journal hidden nearby my camp. I will write again, should I return here someday. 

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2nd. Entry

So, I returned to my camp afterall, only to find my meager possessions stolen, alongside with my tent.. Only thing that wasn’t stolen was this journal I hid under a tree, wrapped in green sweater.

After I left Chernogorsk last time, I wandered for a while, looking for game to hunt. Stumbled upon a pleasant field, where I found a tracks left by deers. From the looks of it, the animals cross there often. Thought it would be good place to move my tent.

I trekked through the forest along the hillside, staying off the roads, as I usually do. Came upon a town closeby. I was searching through the town for anything useful, when I was stopped by two men behind the barns. Luckily for me, they were good people. Friendly people. They told me about a camp they were building very close. I promised to visit their camp as soon as I could. I made a little walk around few towns, gathering what ever medical and building supplies I could find, to bring to their camp as a gift. 

Before heading to their camp I decided to walk by Chernogorsk and retrieve my tent, which I found to be stolen. After a bit of searching I managed to find a brand new one. Now I do not miss the things that were stolen, but it is nice to have a dry and warm place to lay down after long day of hunting and scavenging. 

The sun began to set as I left Chernogorsk once more with my new tent and my journal, heading towards the field where i found the animal crossing. Much to my surprise, I found the camp I was told about residing just behind the forest where I set up my humble camp. 

Right now, I believe keeping that promise of visiting them at the camp has been the best decicion I have made in ages. There I was welcomed to their quite comfortable camp without weird looks and prejudice towards my accent. I gave them what I managed to collect along, and told them I would bring more supplies should I come across any. 

That alone, the feeling of being able to help other even just a tiny bit, gave me a little sense of purpose in this wretched land. Anyone willing to accept even little help, is worth helping. 

My visits grew more frequent. I moved my camp on top of the hill behind their camp, where I could see the camp and hear loud noises should any trouble befall on them. 

Sadly, their camp got broken in to. Lot of valuable supplies gone along with two tents they were stored in. By that time I had found myself a second tent, where I kept just some less necessary items. A man from their camp visited me and told me about the loss of tents and supplies. The next morning I emptied out the extra tent I had. They needed it more than I did. 

Some time later, I was traveling around, chasing a herd of deer when I stumbled across something. The two stolen tents. Right on that spot I emptied out my backpack and quickly stuffed the tents in it. The people of the camp were quite happy when I brought their tents back to them. Sadly I wasn’t able to bring back the lost supplies, as those were nowhere to be found. 

In return for bringin the tents, I only asked to fill my canteens at their well. When traveling through wilderness, a fresh, clean water from a well is a rare luxury. As I was leaving their camp to return to my own, the lady who seemed to be running the place made me an offer to move in within their walls. To join them at their camp. Right then it felt too good to be true, but I promised to think about it. 

It was a sleepless night for me, so I decided to head to Chernogorsk industrial district to look for nails and other supplies. With the darkness hiding me I dared to venture into to that town full of people shooting around. The dark was too much that night, and I ended up resorting to my flashlight afterall. I had already fallen off a dock crane stumbling around in the dark. Soon after I heard voices behind me. Scared the living hell out of me, as I was sure no one would be there in the middle of the night. From the dark of the night a large group of people ran towards me. To my surprise they turned out to be the people from that group I met some days back. They were in a hurry to get away, and from what I gathered from their ramblings, there had been a firefight and maybe someone was after them. Soon enough they disappeared to the darkness again, and I returned to my camp. 

The next day, I went to visit the camp and share the news. Long story short, I was reminded of the offer the lade made to me. I accepted. Of course I did. Finally, I had a purpose in my life after so long time roaming the wilderness without a direction. I was able to be useful to someone, able to help. And I wasn’t alone anymore.

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