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Appeal BadRP -5 Days

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post): https://www.dayzrp.com/profile/39107-killsceamguy/warnings/3682/

Why the verdict is not fair:  I was not given a real warning and the ban was instant of the basis of seemingly one person's opinion of what I did. I had no intention to harm anyone or their rp I simply wanted to respawn and fix my model I don't feel a 5-day ban is warranted.  

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I spawned as a woman after my game crashed then rejoined and the server crashed. Right before my crash, I was alive in cherno in the middle of getting wrecked by zombies. I wasn't gonna die but the crash seemingly put me in a state of limbo and died and I ended up waking a few yards from xehara's base. I happened to head over after seeing someone disappear and I thought it was empty so I thought it would be fine to just go ahead and steal a knife to kms. Unfortunately, xehara was there and didn't like me saying her friend disappeared like voodoo (keep in mind im tryna rp being crazy so that mabey I could spook her) and she kept saying he was still there just asleep. I also didnt wanna talk like a dude as a woman so I tried my best female voice and that didn't work out to well as xehara was getting seemingly annoyed and agitated but I was just tryna get her to go away or look away. When I said I am a newbie I meant ic at social interaction I am not sure why I was shot down with xehara pretending to not know what noob means but that lead to a strange convo wich I could see why it may be found trolly. I tried to generate a backstory on the spot so I thought if I was a crazy woman who hasn't had social interaction in a while id generate some sort of rp, I didn't wanna avoid any once I saw her in the base. I was trying to describe my predicament and how I was an antisocial crazy woman who spent two years in the forest I just wanted to loot her tent for that screwdriver or any sharp edge. I tried my best to create a story around my temporary character for the betterment of rp, after being told off I tried my best to get the character killed by xehara in the most value of life way. I simply ran when she said get out and drew her weapon and I went a few feet into the weeds and stripped my character reasons because I am tryna act crazy for the rp and flipped her of hoping that make her rob me. Then I proceeded to wait and see if I could get in and take a knife or axe and use that to die without being noticed, unfortunately, she saw me and I ran and attempted to see if I would be finally killed by taking their cross. It, unfortunately, didn't work and after I ran to the next town and finally found some zombies I was banned. I understand that I was also breaking nvfl and this is not something I do normally in rp this was an isolated incident of me being frustrated after dying in the most ridiculous way with no value coming from it. 

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: For points to eventually expire and an unban. 

What could you have done better?:  Actually looted for a knife quietly and not try and steal gear to kill my self and maybe tried a little less craziness. 

edit: My description of the events was incomplete. 

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Greetings @Killsceamguy, a separate team of staff have looked over your appeal and come to a conclusion. In this situation you unfortunately respawned as the wrong gender and sought to kill yourself. In doing so you ran into other players and attempted to coax them into killing you by acting erratically, stripping yourself, and generally acting in what we consider a trolly manner. This is unacceptable and we do not wish to see it done again. 

The correct course of action would have been to remove yourself from the area and attempting to find a weapon or zombie to kill yourself with elsewhere where it wouldn't affect the roleplay of others.

As for your points being set to not expire, this was done in error and will be corrected. 


//appeal denied. Ban stays.

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