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Jason Rider

Jason Rider - The Story Continues

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"So... it's been a while. Writing in a journal... Where to start?"

Jason pauses and sighs, tapping the pen against his temple while he looks at all of his friends talking around the campfire. He chuckles at Kenny making fun of Bodey, as usual they are egging each other on. He turns back to his notebook and begins to write.

"Well... My name is Jason Rider, and to save the boring backstory, I've been around from the start of this whole sh*tstorm and and I guess somehow I'm still alive. This is just to keep me sane... or for someone to remember me by if the worst happens.

I came to Severograd to look for people, and people I found. I met 3 great people by the names of Bodey, Kenny and Willow.  They took me in as one of their own, and I offered to repay with the only thing I knew how to do,  secure their place and act as a guard for when they are not around. That was nearly a week ago now, and now they have accepted me as a part of their family... and I cannot be anymore grateful, I've forgotten what it is like to be a part of a family, its highs and its lows.

Bodey, Kenny and Willow all set up a mechanic shop in the northern part of Severograd, as a trader hub. We all worked our asses off to make this place a home and a safe haven for everyone, but that has taken a turn for the worst and now our hand has been forced, we have to leave town as a part of our safety... It was stupid for us to think that we were going to be safe for a long period of time, but hey... one can dream can't he?

Bodey is a great guy, all of them are great. But I would say that i'm closest with Bodey, he took me in as security and I have worked my way up to 2IC (essentially) with him, which I am so grateful for. Bodey can be really hotheaded at times and never backs down from a fight (even when he should). Kenny is a natural trader, has a great sense of humor but likes to stay neutral in all arguments which can both be a bad and a good thing at times. Willow is Bodeys love interest, shes quiet and had a really rough time since being here. She doesn't like being surrounded and is use to being on her own.

Then there is Hunter (or Chief, as I call him because he sounds like Master Chief from that game Halo). I have known Hunter since the start... since he was a part of an old group called The Settlement... back when the UN were still around as a large presence in Chernarus. I met Hunter by mistake, but it is crazy how someone from your past can pop out of nowhere and all of a sudden be back in your life like nothing ever happened!

A lot of things have happened since we got here, we have been attacked on numerous occasions, we have been strong-armed, shot at, held hostage. You name it, it has probably happened to us. But we haven't given up hope... we never will."

Jason looks back up to see the noise has quietened down, Bodey is still trying to flirt with Willow (despite her not really paying attention to him), Kenny has gone to sort out the inventory and Hunter is watching guard, as he usually does. Jason remembers of the days of his old group... 'No, mustn't let those thoughts intrude, that won't happen again. I will make sure of it.' He looks back down to his diary and finishes off with a final sentence.

"Some things are changing, we are moving, there's infighting and there's rumors. I'm going to make sure this group won't fall... not like the others.

Week 1... signing off."


Jason puts down the diary in his sleeping bag and rolls over, hoping that he can catch a bit of shut eye before the sun rays crack the sky, indicating the start of a new day. He thinks of what Willow told him earlier that day... he thinks to himself.

'Who knows? It may just have to come to that.. I just hope not..."


*All feedback is welcome! It's been a while since I have wrote a lore piece, so forgive me if it's a bit short on information 

Thanks Guys ❤️


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