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A message sent on an open frequency, the male sounds distressed..

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*/*/* Static noise suddenly interrupts the Chernarus winds blowing through the empty streets of an unknown city */*/*

[A slightly distressed european-american mixed accent]: Hello? I'm lost, I don't know where I am, I need help, I dont know if there are any one out there but..

*/* A slight pause, a sight sigh, and and slow breathing before the man speaks up again */*

...It's a really really big city, I don't speak an- I don't read this russian things.. It' really really big. Massive apartment complexes, hundreds of them..



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*Your radio sparks back to life, full of static and silence at first before a young girls voice wavers through, her tone unsure and curt she speaks in a clearly American accent and sounds youthful.*

Hello. You sound lost. 

Big city? Many apartments? Do you see the ocean? Could be Cherno, Eleckro or Novo... I think. The writing you see is Chernarussian, not Russian. Don't make that mistake a second time, trust me. 

Any other landmarks you see? What about the signs, can you describe the first few letters?

*Once more you radio falls silent, and the transmission ends unceremoniously just as swift as it had begun.* 

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*/*/* The quiet background noise, this time no-where to be found as you're met with harsh winds smacking its sharp life towards the handheld speaker mic  */*/*

[A bit startled european-american mixed accent]: Hello? Yes I'm lost, yes- uh Chernoruss-kyrrilic signs! Yes, uh.. Hold on

*/* The sound cuts out for a brief second. */*

No road signs, but yes there's a massive port.. and hem...Oh yeah! On a hill a massive statue with 3 men holding rifles and I do remember a big road sign in english saying something about travelling..- oh shi- is that a plane? Oh my god there's a civilian plane in-..: half- oh god.


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*Once more your radio buzzes alive, the same voice from before speaks again this time taking on a concerned yet attempting to soothe tone.*

Hey, hey. It's okay, alright? That plane has been there for like ... two whole years. The people who crashed in it, well I think some even made it out okay... But those who didn't, it's been too long to bother now.

Sounds like you're in Cherno ... Was there during the first refugee set ups, before we were shoved off elsewhere ...

*Adding under her breath in a sharp whisper she hisses, "fucking UN..." before clearing her throat and speaking up once more.*

If you're in Cherno, we're not far away ... I'm friends with a doctor, he's trying to help people. Are you hurt? Need anything? We can make a trip there, though I think there's a settlement near the docks. Some traders? Be wary, though. Haven't heard from or about them in a while and Cherno tends to ... attract many odd people... 

*The silence wanes for a bit more, the rising tones of radio waves making their presence known before she concludes.*

Let us know.

*A pop and a crack, the transmission dies out.*

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*/*/* The distinctive sound of waves slashing against rocks roughly get gently slicks through during this voice-transmission */*/*

Hurt? O-h no.. Doctor? I-I d'I'm okay. I Just.. I need to- I'm so. so. tired. Where are you? I'm leaving th-e city, the water on my left.. im following the shore. Please,...


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*Your radio once again utters forth the voice of the young girl, seeming to be rather confused as she speaks.*

Doctor? Oh, haha. No, no I'm not a doctor ... I can't even buy cigs yet... Or well, couldn't back when ... nevermind.

Wait! Is that the ocean I hear? Hmm ... You're headed out of Cherno? 

*Shuffling can be heard, as if papers were being rustled the radio still transmitting idly.*

Ah yeah, do you know where Berezino is? Got a map? Keep the water on your right hand side. The town is rather large, and spread out. Got a huge yellow crane in the center of it. Can you head that direction? Just keep walking, alright? You sound rather out of it...

Let us know when you're close.

Name's Ellie, by the way. 

*The words fade out, as the radio falls silent again.*

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*/*/* Static-feedback can be heard for a brief second before the voice-com opens up */*/

I- Ih-figured out where I am, a lot of military-esque buildings here, I found a sign in English finally.. Balota? Belota something-airfield, I'm moving now, water to my right.- I'm sticking to the traintracks.- and eh-hm. I'm Andrew- or andy for short.

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*Cheerfully the radio crackles, the girls joy palatable.*

Ah! Awesome! Roger Dodger! I'll let the rest know, once you're close we can see about meeting up. Stay safe, Andy. Our frequency is 87.3, by the way. Give a us shout when you're near by we'll be listening.

*Almost as if smiling at the man's resourcefulness, the transmission ends with a light puff of air.* 

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Smiling at the helpfulness of Ellie, Shakes presses the PTT

Jeez Ellie. Since when were you so helpful?

I mean, last I checked all you did was swear!

He chuckles - resting on the wall of the house he is in.

Oh, and if you were wondering, Ellie. I still don't know when I'll be back. 

When Emily wants to get up and venture out, I'll call you.

Shakes out.

He smiles again, unpressing his PTT and throwing it onto his backpack.



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*Miro, listening to the conversation on his radio, reaches for his radio*

*You hear a Chernarussian accent*

"Ahoy! I hear talking about a doctor. I uhhh *clears throat*… Sorry about that. I think that I am in need of a medical professional."

"I sort of cut myself and I think it needs to be stitched up"

"I'll head to that town you told you were in, I hope you are still there"


*releases his PTT*

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*** Swift static feedback can be heard before Andrews voice can be heard. ***

I found a car... It's uh.. it took me a bit further-closer. I'm close now I think.

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