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KOS - S1 8.30 13/06/2018

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Server - S1 

Time - afternoon in game/8:30 out of game

Name in game - Bodey James

Allies - People of the time were there, and my people of the mechanic shop.

Suspect - Abel (I don't know his full name, French accent, works with the hospital in Severograd)

Decsription - Simply sitting in the road with multiple people, some people on the hospital roof. Talking about who we can trade with and who we cant. Out of no where I get shot at, so everyone scrambles. I was hit once before they started yelling to put our hands up, so of course I didn't put my hands up then because they already shot. Anyways we figure out who shot and it was Abel, who works for the hospital. So Abel comes into the house I am yelling to put my hands up or I will be killed. So I had started to record shortly after. Anyways, hands got put up because I've been dealing with people who just kill to kill so much lately so I decided to just record the situation and what happens happens. He comes in the room while I have my hands up, and I get killed. Tired of so so so much ruined RP lately. Here's the clip, for some reason my voice wasn't recorded but you can hear him say put your hands up or die, but also lie and say when I talked about the puppies that I was "making fun of his accent". And if you don't believe me then I have multiple witnesses that his "accent" wasn't being made fun of. And that he said I ran after they said hands up although if I didn't run when they first shot id be dead. They only said hands up after they missed all of their shots as I ran inside that building.

Video Evidence

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Connection Logs

02:27:31 | Player "Bodey James" is connected
03:25:15 | Player "Bodey James" has been disconnected

01:37:07 | Player "Jason Burnett" is connected
07:07:09 | Player "Jason Burnett" has been disconnected


Hit Logs

03:16:56 | Player "Bodey James" hit by Player "Jason Burnett" with KA-M from 28.4484 meters 
03:25:00 | Player "Bodey James" hit by Player "Jason Burnett" with KA-M from 2.26801 meters 
03:25:00 | Player "Bodey James" hit by Player "Jason Burnett" with KA-M from 1.52408 meters 
03:25:00 | Player "Bodey James" hit by Player "Jason Burnett" with KA-M from 1.11412 meters 
03:25:00 | Player "Bodey James" hit by Player "Jason Burnett" with KA-M from 1.11412 meters 


Kill Logs

03:25:00 | Player "Bodey James" (DEAD) killed by Player "Jason Burnett" with KA-M from 1.52408 meters 


Calling in:

@Heisenburg - Jason Burnett -

For your full POV as well as any video evidence you may have.

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I don't have a pov, due to my shadowplay being disabled, but I can give you a description from my pov, and once I get a hold of it, a pov of an ally who was providing over-watch.

After me and my associates attempt to hold Bodey up, Bodey ran into a two story house, holing himself up in the room shown in Bodey's video. I requested Bodey to exit the room with his hands up or I'd kill him, after which I hear him "shit talk" me in voip, causing me to believe he would be refusing my offer. Due to Bodey not making it clear his hands were up and he would be surrendering himself, I entered the room with my gun raised, and upon seing Bodey I fired, under the impression he was still prepared to defend himself. I came to the realization his hands were up after I had killed him, due to it happening so fast.

If you would like my ally's pov footage, I can provide it once it is available.

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@Heisenburg - post any video evidence you have.

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Have failed to recieve ally's POV. Thinking about it further, I think his POV wouldn't provide anything to the report due him providing overwatch, he'd be too far away to provide VOIP info, and it's just be even worse visuals on the situation due to his view through a narrow window from a decent distance. If needed I can keep pestering him, sorry for delay if so.

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Invalid kill (role-played) - GUILTY


To explain shortly, @ImNovaaa is initiated on by @Heisenburg. @ImNovaaa surrenders before @Heisenburg comes around the corner, shooting a complying hostage whilst his gun is on single fire. We can tell by the gun pattern how his single fire is used. @Heisenburg could've stopped after realising that @ImNovaaa's hands were up however continued to shoot and kill him whilst he posed no threat.

Our rules state:

4.6 If you successfully capture a player through a hostile action and then take him into your custody, he is now considered your hostage. You must do everything in your power to keep your hostages alive and in a relatively good health. That includes protecting them from external threats like zombies and leaving them with a realistic chance of survival when they are released. A character that is taken hostage may be executed once for a hostile incident that happened in the past where the hostage was personally responsible for, or participated in a death of your ally. In any other circumstances, hostages may only be executed in the following scenarios:

  • Hostages do not comply with your demands after repeated requests or try to escape.
  • Hostages pose a direct threat to you or your group, for example by picking up a weapon when not allowed to.
  • Hostages do not value their life, for example they repeatedly talk back or insult you despite being told to stop.
  • Approved group of the hostage or their allies refuse to negotiate or open fire on hostage takers.
  • Demands from negotiations with approved group of the hostage have not been met after a reasonable time has elapsed.

The staff team would also like to mention to @Heisenburg that saying in game, "That's not valuing your life." can come across as OOC rules being VOIP'd in game to use to your advantage in an IC manor. Please do not do this again and attempt to word what you said in an IC manor.

In future, make sure you are more aware of the situation before killing someone in single fire. This ruins the RP for the other person.


@Heisenburg - invalid kill (role-played) - GUILTY - 3 day ban, 10 warning points

Signed by @Mademoiselle and @Zanaan

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