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Hotel Severograd Grand Opening (Open Frequency)

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- A clear message comes in through the radio, probably from a roof or elevated position -

*hits play button on tape recorder*

"*click* Hello dear people of Severograd and surrounding communities, this is your friend Angel with an important message. To my knowledge, we plan on starting the first ever hotel in the country! Somewhere you can feel safe, in a house you can consider your own. Its not free, but we can work that out in person. 

- brief pause -

*press's eject and inserts tape labeled; Hotel msg pt II*

"*click* Everyone is welcome, but you must acknowledge the hotel is neutral grounds not owned by any group or faction."

"Nails, bring nails to guarantee you a stay in the hottest upcoming hotel in Severograd. Our all inclusive stay includes; Food (if available), storage space (if available), and a roof over your head. First come first serve."

"Shooting anywhere inside of the hotel is not allowed and the roof is restricted access."

"We hope to see you soon."



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Tobiáš hears the man named Angel begin speaking, but is distracted by something that bothers him during the man's opening speech, causing him to disregard the rest of the transmission

What Island do you speak of?

He ends his transmission abruptly, scratching his head in curiosity as he goes about his evening

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-Red chuckles at hearing the word first, he clicks on the radio-


Just letting you know bub, you ain't the first. That was all, much luck with all the massive amounts of raiders you have just attracted.


-Red clicks off the radio-

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*Emma hears the unfamiliar voice on the radio and starts to giggle, she presses the PTT*


Will there be complimentary Champagne on arrival and a chocolate on my pillow?  

Good luck with the place, you are going to need it! 


 *More giggles are heard before the transmission falls silent*


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Bored out of his mind, Frank decides to chime in.

"Assuming this isn't an attempt to lure idiots into a trap .. Who in their right mind would stay at a place that's been advertised on the radio, for anyone to hear? You know some people scan the frequencies all day for this kind of information, right? God damn .. People getting dumber out here, somehow .."

Transmission ends.

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*Robbie fidgets nervously with his radio before speaking into it, the sound of a young teen's voice can be heard breaking through the static of the radio*

"I..will never come to that place. You chose a horrible place to set up a hotel, and it's a good thing you restricted roof access, noone needs to go up to a place where people's heads were blown off...I honestly hope that place burns to the ground."

*Releasing the press button on the side of his radio, breathing heavily and shaking he puts away the radio into his vest pocket*

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