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A couple of quick questions from a newbie

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I have a couple of rule check questions (and other basic questions) that I cant find in lore or from a google search

  1. What does A.O.G.M mean? Is there a list pinned somewhere with all the abbrevation’s
  2. If I find a civ tent (in a townhouse or in the woods etc) and its full of stuff, is it bad form to take anything you need? I assume it will grant kill rights to the owner if they spot you, but is it something people do/don’t do?
  3. Similar to above, is it ok to steal a car you find?
  4. Troitskoe base – hazmat zone. Is this just gas mask or full suit?

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1. Abuse of Game Mechanics - Means using certain game mechanics in unintended ways to gain advantages. IE; glitching under floors in buildings to see other players, etc. You can be banned (depending on the situation, etc) for AOGM. Edit: There isn't much of a list anywhere but the Rules page out lines everything pretty well!

2. Nope it's not "bad", you can rob tents but be aware if you know it's not yours, and you know the person is around and they can see you taking stuff it's considered a hostile action and that person can use their defender rights. (There's some caveats like you can't set a bait tent, then wait in the woods to snipe suckers who steal from it, etc)

3. Yes, steal away! Stealing is par for the course in RP, just be wary of when/who you steal from as I said before robbing someones property is considered a hostile action if you know it's theirs and they are present and see you do the deed. THOUGH! Cars DO spawn all fixed up all around, so if you find a lone car in a empty field or road chances are it's not someone's more so it spawned that way, specially if it's in mint condition. Either way you can take it. Just be wary. 👀

4. That is more of a LM Question, it's radiated so I assume full NBC Suit and gasmask though many people don't RP it being radiated which they should as it's lore. Once the mechanics are in for radiation poisoning likely we'll see a different special suit you'll need to wear in order to get in there but for now any suit you deem appropriate to ward off radiation should suffice. Do some research and whatnot, it's fun to bring that stuff into RP and plan a trip out there to see what's going on and find some loot!

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That last point about the Troitskoe base, there are apparently two elements to the lore danger of the place. The body pit which is irradiated and the airborne infectious particles in the air. The body pit is that small concrete area with a hole leading underground....and where the mass grave is. Stay near that to long ( days to weeks ) without proper protections ( Gas mask, NBC gear ) and your character will 'get sick'. The rest of the base apparently has some sort of airborne infectious particles ( Even though its been 2 years and wind/weather is a thing and that shit would be so dispersed it wouldent be a factor but i dident make that part up ) that require you to wear at least  a gas mask. 

If you are caught up there at the base without at least a gas mask, you can be reported for bad RP. 

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