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Add back some older survival mechanics?

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@Aeryes --- Just was curious if this is somewhat-achievable given the current modding capabilities. I'll take a finicky jury-rigged mechanic that replaces the old one if it's temporary. I just to be able to do some of these activities again, it seems like official devs fell asleep and focused more so on other things.

I was wanting to know if you could;

  • Re-add some form of fishing mechanic
  • Craft improvised fishing pole
  • Re-add rabbits, and other smaller critters again for challenging hunts.
  • Re-add trapping, possibly?
  • Tanning, seriously, like we're able to place hides and garden lime into a barrel, but once you have tanned leather, it's not possible to craft anything with a bonehook or leather-sewing kit. Was hoping you could add back the crafting recipe? I would expect leather outfit to have at least 20% more space than your average clothing.


EDIT: Just realized Aeryes is not currently staff right now, so I will redirect this question to @Misho .

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Idk. Aeryes can probably answer that, as for myself, Im just finishing up my stuff until the end of the month as I am leaving DRP/DayZ moddig then.

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