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Ryan Shepherd

Severograd Compound Is Now Open [Open Freq]

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*An Irish accent would be heard over the radio*

This is Ryan Shepherd of the DISTRICT.

"This is a message to the people of Severograd northern compound. You have built a fortress, you plead you are friendly people, however every poor soul that turns up at your door step is told to leave.. come again another day.. again.. again and again. Just yesterday a friend of mine was murdered in cold blood for actions that were not his own. He woke up in a tent, questioned and while something kicked off outside, he was chosen to blame and his life was ended.

These actions will not go further, from this day forth, this compound is open to everyone of Chernarus, this place is no longer a private sanctuary but a public one, if we catch wind that these gates have been shut to outsiders once again we will return and buckle the knees from beneath you again.

To the people of Chernarus, this northern compound is now a safe zone for all, you may rest here by order of the DISTRICT.

This is a warning, the compound remains open for those in need."

*The PTT is released and the men having conquered the compound leave, passing by the broken down gate.*

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*Chris takes out his radio and holds down the PTT, an American accent is heard coming through*

"Was this transmission made before or after the man inside the compound holding up four individuals from the inside? You know, it's not a good first impression to do something like that if that was your boy. Anyhow, I'm not gonna take up your time now, have fun with that base."

*He lets go of the PTT and turns the radio off.*

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*Kyle unclips his radio from his belt and pushes the PTT*

"Yooo, dis shit gonna kick off." *you hear the excitement in his voice as he continues in his roadman accent*

"Mans about to get the popcorn out..Can't wait to listen to dis"

*He release the PTT, put's the radio on the table and eagerly awaits the replies*

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*He pressed the PTT and rolls his eyes*

"The broadcast you heard was made after I held you, people up. And to be honest that wasn't my intention, you heard me yelling from inside at some bitch who wanted to be a hero but got herself shot instead. It isn't a great impression to be given your life and then take your guns back and shoot at me. Watch your fucking back. The gate is down and if it is rebuilt I will personally knock it down again like I just did today."

*He releases the PTT and continues writing on a map he made of the compound*


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*Matthew takes his radio, presses the PTT, and after a prolonged silence, interrupted only by a deep sigh, he talks*

I'm amazed. You see a good thing and you have to ruin it. How long do you think the place is gonna last with gates open and everyone taking everything that isn't nailed down? How many charitable souls will keep it alive, will keep the fields sown and the water plentiful? Who will rebuild the walls when they fall in disrepair? What purpose will those very same walls serve if there are no gates to complete them??

Also, I don't know who do you think you're threatening as the only voice from the Safehouse in this radio channel has been me.

*Changes his tone to a more conciliatory one*

...Maybe I'm being too harsh, maybe you just don't understand... We have to deal with problems and violence like anyone else. The gates have to be closed because of that, but we still offer a hand to most who asked, as long as they kept polite. As long as we keep strong we can continue helping, and let humanity flourish again in Severograd.

*Takes a deep breath and continues on a more monotone, but still full of conviction, voice*

Please don't hurt good people, and don't prevent us from helping out the very same people that you claim to be aiding yourself. That's all I ask.

This is Matthew, the founder of the Safehouse. And I hope I can someday extend my hand to you as well.

*The transmission concludes*

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:: A response would be heard after Matthew's transmission ::

"Good people? You mean your little compound willingly aiding and accepting corpo skin collectors? Same people that use everyone like lab rats. I met a fella after our little scuffle who don't got much of an eye left thanks to whatever they injected into it. You can say you weren't complicit, but you were aware. And apathy don't get you much points in the friend department these days."

"Maybe these nice folks trying to get you to open your gates would be interested in hearing more about how close you are with the mad scientists up north. Sure makes for a good story."

"You stay safe out there."

:: The transmission ends ::


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*Miller presses the PTT*

The old Saviors compound? Ironic given what John told me the district did there in the not-to-distant past.

The place is cursed, haunted, whatever you want to call it. Anyone that goes there is sowing the seeds of their own demise.

*Releases the PTT*

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*An Irish accent is heard upon the radio*

"Montgomery of Severograd compound, you have failed to contact me after being instructed to by one of your followers who had been a hostage of ours, you were given a week.

Time is up, we have removed your front gate once again as you have failed to open it to the public as instructed previously. Should you lock down this front gate again, the same result will occur. If you want to come to an agreement you must contact me, the lady, Penny still has my frequency.

Do not disappoint me a second time.

To anyone else listening, the compound is now open once again, there is an abundance of weapons in the double green building, 30 assault rifles at least, free for the taking.


*The PTT is released, a photo is found nailed to the front post of the fallen gate.*




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