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From the private journal of Jessica Mills

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Chernarus: day1  
I somehow Made it to Zelenegorsk. having spent weeks following roads through the black mountains into South Zagoria, I could smell the Sea air... on my arrival to into the country I noticed that many of the fences were torn and often at times destroyed, the signs of of military equipment and wreckage strewn about. I had hoped that Chenarus would have fared much better then neighboring Russia and Georgia. I was about to pick apples when I met a skinny man with a thick american accent who was talking about his cannibal friend and how he needed to find medicine to help him. 
there was some sort of arguement over the radio and the town broke out into a war zone... I ran and hid in a shed for a couple hours while this was all going down only to be found by a man named McDook and his buddy Kyle who helped me get away from the fray. from there we hid behind a house to avoid the bullets when I was stumbled on by a woman who was trying to lead me off away from the guys. just then six more showed up. Later I found out that they were the Toymakers. who are the Toymakers?? 
We went east a few kilometers and set up a camp. later machinegun fire shattered the silence as a group of people wandered through the area their guns blazing into the night. 
I was forced to abandon my sleepingbag in favor of fleeing the potential to catch a stray bullet.  why all the gunfire?.. 

Day 3 I've established somewhere in a town who's name I cannot for the life of me pronounce. we went back to Zelenegorsk only to find ourselves face to face with a massive serge of gunfire and a militia with red arm bands and military gear, there were twenty of these guys just standing there. guns drawn... waiting for one of us to move wrong... at some point during the previous night we met a rig worker from Finland... Myself, Kyle and Otto were allowed to pass and go look for boards, we literally hauled armloads of wood out of the railyard exhausted we returned home to find
McDook Left the camp I was not sure where he was, maybe he was out getting supplies. 

Day 4 McDook arrived back at camp and left again. In a search for plyers and other tools I was separated from Kyle, in my desperation to find him I searched tirelessly through Zelenegorsk, When I was nearing the military compound I heard a string of shots ring out, I saw the zombies rushing the compound and Kyle dead. I was sure it was Kyle, the area was flooded with zombies so I fled with my life hearing more gunfire off in the distance... my backpack was full of medical supplies and I was not about to rush in knowing Kyle was dead and nothing could be done... He died right as I rounded the corner... 
note to self... never go alone... always have someone with you... 

oh I forgot to mention I ran into a guy named Quin sometime earlier, he was at camp resting when this all went down... I went back home and eventually in my shaken state told him and Otto that Kyle had died.

Day 6: it's just us now... Otto and Quin have been very helpful so far we have mustered supplies and have been overly caring of one another. today in Zelenegorsk we ran into a man who was unable to speak, in piecing things together we figured out that he wanted to roll with us and become a part of our group,  sadly he would die a few hours later outside of the police station. foolishly Ghillie as we called him because of his camouflage gear rushed out to kill some zombies, they immediately overwhelmed him and his neck was broken. I tried everything I could to ascertain his medical condition it was only later that I figured out that his neck was snapped like a turkey. all of the work I could have done to save him was for not. he died nearly instantly I was just too inexperienced in spinal trauma to assess the cause till it was much too late to save him meanwhile the guys were yelling at me to come on and flee before more zombies came.
we held a funeral in which I reluctantly being a catholic read from the King James Bible.  
we Drank a beer in his honor and cried for a good day from how horrible we felt about the nature of his death... Ghillie we think about you often. 

Day 7 We met an electrician who claimed to be from a couple towns over... he was a strong spoken Ukrainian man who was reluctant to join us and kind of a hermit, just then as we were speaking about him re-establishing the lines a car rolled past. how the hell someone got a car running amazed us... 

Day 9 Mitch. Myself and Otto were out for a hike along a dusty road for supplies and came across a group of farmers, the one guy was going to the barn when I flagged him down... 
we traded some antibiotics for a gas can and a spark plug he had handy. I had instructed him that his friend needed to stay hydrated and that the likely cause of his sickness was cholera from drinking pond water. we parted ways and went south where we met another couple of individuals who were leery of the farmers up the road. 
strange sort, they wanted Oxycodone which I did not have. it was a dangerous situation for us. 

day 12/13. the Car... we had found a beater broken down on the road, a couple people had joined our group Rick and Sarge who were both really capable. we had also encountered a news reporter who we invited along with us. during the evening hours I got a radio call which Rick directed me to answer. it seems that the guy I had tried to help may have possibly died... I spent hours trying to radio Mitch to no avail... see my battery died half way through the conversation and I had to replace it... I was going over the next morning to check and give my condolences. its so hard when you try to help someone and they still end up dying. 
Rick also had Cholera, from which I was able to actually cure him of his affliction so the nature of Mitch's friend's possible death was possibly something else far worse. Dysentery... 
I had attempted to try and reach the farm but our group was ambushed by the redbands who attempted to stop us in order to surround us. we managed to flee. I was driving and panicking and nearly killed us all trying to escape in sheer terror. 

later that day Rick the news reporter and I had went to a summer camp a few kilometers away where I ended up nearly being shot and killed by rick who was frantically trying to save me in the commotion of the reporter making a similar mistake to Ghillie. we managed to save him and ourselves, I went to sleep in a shed next to Rick and woke up to find him gone. I went home to find the gate locked, from there I slept in a shed.  

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Day 16 The Linesman

after a lengthy time spent talking to Yuri the linesman I made the mistake of leaving Quin in a green house after a car rolled past. Yuri had moments after we fled the street started shooting up the place... what was that man thinking?? the whole town came down on our heads... we barely made it out of there alive... Quin was the lucky one even though I am sure he is very upset with me over abandoning him at the road. So many zombies. I kept cleaving through the masses with my axe. It was horrible and I thought for sure I was going to die being ripped to shreds. if not for my medic plate carrier I would have been zombie food. The guy was clearly drunk and it was only noon... seems my problems are pretty mild compared to what others are going through... I feel pretty horrible about leaving Quin behind and it leads me to question if I was really responsible for Kyle's death. I still hear the gunshots when I sleep So many gunshots then silence...

day 17 Rick's Return

Some time in the morning Rick had returned, He spent a few days in the bush, he looked unwell on his return but we were willing to help him. around the camp there were so many gunshots lately... some time earlier someone (I suspect it was Rick) nearly killed The sarge by discharging a rifle. myself and Quin had to patch her up, luckily she wasn't bitten her clothes were in tatters and nearly ripped clean off of her. it was an awful sight. we needed to go search for nails so the whole group was set and ready to go. half way through the fields down towards the coast Rick's Cholera came back in a bad way.  Otto had to take him back home, in truth everyone was looking at each other at the mention that he had a friend that he needed to go help but yet he was too sick to even function in the field. Otto gave me some weed to calm my nerves which I ate out of desperation to ease myself. Sarge Did not in the least appreciate me being high. We made our way to Cherno and started searching sheds, buildings and anything else really that we could... I was able to function somewhat but when the night came I was gripped with fear. I laid on the floor and waited for morning, they thought I was asleep but really I was too terrified. at some point i ended up stuck in the elevator shaft and was scared they would leave me there. luckily Quin came back for me and helped me get back out... 

Day 18 The Strangers

we returned with three heavy boxes of nails and got to work. in cherno we met a cowboy. a real life cowboy! he was suave and had all the right stuff. If I wasn't in fear for my life I might have been Inclined to ask him to supper. we returned and got to work on building once more. later we saw a couple traders who were kind enough to give us nails. when the mercenaries showed up I traded them a handful of nails for a rifle that was in good shape and had a long range scope... later while everyone was crashed out in the house some medics stopped by, there was Tom Harris and Daniel who told her that Rick's Cholera was in an advanced stage and that he was highly contagious due to the spread of fecal matter and that all of his clothing was contagious.  
The group has been less than happy with me lately and I can understand why... 

day 21 The Talk...  (the writing shows clear duress) 

 I woke up to find Sarge and Quin standing there. their eyes showed frustration at me. Quin furrowed his brow at me and Sarge looked downright upset. at the mention of trading a handful of nails for a rifle. I don't want to hurt the group or cause them any damage by my actions, I simply wanted those guys from the previous couple of days to go in peace. With good reason I felt it was Necessary to conduct a trade fearing that a refusal would lead to retaliation. I hurt the group and I am so sorry! I broke down into tears in front of sarge who I look up to. she's everything that I cant possibly be. she is disciplined, strong, capable and amazingly beautiful!. her mindset is cold in contrast to mine, like concrete. I love her and quin like a family and I could not bare to hurt them. I resigned myself to listen to them more clearly and try my best to live up to their expectations and needs for survival. it is basic survival! 
I really admire Sarge and Quin... I feel so horrible about leaving Quin in that house, he could have ended up like Kyle who I blame myself for having to watch him die being ripped to pieces while I stood there and watched helplessly. Rick who had sheltered himself in the shed outside came back and I had to break the bad news to him that he was putting our entire camp at risk for disease. I sent him with supplies and his tent to go get well. I don't want Rick to die but he's risking the whole group by staying especially with Cholera which contaminates everything! I had spent hours sanitizing the entire camp.. Holding back my tears I told Rick that he had to burn his clothes and bedding. I also gave him some meds to keep his fever down and ran a second set of antibiotics on him because his clothing got him sick again... 



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