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-Red looking over a great distance of land slowly pulls out his radio and presses the PTT his voice sounding faintly hopeful-

I know that there are those that will recognize my voice, those that I survived within the early days of this apocalypse.

If you are one of those people, one of the ones that remember the days where we all defended each other, contact me on this frequency.

David, Malikova and Frost I hope you are still out there.

Please, we can survive together.

-Red clicks off the radio-


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Officer Malikova would hear the crackle of their radio igniting to life with the sound of a ghost.

"Of all the people I expected to reach out to me, you were the last, Mr. Red.
I am still around. Is Mr. Happy with you? Are we to work together again?
Or is this going to be the same as the last? Where we split ways after a while?"

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:: Dominik's voice would come over the frequency ::

"Figured you folks were goners. I recall that fine tower and the interesting people within it. I'm more interested in whatever happened to 'culper', was it?."

:: The transmission ends ::

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-Red sighs deeply hearing the second voice-

Malikova, we Happy, Joe hell even Frost is already at the new location.

Tell me where we can pick you up and we'll make certain to pick you up.

-he lets out a deep sigh-

Culper is presumed dead.

Nothing of fruition ever came off of that.

-he clicks off the radio-

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:: Dominik would respond once more ::

"I'm well aware of that. The only winning move truly was, not to play. I believe your good friend Malikova is staying with some friends of mine. Perhaps when you come find her we can discuss a new game. Apathy is not a choice anymore."

:: The transmission ends ::

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Officer Malikova clicked their radio on, and spoke into it. 
"You can find me in Chernogorsk, as I usually am. If this does not suit you, you can name a place, and I will scout it out. I am sorry if my words sound harsh, but I am uncertain if I can trust you, Mister Red. I do not know how time may have changed one such as yourself."

A gunshot sounded in the radio, followed by three more, before the sounds of quick foot falls.

"I will listen in on the radio, and wait in the area."

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-Red grins and has a slight chuckle while pushing down the PTT the end of it might be heard-

That is roughly what I would've expected you to answer like which makes me glad.

-He sighs audibly, there is a slight sadness in his voice-

I have changed quite a bit and this is why I was hoping you haven't, I'll be frank I... no, perhaps We need you to keep us straight cause lord knows I can't keep myself straight.

And I have always fondly remembered and respected you for your unwavering values.

I will come and pick you up in Chernogorsk when my bloody car has its front breaks replaced.

-Red clicks off the PTT-


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Officer Malikova clicked their radio on once more to reply.
"I will await you there then. Do not expect too much of the meeting however. I have obligations to others, and to Chernogorsk."
A soft mumbling is heard from Officer Malikova.
"It seems everyone is having issues with brakes these days."

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