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The G Man 2554

S1 Stary trade shop

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Server and location: S1, Stary

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 6/9/2019 idk server time but it happened around maybe 2-3am est

Your in game name: Jacob Galahad (The G Man 2554 is discord)

Names of allies involved: DillionD (his discord name)

Name of suspect/s: Unknown (they work in the stary trader shop)

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Dillion was a witness to the event.

Detailed description of the events: so me and dillion where together and we overhead the stary trade store moved outta town or was going to so we went to see if it was true, well i got there and dillion was talking to a guy who said was just walking by and then dillion said bye to him and came to me. we noticed the place was wide open and it seemed like it was abandoned so we went into the back and looked around. i went into a tent and all i grabbed was a plate carrier cause thats all that was there and we were gonna take a tent and leave. well some guy i think logged on and pointed his yelling at us and i couldnt tell if it was me or dillion he was giving shit so i tried to run and then he said if u run u die so i stopped and put my hands up and i tried to tell the guy i thought this place was abandoned cause all the gates were wide open and all i wanted was a tent and thats it but he didnt care and kept insulting me constantly. then he walked me to his tent and made me give him everything i had except my shoes and pants. then he walked me out of town with no food, no water, and only half clothed and told me "if i see you here again im killing u on sight and im telling all the guys who work here to do the same." then the other guy who i guess lied to dillion said he worked there and said i had to "earn" my way back in. idc about the earning part but i when they released me they took literally all my things which they cant do, leaving hostages with a realistic chance of survival when they are released is part of the rules and leaving me with only pants and shoes with no food or water is not that. Also you cant declare someone KOS to other people if i enter any part of that town thats crappy rp, i get they may not like me in the trader part thats walled off but the entire town of stary isnt theirs and thats not right to tell other people to kill me if they know its me. the only thing that was good rp was hat now didnt do anything to dillion who also broke in but dillion was able to convince them he didnt do anything and was fine but he watched everything as well and can agree they shouldnt have left me like that or able to make those crazy threats.

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No video evidence but I witnessed everything, I was not personally held up nor my life threatened. It was the fact that he had been nearly stripped of everything besides his pants what was the issue, the men left Jacob without any food or water. No physical action was taken nor hands tied. I would go further into detail regarding this event but I am currently at work and have a very short lunch break.

-sincerely DillionD

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Guest Xehara

It's been over 24 hours since I asked @The G Man 2554 for more information to help us narrow down the suspects. Neither of you were shot or killed, making it difficult for us to narrow down any potential suspects due to how populated this area gets. As such this report will now be closed. 


Signed: @Onyx, @Derek Steel and @Xehara

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