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Robert Faltin

Johnnys Den of Vice (fight Club) Radio Broadcast

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Do you love the thrill of the Fighting Ring? Do you enjoy a good stiff Drink? or maybe even a your choice of drugs? Maybe you want all of the above! Well come on down to Johnnys Den of Vice in Krasnostav behind the Smoke stack! Come fight at the arena Today !


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*Kyle hears the tranmission and it fills him with excitement and pushes* *You hear him shout to someone near by*

"Yo George wanna go watch some boxing fam?"

*With a smile on his face he speaks into the radio*

"AInt tryna fight but I'm down to watch it for sure fam. Got my own drugs, could do wid a chilled night of watchin da boxin styll"

*He pauses for a second before continuing*

"Yo I'm on my way styll. How long dis goin on for? Might take me an hour or so"

*The transmission ends*

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*Johnny lifts his mic to his face*

"yo in about an hour sounds good i gotta run back to town some asshole ditched me in the middle of no where and took my car. But the show must go on"

*The Transmission ends*

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*He unclips his radio from his waist and speaks into the radio*

"Mans bout 10 minutes out my G, how long you gon be?"

*He releases the PTT and continues on up the road*

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*Jan was resting down in an old chair after a long show, while he suddenly hears something interesting on the radio and decides to respond*

"This sounds interesting. Might be something interesting for our new reporter. Never bad to have some radio commercial right? You'll hear from us again..."

*Voice starts breaking up and radio static can be heard again*

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