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Tactical Monkey

Nobody Wins [Open Frequency]

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**Leonid lays down his Kalashnikov Rifle, grabs the Radio from his backpack strap on his shoulder and pushes down the PTT button**


My name is Leonid Zarchenko... I am the Commander of the Somalia Battalion of the Donetsk Peoples Republic.. or should i say "was". The civil war we fought against the Ukrainian Armed Forces is over, they lost...we lost.. everybody lost....

Its funny isn't it?


*Leonid lets out a laugh, with a heavy chest, which manifests into a strong cough*


While we were busy planning how to kill each other, something else had different plans for us all...

But what to do now, cry? No.. there is no room for that, not anymore, not in this world.

Before the Civil War we couldn't imagine living under gunfire and artillery fire on our towns and cities, on our schools and hospitals.. but nevertheless, we endured.

Now we must endure this, we must move on and find new causes to fight for, but we cant do that alone. 


*a brief silence pursues*


I am looking for other survivors, perhaps we can help each other. I have things to trade and am also looking for work.

Its hard for a man to go on without a cause... without a purpose.

I will be on this frequency waiting for a reply every day, stay safe.


**Leonid releases the PTT button, hooks the radio back on his backpack shoulder strap, and takes a long pull on his cigarette.**

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Oleg, sitting in his base drinking vodka directly from the bottle, lifts his handheld radio and responds.


Hello, soldier. I am Oleg Symturov. I fought in the Chernarussian civil war, and I understand your pain. This war is nothing like those of days past. If you need food, medicine, or ammunition, come to Vavilovo. And to anybody else who may be listening now, I am more than happy to share my spoils with you as well. We must band together in these dire times. The Infected already wish to tear us limb from limb. It is in our best interests to set differences aside to prepare a better, more prosperous future.


Oleg ends his transmission and takes another sip of vodka, collapsing into his chair.

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**Shocked to hear a response, Leonid lays down his can of peaches and presses the PTT button in a hurry.**


Hello Oleg... to be honest I did not expect to get a response.

I'm a few towns south of you, I'm near Sosnovka and can head out toward your way if you plan on staying there for some time to wait for me.

It would be great to meet someone... I'm sick of being on my own.


**Leonid lets go of the PTT button, sets down his radio, and continues eating his canned peaches.**

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A voice speaks up in chernarussian, seemingly directed at Oleg


"Oleg Doufám, že s tímto komunistou neplánujete pracovat. Pokud budete bojovat za tuto zemi, pak udělejte svou část a zabijte Leonid škůdce."

"Sláva Chernarus."


"Oleg I hope you don't plan to work with this communist. If you fight for this country, then do your part and kill this vermin Leonid."

"Glory to Chernarus."


The voice fades into static

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Oleg's voice comes through heavy static. He is slurring his words as he speaks, and has obviously been drinking.


"Můj přítel, v těchto zlých časech musíme odložit rozdíly v politice, rozdíly v etnicitě a rozdíly v národnosti. Existuje pouze my proti nakaženým a zločincům. Nezajímám se o komunisty, Rusy ani povstalce, ale raději bych je vedl po mém boku, než jsou lupiči dálnic a vzteklí lidé. Budoucnost Černarus spoléhá na spolupráci. Pokud to zmírní vaši mysl, můj krajané, Leonid jedinec se nikdy neobjevil. Věřím, že je mrtvý.Nechci urazit svého nacionalistického bratra - chápu a podporuji vaši věc. Ale nakonec, co dělá jiné mrtvé tělo pro Chernarus?

Sláva Chernarus."



My friend, in these dire times we must set aside the differences of politics, the differences of ethnicity, and the differences of nationality. There is only us versus the Infected and the criminals. I do not care for communists, Russians, or insurgents, but I'd rather them by my side than highway robbers and rabid peoples. The future of Chernarus relies on co-operation. If it eases your mind, my countryman, the Leonid individual never appeared. I believe him dead. I do not wish to offend my nationalist bretheren - I understand and support your cause. But in the end, what does another dead body do for Chernarus?

Glory to Chernarus.


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