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To The Corporation [Open Frequency]

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Edgar would sigh loudly and grab his radio and connect it to the transmitter 
He sits up from his chair and speaks loudly into the radio

"To the Corporation, my name is Edgar Moore. I am a researcher here in this country, among all my work that has been left here.
I am broadcasting to you in the hopes of communicating in the vision of humanity, to help mend the broken world around us.

I believe that we should meet up, face to face.
You could of course kill me, but I think you would have already done that considering my progress on treatment of the virus.

I ask no questions on here."

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A muffled voice pops up on the radio shortly after. English words appear with what could be an Eastern or more specifically local accent.


<:: "Count me in on this meeting. I have been looking for a while. Might be in your interest, 'corporation'. If you want a name or reference, use "Utes", for now. Do or don't, but don't keep me or this doctor hanging. If you're not into responding here, we can use a dead drop where you can leave written messages. Here goes:

Once your former checkpoint or outpost on a coastal strip, long ago. The region is wet and punishment awaits guilty souls nearby. All means of transportation are in reach, just like a good view is. Leave a message in the place you primarily used and had tents and equipment at, but hide it in a non-obvious fashion. I will find it. You can also address the doctor in such messages, he will know via that means of communication. That means I will relay it."


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:: A distorted voice comes over the frequency ::

"You're fools if you think you can trust the corporation. Stay away unless you wanna become a human lab rat. Or make yourself useful and kill em' all."

:: The transmission ends ::

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*A cheery Chernarussian voice comes in over the radio*

Trusting the Corporation people? Are you trying to die early? Say goodbye to your skin, and blood... and life...

*The transmission ends*

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-Red sighs and clicks on the radio, his voice sounds disappointed-

I knew I shouldn't have shared my research, letting it fall into corporation hands... Shame.

-Red clicks off the radio-

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*Dean would chime into the open frequency*

"My voice must be so annoying to some at this point, but I honestly don't care"

"Those pathetic people that call themselves "Corporation" run at every corner when it comes to fighting my men"

"They are also way more to meet the eye.."

"Do not trust them"

"This is Dean Lockwood, Signing off"

*Dean would release his PTT*

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Edgar locks the hangar doors and grabs the nearest rifle, he holds on it tightly

"They're fucking out for me, or something. I'm sure of it. They can't keep doing this to me, why have they not revealed themselves? They seem all-powerful, yet I am still alive."

Edgar wipes the sweat off his face and shuffles through papers in the background

"There is no safe place anymore, the cure, all if it will fall. I know if I leave this place, everything will fall into their hands. I have to stay here, or maybe burn it. Yeah, maybe burn it..."

Edgar then sees something the in the corner of his eye, a reminder

"I'm willing to pay however much, to leave this god damn airfield and find a safe home for my research. The entire back room will be yours, I just need safe passage.

Anyone... please, this is for the betterment of humanity. Even if you don't agree with my motives, you still want humanity to return, I know it.

Help me."

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